2020-04-16 - Anisa Johma via Intercorp Security (Konstantinos Tsiropoulos): Second DMCA complaint -

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who dare wins?

does Geneva convention apply to weebs an furfags?
Not only that but her whore behavior has even damaged idubbs' brand, the only reason she's even known at all. He was previously known for years of content and now he's mainly known as a simp and a cuck, i.e. the kind of person he made his brand by mocking.

And that's not even counting the agonizingly cringy video he made defending his simping, which was the most concentrated coping and seething ever put together in the history of the world.
THe only thing comparable was the seething of when trump won.


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You're not required to file suit just to submit a DMCA takedown request. You're only required to file a lawsuit if you want to keep it down permanently and the original uploader submitted a response, which includes them doxing themselves.

They don't "have" to dox themselves. They could pay a lawyer a few hundred bucks to answer on their behalf, or be like dear leader and conduct internet business through a corporation. Though to be fair, this is a problem small youtubers run into. If someone is a real poor, they could probably get their local legal aid to do the letter. Its not like its particularily hard for a lawyer to do. There are ways around that particular pitfall.


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The funniest part about this is she really thinks her nudes being on kiwifarms or 4chan or whatever is going to effect her income, because God knows porn is a scarce and valuable resource on the Internet. Onlyfans is basically just patreon but instead of getting a shitly made tshirt for pledging 10$, you get nudes. The common denominator here is thirsty weirdos who want to financially support their favorite Internet waifu.


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I've recently got into Night Mind and discovered in his anniversary stream he's is a gay.

I think that's better, I hope all my favorite content creators are quietly homosexual. So that thots don't try to project themselves to notoriety themselves via the backlight of their burning career.

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Again? Are you sure?

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Damnit, will you asshoes please stop making the hoes mad?

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I was never a fan of idubbbz but good judgement is why he was liked. If he picked the wrong targets for his content cops or brought up the wrong reasons these people deserve shit, he could very easily have wrecked his own career. That's probably why he didn't make too many and more or less stopped, he was taking kind of a gamble with each video but his judgement tipped the odds in his favor so he didn't end up splitting his audience. Like you can bet your ass a lot of people who were fans of Idubbbz were also fans of some of the people he's made content cops on, Leafy especially, so he really had to nail them good in those videos to prevent mass sub loss.
Pretty much this. The Leafy one was only successful because Leafy made a shitty response (technically his shitty editor made a shitty script for him but he still made it anyway) and even that Content Cop was considered to be one of his weakest, the Tana one was successful only because Tana freaked out about Ian saying the N-word in a convention (?). Both Leafy and Tana were predictable for Ian however which made these Content Cops successful. If he made one for H3H3, he'd likely be under attack for being a huge hypocrite especially how H3H3 actually contributed to Ian's Keemstar and Leafy Content Cops and Ian can't call him a snake for Leafy when he accused Leafy for backstabbing/being a snake to/whatever Keemstar.

Come to think of it, did any of Ian's targets even tried to send DMCA targets to Google or anything similar?

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Her stuff is boring as fuck who is possibly paying for this? I mean simps gunna simp but really?
it's true that her pics are nothing special and that by typing "tits" on google images you'd get better wank material but for her paypigs, and any thot's paypigs, that's not the point. What they want is for an ok looking girl to care about them. A prettier girl would break the illusion.


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That pirat.io site that Greek faggot runs is interesting. I suspect that none of the companies they describe as partners would describe themselves as such, although I don't know how one would get them to make a DMCA complaint against him.

The testimonials are a little suspicious. I don't find the generic white girl picture for the one anywhere, but will work on it.


the other could be entirely bogus too. Certainly no-one on themeforest.com or codecanyon.net seems to have 'Mark Cohen' as the name they operate under.

Now, there is a @emteec on Twitter who says he's a Web Designer & Programmer from Worcester Park, Surrey, UK, but I see no profiles on the Envato sites under that nick either.
He seems to have only ever used that account to try and win free stuff. Like Michael Bolton CDs.
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Disgraceful. Is it known yet whether Ian endorses this move? These DMCA's are EMBARRASSING. Once again, here's a rip of her content as of the 2nd of the month.
Who in the right mind pays for content where the girl of your dreams doesn't even give you a look at her balloonknot or even her nipples?
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