2020-02-13 - Nikocado Avocado, LLC: OnlyFans Copyright Infringement -

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"I want to see you eat the whole sausage."
Do the Muslims have their own variation on that New Testament passage where a pig infested by evil spirits is chased off a cliff or whatever?
The Christian Bible is part of their holy shit, just with "son of God" crossed out and "prophet" scribbled in using whatever passed for crayons in Medina for Jesus, so no need for anything more.

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West Palm Beach is ghetto af. Palm Beach is next to it, but totally cut off by the water.

Palm Beach is super ritzy and wealthy. West Palm Beach is where all the house keepers, landscapers, laborers, waitstaff, etc.. that work for the rich ppl of Palm Beach live. (Plus all assorted drug dealers that make their living off the drug habits of modern indentured servants.) It’s like Manhattan is to the Bronx.

It’s the typical American phenomenon of the poorest living in the shadow of the richest. Palm Beach even has a “charity ball season” which is going on right now. The various balls and luncheons raise money for various causes but they’d do better just to give the money to all the poors right across the ICW from them.
Depends where in West Palm/western Palm Beach county. So long as you aren't around Blue Heron Blvd/Rivera Beach or parts of Lake Worth and Boynton Beach it's generally middle-to-lower middle class.
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Is he gay or is that man just yelling at his penis through the sweat stained gym shorts? This guys entire existence is just vulgar and sickening.
He is one of the most stereotypical sexually active faggots here. This guy went on a round the world trip screwing men from every country, then goes back to his immunocompromised boyfriend and passes him a bug which, at the time, allegedly put his life at risk. That stereotype of gay men having double digit sexual partners and passing around the fuck flu? He's done it, he's gone international. He's a complete and utter degenerate, both with his gorging and sexual habits.


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Did this idiot just dox himself with this stupid lawsuit?

It'll be interesting to watch the main stream drama channels try and explain the Kiwi Farms. Brace for a flood of new users once the videos commence.

Congratulations faggot, you played yourself.

If that's true, I hope the new server arrives and is set up by then.


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I can't wait to see where this goes, this is practically guaranteed to be funny.
One can already imagine Nikocado overdoing his reaction to Kiwi Farms in another greasy mukbang video. He'll overdo his emotions as usual to his audience and he'll get comments ranging from asspats in how this site is destroying him to people noting that while we are a shit-hole, we aren't really doing much in harming Nikocado compared to everything else.

Not giving an emotional tard what he wants sounds like a great plan. This has the potential to be hilarious.
It really would. It would make Nikocado work harder in over-exaggerating in how we're screwing him over beyond just having a thread where we just voice our disgust and laughs at all his real and fake meltdowns.
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