2020-07-08 - Nicholas Perry / Nikocado Avocado / OnlyFans can go fuck themselves -

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"My onlyfans numbers are abysmal. Could it possibly be because no-one on earth is interested in the repugnant sight of my unappealing, blown out arsehole, hypothetical penis and hideously rippling gunt. . .no. . .no. Its all the farms fault"
Imagibe trying to say that onlyfans literally owns his ass just for the internet not to see pictures of his loose wizard sleeve of an ass hole. it looks like somebody fisted an arbys sandwich


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I don't know why I looked at the butthole but I did
Random.txt please

e: also I wish this would go to court just so Null could show up and be like, “Your Honour, that could be anyone’s anus. Can he even prove it’s his?”

And then Nick has to pull down his trousers for the judge, jury, bailiff and stenographer to get a good identifying look.
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This case could result in the ruling that his anus is now in the public domain, which would be devastating to his business model of anus picture monetization.

In fact, the whole anus picture monetization industry, worth an estimated $375 million a year, could be wiped out. If you own stock in anus monetization based businesses, I'd sell now. The scarcity in anus pictures was always artificial and their value will quickly tend to zero now that has been exposed, along with the anus pictures.
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