2020 Coronavirus Merch Run -


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Thank you lord @Null come back to states and fight for our right to wear these in public plz.


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The sticker order arrived today, but is being held by the postal company until I pay ~13 bux for import tax plus a "declaration fee".

Not gonna bother complaining about it, they get blasted on Twitter and everywhere constantly about this bullshit.

It's annoying but I hope these stickers will be a pain in the ass to remove.


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Anybody know when another merch run will come round? Missed this one by a bit and can't be fucked looking for resellers.
Came here to ask this as well. Null always picks the best material for shirts. I have kiwi soup and void shirts, along with Rusty Cage's avian crux shirt. The disparity in quality is massive. Or maybe I just prefer softer touch shirts. Rusty's is really rough.
Anyway, thanks again for the dope shirts, Null.

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I received a notice from the customs telling me to declare my package, nothing from the sender or the USPS Tracker. I hope yours shows up soon.

Well, look at that....

Just came home and guess what - my shirt arrived. What are the fucking chances????? Checked the status again via tracking no. - according to USPS it's still in transit.


Great quality and the print part isn't stiff or itchy. That was maybe the most expensive sleep-shirt I ever purchased, but now I kinda regret not ordering another, more fitted one for casual Friday at the office.:stress: