6/26/2020 - Noodling -

Pepper Jack

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21:49 - Based and Redpilled Tommy Tooter begins talking about the biology and psychology of race.

Troon Draugur

Stilgar of Troon. Facial Fremen-isation surgery
His sperging about it being difficult to maintain rhythm while playing "melodies" on a single line instrument (quotes are justified, I feel, he couldn't carry a tune in a fucking bucket) is fucking ridiculous and hinges entirely on both his non-hate watchers being non-musicians.

Not gonna go full muso-rant here, but if you can't do what he's describing, then you're not just a bad musician, you're not even really a musician, just someone who knows how make instruments make noises. Like birds imitating car alarms or radio jingles, it's devoid of the relevant context.