2021-04-02 - Alinity's Simp: Polish slave boy files DMCA complaint for Alinity -

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Bugged life mechanics!
I support our DMCA claimant and thus I am willing to send him a template of how properly fill form. Especially, due to the fact his my polish brethren and we all struggle living in European outskirts fighting with polar bears on the streets.


break these cuffs

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Way to go, you cat-tossing sociopath, you played yourself.
Gotta disagree. Alinity would probably think her kid is a loser and get slightly embarrassed, then she'd smell green and monetize it by going on an anti-bullying campaign. She come out way ahead in sympathy and simpbux.


Like Purgatory, but for Fags.
After sending this I realize that this is definitely a simp that's helping her.
For some reason, this line hit me like a ton of bricks. Simping is a disease, but a really funny one.
Pussy is one hell of a drug
Right but wouldn't you just buy a hooker, or see how many normal women would get fucked when you hand them a stack of hundreds? Why Alinity? Better yet, if you're rich off crypto currencies, why not just become a porn star since its not about the money anymore? I feel like there's better ways to dedicate your life to sex.
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