2020 Coronavirus Merch Run -


Definitely not poisonous.
Payday's tomorrow. One more offensive shirt I can only wear at home, lol XD
Wait, so you don't wear yours to work meetings?

Nah, but seriously, that's why I like the more discreet ones: No one knows what a kiwi bird in a cow suit or a bowl of noodles means, anyway. All I get are "lol, wut?" and "That's so cute!", and the answer to the former can be the latter.


I'm just here for Weeb Wars at this point.
IS the hoodie a pull over or a zip up. Pull overs are a no go for me. Ill buy a shirt and some stickers instead if it is.

Dr. Troon Lagoon

Dr. Nurgle, your kids genitals are mine
Null is at it again:
Money GIF-downsized_large.gif

Price for the stickers is more than fair, I'll get a few sets for sure! And a Hoodie with the Kiwi (<3 so cute!)... That feeling though when Europe counts the same a fucking caliphate for shipping :heart-empty: (Okay for the kiwi good: Null poz my neghole!)
OMG, when did I miss this?! Should have included this again! The missed oppertunity for that sweet extra antifa sperg rage milk...