FIGGIN [8 Dec 18] Phil says he loves us, with phallic weapons - Will not confirm or deny newly acquired lethal weaponry


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10 years of organized cyberstalking, internet trolls from ED to Kiwi Farms. I am unbreakable.

The harassment and stalking has ebbed and flowed - but on the other hand I have been working on defending myself against my enemies.

I will also not confirm or deny that I now have recently obtained a certain piece of lethal weaponry in my home - just wanted to say that in light of fairly recent home invasion threats Kiwi Farms assholes keeps making.

So glad Oregon has castle doctrine / stand your ground laws
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Also comes with a new mugshot. He really has been gaining weight.

(Note: we really need a "Toughguy" tag.)

Syaoran Li

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Lemme guess, the "lethal weapon" in question is probably some cheapo flea market mall ninja blade or another airsoft gun.

There's no way Phil could afford a real gun and ammo, even if he could pass the background check.

Plus, doesn't Portland have strict local gun laws? I don't know if Oregon as a whole has strict gun laws, but I heard that Portland has local laws that make legally acquiring arms more difficult. Not impossible, but difficult.


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Only thing he’s acquired looks to be a dozen or so extra pounds. Maybe he’s going for the ability to conceal his new arsenal in fat folds?
Maybe we’re misinterpreting his post and he means “lethal to himself.” Between the obesity and the decision to prioritize toys over medical care, gaining more weight could certainly have that effect.


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Phil lied about buying a sub 100 dollar gun in a state where buying a gun is easy.

He fired a cap gun at night and claimed it was real.

I own two of the nagants he claimed he owned and now forgets he lied about they don't sound like that spud isn't strong enough to SA pull the trigger and 6 shots not 7.

Phil does love us could you picture him with out a peanut gallery? He'd literally sit bounce and squeak to nothing.

As normal no one cares we laugh point out flaws in his life and move on leaving spuds to scratch his buck teeth and 5 o clock shadow and make up a new lie how he's cool and happy whole we go on with our real lives careers and families.


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In Phil new selfie let me gun sperg to laugh at him a bit more.

The bandana is an AR pattern gun. Eugene stoner made them it's the "American gun" the most common gun in the US the gun the us and many UN/NATO other nations use. Aside it's quirks meme one poltical view to attach to the firearm is capitalism or Western world. Phil hated enemy.

The pistol is a rough drawing but I am guessing a IMI desert eagle the perfered weapon of Commander Stryker (I miss jace) it's a pistol Jews made for Israel. I'll spare the how it failed and became a meme and hunting weapon but it's a jew gun like the tavor he shot. Phil shit on a holocaust memorial and wears uses Israeli goods?

The grenade is a clearly American build. We throw them at sand niggers with hilarious and violent results.

The crossed knives look to be fairbane skyes blades. Made by the brits for stabbing uppited colonized indians. Not exactly something Phil takes pride in white man holding down brown people. It's a wondful combat knife that went to war and now most special forces still use one to this day for fighting.

The AK gets rep as one of the guns that took the most human lives ever and "commie" being Russian (ussr) made
Commies also forget it's been used it many tribal wars and commies against each other violence. I'd say it's killed more reds than the m16 honestly.

tl Dr
I like guns
Phil owns none and us dumb.