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Been waiting for more info since the news dropped. It's speculated that it got scrapped due to internal conflict but others think it's from the Protests against RCMP last year.
The 2019 Edmonton Pride Festival has been cancelled by organizers, citing “the current political and social environment” in an email to groups involved with this year’s event.
“It is with heavy hearts that we inform you that the board of directors has voted to cancel the 2019 Edmonton Pride Festival,” reads the email from the board of directors of the Edmonton Pride Festival Society.
According to two members of the society, who wished to remain anonymous out of fear of reprisal for the decision, cancelling the festival was made after they couldn’t meet the demands of LGBTQ groups within the community advocating for marginalized members and people of colour.
The two organizers said “a number of demands couldn’t be approved because they would fundamentally change the structure and the mission of the society while jeopardizing its not-for-profit status.”
They said they could no longer run a pride festival without creating further divisions within the community.
Shades of Colour and Organization For All LGBTIQ+ Refugees in Canada both list seven demands on their Facebook pages that include additional space for people of colour at Pride and better representation on the Edmonton Pride Festival Society’s board.
Victoria Guzman, a co-organizer of Shades of Colour, disputed that notion, saying “all the demands were negotiable.”
“We were totally willing to have an open dialogue,” she said.
While the original email leaked on Wednesday referred to the political environment, the organizers said that was “politics within the community and not provincial politics.”
LGBTQ issues have been a point of contention during the election period after several UCP candidates have been caught expressing homophobic statements and the party’s education plan has been questioned over its protection of gay-straight alliances in schools.
This year’s festival was scheduled to run June 7-16 in various locations across the city and included the well attended and popular Pride Parade.
Last year’s parade was stalled almost immediately after it started when dozens of protesters blocked the route.
Brandishing signs with messages such as “No justice, No pride” and “Racism is a queer issue,” demonstrators called on the Edmonton Pride Festival Society to hear their concerns.
“We’re only here because it’s been denied so many times,” said protest spokeswoman Alexis Hillyard at the time.
Since last year’s protest, the two sides have been in consultation with the hopes of coming to a resolution.
“I need to iterate that it is the Pride festival and parade that won’t happen this year. Pride will still happen in Edmonton,” said the society organizer.
The decision to cancel was made this week before the society is committed financially to their partners, leaving them in debt for future programs.
Both sides have said they would be willing to work towards creating an inclusive Pride in future years.

While I have to give a comment about "eating their own", the idea of a radical organization trying to do a hostile takeover of a parade is absurd. I can criticize the pride parade organization for not having the balls to say no to them, until I remembered that many of them have had them surgically removed anyway.
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Said it before, I'll say it again now and I'm probably going to say it a million more times in my life:

To the LGTBWHATEVER community of Canada: You wanted this. You wanted to whatever set or lack of genitals you have everywhere about how inclusive, accepting and tolerant you were to migrants in a bid to spite much ebul right wing Trump lovers that you went far enough to take in the people that don't hide the fact they want you to die and burn in hell just for the sole fact they were brown and not Christian so that was good enough for you

You shat your beds, now sleep in them

This happens at the Toronto pride parades too. It used to be called the gay and lesbian March and that wasn't inclusive enough so it became the lgbt March and they were happy for a couple years until that wasn't considered inclusive so they decided to just call it pride and it included everyone and lasted a week. But now there's no message and has just become a place for people to shout out about what a victim they are and there's lots of different points of view. It's lost its way and should be abolished cause now blm, antifa, refugee groups, and gay Maga supporters all show up and all hell breaks loose cause everyone has their own idea of what pride should be about. The pride events ironically do everything to hurt every single group of people they try to represent for this reason it's just a shitshow.

Tl;Dr: Get woke go broke


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This article exemplifies the problems within modern day “activism”. The LGBT should just stick with LGBT related issues instead of trying to cater to every race, nationality, religion, etc. because it makes it harder to have a singular goal. The reason why activism in past decades has been so successful is because it didn’t try to tackle every single issue at once. Instead, it was things like desegregating schools, AIDS awareness and treatment, or ending Jim Crow laws. If the people in the past tried to tackle every single issue at once, it would have created less unity in a single cause. All this “intersectionality” bull crap does is make any goal near impossible to fulfill. It’s not enough to be about the singular issue, you have to make every subgroup or category happy or else your activism isn’t good enough.

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