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Wait that`s the flat blubbery gay cunt who got kicked out of a foreign third world country and cheated on his BF there and gave him gonorrhea on top of it, no?
Good to see he has a thread here, the suicide-baiting twat. But just looking at one of his videos... ugh, such an ugly cryer.
Correction: gave his immunocompromised, chronically ill husband gonorrhoea. Because nothing says true love like cheating, bareback, and passing on not-AIDS to a person the flu would completely ravage.

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I showed that house to my gf because she knows about this fat fucking moron and she said

>Did that house go through a hurricane? Is that why it's so cheap? Why is there wainscoting as siding, what the fuck. I'm so confused.

Which honestly was about my first thought minus the wainscoting.(wtf is wainscoting?)
I can't believe this dude wants to Striesand those pictures, how slow is your heart pumping blood to your brain that you think this is a good idea.

ETA: is this the same place? Good fucking Lord.

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It fucking blows my mind this guy was a vegan once.
All people with unhealthy relationships with food have that phase.

Many vegans and vegetarians are as such because they are conscious of animal welfare and the environment and have the inclination to use less resources because they are naturally inclined against wastefulness.

Many fatties see their health and assume its because, oh, they're stuffing their face with icky broccoli instead of bacon. Of course they're skinny. Of course they stay fat and crash and burn because they have zero culinary creativity or insight.

On the topic of culinary creativity, I know nikocado has a video that my stomach cant handle my finding, where he uses flaming hot cheetos to make some pasta dish. Fuxking gross and shameless MF.

NGL I dont know if I believe that he was a vegan. If he said he was for a long time I would demand evidence, since this guy has a track record of being full of shit

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I might have found an old Redfin listing for the place, archive
If his videos are regularly monetized he should be able to afford something better looking than this, fast food can't be that costly if he's making it back with a single video. It's not the worst I've seen but it ain't pretty either.
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And I know that Zillow estimates aren't always perfect or even in the general ballpark of things but the value drop in his house is astounding, did a drug gang buy up half the neighbourhood or something?
It may have last sold during the housing bubble. A price collapse like that isn't out of the question in a highly inflated area.


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Is this an American thing? It's so tacky.
I think it's the example he picked to show. It can look really nice. I particularly like when the wall is a deep orange/red-brown and the wood is a maple. Plus there are different cuts/designs.

Interesting to hear it might be an american thing. Some reason I assumed it was european, lol
It's very European. And when done well it is stunning.
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