565 pounds versus 519 pounds - (02/01/20)

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The sound of your impending doom
Apr 15, 2014
Oh Jesus, its the "I lost 89 ELBEES!" arc again and she's milking it for all its worth. She didn't lose the pounds, her ex-girlfriend's parents forced her to. This is the same shit. She didn't lose the pounds by herself. Having a combination of illnesses and being on a cocktail of antibiotics meant she couldn't stuff her disgusting face.

Neko GF

True & Honest Fan
Aug 9, 2019
I have no idea what her thought process was here. Anything around 500ibs is unhealthy and obese. And the progress she's made here is embarrassing considering the fact that she's been on this "journey" for years now. This video is even more pointless than her usual vids.
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