27/6/21 So what else would you like to falsely accuse me off, toxic fans? -

Consider Lizards

Tommie has calmed, is at peace, and will never let us make Tommie angry again.

P.s. It's "accuse OF", not "accuse OFF". I'd expect better of a journalist, even a gonzo one.

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while you are recording this shit that no one will see your normal family is selling your old man stuff and you wont see a cent from them.

Easy Peasy

I am a functioning adult...well maybe not...
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Again, all of the information I have about your interactions with Sabrina, and the dog, come from your own posts and explanation of events.

Sabrina was a minor. I dont care if its "legal" in other countries. Many of which are rife with child marriage and trafficking. In America, where this happened, as a minor, she could not consent. So fuck you.

Even if she did invite you, as the adult, it was your responsibility to say no, not be yet another filthy piece of shit exploiting a child.

So again, fuck you

Space Cooter

This video is hilarious.

-Tom claims his father played peacemaker between him and his family. We know this is false because his family and their legal counsel will not return his calls. Hence why they sent back his kindergarten rock arts and crafts after papa Wasserberg croaked

-Tom discusses his masturbation addiction. Yes that's right, a near 70 year old incel is publicly discussing his chronic masturbation. And we all know what his pin up girls (emphasis on girl) look like.

-Tom says we will be the ones to suffer after the revolution. But don't worry Tom and the other worthless useless leaches will show us the way forward.

-Tom plays some horrible Jew music trying to provoke us in to starting a new pogrom.

-Discusses aboriginal children dying. It's a tragedy when kids die before they can be photographed and put online for his sexual amusement.

-Tom really hates mariposa electrique. Your degrees are meaningless you bourgeoisie bitch! You best repent or the space jews will make you suffer