2020 U.S. Presidential Election - Trump/Pence vs. Biden/Harris

Who is the best choice for President of the United States in 2020?

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Syaoran Li

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Personally I bring up the RR on occasion for 2 reasons:

1. To counter doomerposting by point out that Left/Right cultural dominance doesn't last forever. The MM/RR was born out of the New Left imploding in the 70s and Conservatives dominated American culture for the next two decades only to completely collapse themselves during Obama's term.

2. To shut up smug Right Wingers who conveniently forget when their side was playing moral guardian in both the 80s and 50s * In-fact modern day woke culture has a lot in common with McCarthyism right down to it's extrajudicial moral committees and blacklists for wrongthink * .

I get the feeling a lot of the people defending the old Religious Right and advocating for a return to (((traditionalism))) are edgy Zoomers who were too young to remember the Religious Right.

Or they're Late Millennials and Early Zoomers who grew up in the Blue States (or are Eurofags) and never really saw the fundies firsthand, so it seems like it was an entirely overhyped thing since towards the last stretch of the RR's dominance in the Bush years, they pretty much were a paper tiger barely hanging on.

In a weird way, the Woke Left is like a grotesque inverted parody of McCarthyism. There were actual communists infiltrating upper echelons of American society (Alger Hiss, Julius Rosenberg, the academics of the 60's) even if McCarthy was a paranoid loon, while Woke Leftism is looking for invisible fascists/capitalists/white supremacists/incels/"chuds" that never existed (or are created by the Woke Left's own insanity) and are exalting far-left ideology.

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Bolsonaro has frequently hinted that Brazil should return to military dictatorship, and Orban has recently forced reforms through parliament that will allow him to rule by decree, potentially indefinitely. If they're not autocrats already, they're certainly aspiring to be.
And Merkel has been Chancellor of Krautland for 15 years now.
What's your point?

A healthy democracy would elect a leader who can actually make good on those promises, not merely offer the electorate easy answers which won't materialize. A responsible leader would address the real reasons US manufacturing jobs have been outsourced to other countries, why so many illegal immigrants are residing in the United States, and why healthcare in America is so extortionately expensive, and try to come up with solutions which best suit the American people. Trump measurably isn't doing any of that.

Better how? America is in chaos right now, in no small part because it's leadership refused to listen to expert opinion regarding the appropriate quarantine procedures.

>"Electing a Populist is a sign of unhealthy democracy"
>"Okay well he's not a REAL populist!"
>"Politically and diplomatically"
>"Muh COVID"

Hellbound Hellhound

And Merkel has been Chancellor of Krautland for 15 years now.
What's your point?
Merkel hasn't tried to suspend parliament and assume ultimate authority for herself. Orban has, and Bolsonaro clearly desires to. If you don't see any appreciable difference between these leaders and what they represent, then there is little point in continuing this discussion.

Syaoran Li

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Anons on /pol/ have some interesting observations about the election. I have to say I agree with them.
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I'd mostly agree with this, but I still think Biden has a chance (I'd say it's a 50/50 where we're at right now, and could change quickly in the next three months)

The one thing Trump has to deal with in 2020 that Bush didn't in 2004 is the major recession the lockdowns caused and are still causing in many states. That's the one X-factor that gives Biden a shot at winning instead of getting BTFO'd like he would if the economy was in good shape with no lockdowns.

Obama did have to deal with a major recession, but it started near the very end of Bush's second term and not only did he have good media buzz, Bush was so universally reviled that the DNC could run a potted fern for president and would've still defeated John McCain in 2008.

Someone Awful

We'll see if Kamala Harris gets announced as the Vice Presidential candidate today. If not, then I doubt she's the pick. All I know is that my left-leaning friends will not be happy by this choice.
Anons on /pol/ have some interesting observations about the election. I have to say I agree with them.
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If Biden wins, it will just be barely. This election won't be the landslide that the Democrats (or Republicans) are hoping for. If Biden is actually leading in battleground states, it's a smaller margin than the mainstream media wants to admit. Not to mention that Biden's lead in the polls are declining.

Pickle Dick

boy do i wish it was 2016 again

Duncan Hills Coffee

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That makes no fucking sense. Wouldn't you want someone to correct Trump over and over again to expose him for lying? What harm is there in having someone who can respond to Trump's claims and try to correct them? If anything, if the Dems really want to call him out, this would be the perfect opportunity to do so. I mean granted, we know the real reason why they don't want Biden to debate him, that being he wouldn't even have the mental capacity to actually answer the damn questions, but even so this is the lamest excuse I've ever heard.

Moguro Fukuzou

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All those people in the comments agreeing and going "but if there was a debate Biden would total demolish the little baby orange man!" I don't even get what the CNN "political analyst" thinks is bad about giving Biden a chance to tear into Trump and call out all his lies. Trump did the same with Hillary and his leaning into the mic asmr "Wrong" while she talked. Same people were smugly saying that Trump was going to cancel the debate because he was scared of Biden. They know that Biden would be torn apart in an actual debate.

These guys go on about how stupid Trump is and how easy it would be to dunk on him yet take every opportunity to scamper away from actually debating him. Really activates the almonds.


Uhh this is hardly the beginning...

From July 8, JoePedo news megathread:
We all knew this was coming, but it's still pretty early for Team Sleepy to start chickening out already... We're still nearly 3 months out from the first scheduled debate. Also MUH TAX RETURNS


Media Urges Biden To Limit Debates, Threaten To Boycott Them Entirely

July 8, 2020 By Elle Reynolds

As the Trump campaign has requested the addition of another presidential debate, members of the media are urging former Vice President Joe Biden and his campaign to limit them.

Washington Post columnist Karen Tumulty suggests “rethinking” the debates, urging organizers to limit their audiences “or even do away with them entirely.” Criticizing President Trump and the Republican party for their decision to attempt an in-person convention this summer, she also mocked Trump’s request to add a fourth debate, calling it “not a serious proposal.”

Thomas Friedman of the New York Times has also called for Biden to skip the debates unless Trump releases his tax returns and agrees to a fact-checking team at the debates. “I worry about Joe Biden debating Donald Trump,” Friedman says, quickly clarifying that he fears Trump would have “unfair advantages” if he doesn’t meet these demands. Friedman acknowledges that the debates will be Biden’s “reintroduction to most Americans, who have neither seen nor heard from him for months if not years.” And apparently, Friedman finds that thought concerning.

Still, the Biden campaign has insisted they are committed to participating in all three debates, and Biden has said he “can hardly wait.” But conservatives on Twitter have speculated that the Biden campaign may consider Friedman’s suggestions or use his points as an excuse to keep Biden from the debate floor’s spotlight.

Byron York of the Washington Examiner called Friedman’s article “an early public statement of fear Biden will not do well in debate,” and a “suggestion of excuse for Biden to cancel while still blaming Trump.”

The presidential debate scheduled for October 15 was canceled by the University of Michigan, the original host for the event, over concerns that the debate would draw a crowd during the coronavirus pandemic. The debate has since been moved to Miami, Florida. After the University of Michigan’s cancellation, the University of Notre Dame — where a debate is currently scheduled for September 29 — declined to tell the South Bend Tribune whether that debate would still continue as planned.

A third debate is planned for October 22 in Nashville, Tennessee, with a vice presidential debate scheduled for October 7 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Back in April, Biden shut down the idea of continuing the Democratic debates with his opponent Bernie Sanders, blaming the coronavirus pandemic. “I think we’ve had enough debates,” Biden said after the Sanders campaign signaled their willingness to participate in an April debate.


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Almost forgot to post this:
Ingratiating yourself towards despots while pushing away democratic allies is a surefire way to achieve the precise opposite of what you claim, and the evidence clearly shows that it is achieving the opposite.
Trying to be more diplomatic towards despots (which in this case frankly just means Putin, Kim Jong-Un, and Xi Jinping [pre-Wuhan coronavirus]), when being more "forceful" against them has historically produced little results, while demanding that increasingly impotent and irrelevant supposed "allies" (who often use the resources of said despots behind our backs, while they still leach off our own resources) actually pull their weight isn't "ingratiating" or "pushing away" anyone who isn't some fat pseudo-intellectual mongoloid who wishes he could subsist entirely off of government loans.


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What Happened to Stacey Abrams Will Happen to Joe Biden
https://www.thedailybeast.com/what-happened-to-stacey-abrams-will-happen-to-joe-biden (https://archive.vn/PpTSD)

If you recall, the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial race was rife with voter suppression, voter disinformation, and finally the downright theft of an election by Brian Kemp, the secretary of state and Republican candidate. Kemp used his authority as secretary of state to control the allocation of resources, ballots, and election day procedures in one of the most egregious abuses of electoral power this side of Bush v. Gore.
All of that is a lie. It's debunked here: