2021-04-02 - Alinity's Simp: Polish slave boy files DMCA complaint for Alinity -

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Lawrence of Algeria

i always chuckle at clueless dmca filers who go to Cloudfare and find the host of kiwifarms is called "1776hosting" and think
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"Yeah, they're gonna comply with my fake ass pussy perjurious DMCA takedown requests"
I don't think the simp in question knows what happened in 1776. European schools barely touch American history.
Doesn't make it any less exceptional though.
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Instead of walking retards though how to dmca your website and providing your enemies free legal consultation, you should probably should just let then fuck up. Could save you a serious headache in the future if the people trying to sue you never properly dmcad you and you didn't help them do it.
The law requires me to explain why I am not honoring their request.
The law does not require a valid DMCA.


lol im god
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Well, I guess a part of the Poland's population likes to see white girls fucking dogs/samoyeds/@Samoyed.

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The saddest thing is even if Our Polish friend manage to get the images taken down he would probably inform Alinity in the form of a super chat.

*haka3l donated $20* “m’lady, I got all the unlicensed images of your sheer beauty taken off the Internet, can I now please be a mod?”

Alinity:”thanks for the twenty dollars!!”


God what a fucking depressing existence. Making so much money on crypto you never have to work another day in your life, and then spending it on fucking Alinity.
There are so many better thois to be into as well. Like forget the idea of just not spending it on sluts at all, why Alinity?


Honest question regarding simps:

Is this the modernized version of "the stripper is in love with me" disorder? Or is this even more sad and pathetic? Perhaps a mental disorder is involved?
This has probably been pointed out before but it's worth repeating: A simp is what you get when you cross a parasocial relationship with a transactional understanding of love.

Generally, men with a transactional understanding of love believe they're making "deposits" into a woman's "love bank" with every good deed, gift, donation, or romantic gesture. Once they reach a certain "balance" in their "love bank," they're entitled to some sort of reciprocity from their love interest (usually in the form of sex). Nice Guys or White Knights, if you will. Russel Greer is an excellent embodiment of this phenomenon.

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