2020-07-08 - Nicholas Perry / Nikocado Avocado / OnlyFans can go fuck themselves -

  • DDoS is active again.
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Simple. He takes so much dick into his anus on a daily basis, and then passes such massive stools on a daily basis due to what he eats, that the only possible response for his poor abused sphincter is to rupture at the top and bottom, leaving the middle of the rectal passage to take up the strain of further penis in anus activity.

in brevity: he's taken so much dick in the ass his rectum has deformed like a blown out tire 's 0-ring.
I thought the coinslot anus was the result of genetics and being fat. Normally, damaged and prolapsed anuses look more like keyholes. In fact, Nick's anus stretching out like that may be a good thing.

Chive Turkey

I'd just like to point out that one of the pictures OnlyFans is claiming to own is an image of Ricardo López, a.k.a. the Björk stalker:

So not only did they file an objectively fraudulent DMCA request, they insulted their client by mistaking him for an obese lunatic. Well, a different obese lunatic.
Another thing to add is that the very first image they mention to be ''property of OnlyFans'' is clearly a screenshot of his Youtube feed.

So either OnlyFans not only owns his yt page, but also thinks that screenshotting a public page like that is against Fair Use; or whoever's in charge of doing the DMCA'ing is an incompetent grifter.

Happy Fish

Happy Fish
I would like clarification of how FIL came to become the rights holder
for pictures of Nicholas Perry's anus, which he took himself. Did
OnlyFans buy the rights to pictures of Nicholas Perry's anus
specifically, or is FIL's terms of service non-representative of how the
business functions? If this is a mistake on your part, I would like a
reply in writing via email stating that this DMCA is in error and that
it is retracted.
I too eagerly await this explanation


These were linked amidst the others. Does he think these photos are Nick?



Isn't there an argument that even if the pictures of Nicholas Perry's anus are essential to the discussion, they don't have to be in UltraHD 4K? A reasonably-sized thumbnail of Nicholas Perry's anus would be enough for that purpose.
That would be their argument, yes, but they'd have to convince the judge that by posting the images in the forum, we deprive him of a reserved market. Do people interested in Nicholas Perry's anus go to the Kiwi Farms instead of patronizing him on OnlyFans? I don't think so, no.
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