LGBT 5/21 Chris-chan Sonichu's Gender Transformation

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Nov 27, 2014


Who wants to hear a silly story that is sure to shock some people?

To synchronize with myself here from the city of Cwcville, the me there is also very much a Lesbian Transwoman. After coming out, it had been a while until when she was needed to save the day in Cwcville. So, she transformed into the updated Chris Chan Sonichu (see drawings and new Amiibo figure photos). She now has in this form Breasts bigger than her D-Cup, her tail was now complimentary to her soulful identity. It was not until after saving the city from the forces of Count Graduon and his minions, that she realized her form's new assets. And she was abreast with delight and glee when she found not the Male Part, but a Vagina! grin emoticon. "Oh, My Gosh! I can hardly believe it!" She said excitedly. "Oh! I should get an x-ray. Oh, even better! Magi-Chan!" She mentally linked with Magi-Chan Sonichu. He visioned into her organ structure with his Psychic Powers. "Yes, Miss Chandler, you Have a uterus and ovaries, even some ovium", he told her.

After some time and thought, Christine had an idea. Back in human form, she extracted some of her essence. Then in (female) Sonichu form, she shot her essence up herself. Then, there was more trouble from the count in the city. So she and the electric-hedgehogs thwarted his soul-crushing plans again. After that, when she tried to transform back to human, she could not. She was stuck in her Chris Chan Sonichu form. Then between Magi-Chan and the examinations at the hospital, she was knocked up for sure. And quick enough for any egg-laying Pokémon, two weeks later, she laid an egg. After laying the egg, she was able to transform back into her human form. And after another three weeks of keeping it warm, cozy and safe, the egg hatched. And it was Twins! A Sonee and a Rosee! She named them Russel and Cynthia. Under the care and visits between Christine, Sonichu and Rosechu, they both grew up to be a healthy Sonichu and Rosechu with no birth defects at all, not even any autism. Russel grew his own interests of the culture of England and the Brits. Cynthia grew to enjoy her Cherokee roots, and became a naturist as well.

And all things considered, this story can not be helped but be cannon to the series and stories of mine. Not only that, but it definitely goes to show, Pokémon Are People.


Have a good day.



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Feb 3, 2013
So he turned into a woman, hatched eggs and the made up baby Pokémon are wannabe British and Cherokee.

Sonichu somehow went Full Retard all over again.

Edit- So he says Christine Sonichu got, in his own words, knocked up. So..... did she fuck a dude? Pretty sure lesbian don't do that.


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Dec 10, 2014
OPL said:
not even any autism.
Now I'm no expert on biology but I would think autism would not only be an absolute certainty for children born from an auto-impregnated autistic man, but also the very least of their worries. I think our new friends Russel and Cynthia would emerge resembling something from Silent Hill.
It's just Sonichu with big boobs.
Don't forget the new dick tail.
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