2021-04-02 - Alinity's Simp: Polish slave boy files DMCA complaint for Alinity -

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I am here for your soul. And a ham. And pie.
There's two types of polacks, the ones in WWII like the ones who captured and broke the three wheel Enigma really early on in the war, or escaped west and fought bravely alongside the allies. They're almost all dead, sadly. The other type are all the rest.


Haka, i know you're watching, and this goes for all simps too

They will not fuck you if you do stuff like this for them. It doesn't matter how much money you throw at them, how many favors you do for them, or how long you watch them. You're wasting your time and money. Porn exists on the internet, you can look up big titty on google and get a billion results, you don't need some bitch giving you blue balls. If you're looking for affection, you won't get it. You'll get your name called and that's it. Fucks sake, find a girlfriend.


Khazar milkers inspector
I enjoy these legal threads.
It's like reading some game or novel wiki, in the sense that the information contained is interesting but it holds no real world value to me.
On a more topic related note, jewgle estimates Alinity's net worth at around 3mil $. The fact that she got some poor shmuck instead of an attorney to handle this issue, it speaks volumes to the kind of person we're dealing with.
Also, if you wish to know more about this woman, ItsAGundam does twitch thots videos and she's featured quite often.

Bloody bunny

It looks more like total disinterest than outright stupidity. This guy started only started simping for her a couple months ago and now he's chasing down onlyfans leaks and running her highlights channel. It looks like she's letting him run his high-energy simp war with very little interest or involvement. She couldn't even be bothered to copy-paste his DMCA and send it from her own email, after all.
So she’s also a lazy cunt.


Filing a fraudulent DMCA as a foreign national should be considered an act of war
I cannot agree with this more. If a non-American tries to abuse the DMCA to get an American to take something off the internet, I want a Predator drone to bomb their house. It'd be a far better use of military funding than exploding brown people in whatever desert shithole America is bombing this week.
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