2021-02-12 - Adam Kovic's continuous DMCA takedown notices

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Punished Brent

Brent Spiners hollowborn
Aug 6, 2019
obligatory reminder that he advertised for boner pills. I guess they worked lol


Apr 27, 2019
Interestingly, if you pay for full service, DMCA.com offers a money back guarantee. If your content doesn't come down, they refund your money. What they don't do is provide legal services. They make you a package and refer you out-of-house for that.

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lol, that second bullet point.

*100% Guaranteed money Back*


Behold the true face of Royal Black
True & Honest Fan
Aug 3, 2017
You may tell your client, who thinks throwing a Canadian firm exploiting American law to censor the Internet, that whatever pittance he's paying you will not enable him to become the first person to censor my website's content after 7 years, and that his next step would have to be a real lawyer actually within the United States. He should also research the Streisand Effect and consider what my options are as the owner and operator of a website that receives a billion HTTP requests a month, and which is specifically about Internet drama.
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