Disaster A mother's warning: If you have white teen sons, listen up ... - Another Alt-Right Alogrithm Article


Gotta go fast
Yeah, that's really funny. This reads like a column in a newspaper of a religious person complaining about a TV show, something like The Simpsons where they list out words associated with the show as demonic. The way they phrase it in the "they are luring children in" and shit like that even though there's actively no "alt-right" propaganda really targeting children. Literally Helen Lovejoy shit.

The left has become what they hated.
It shouldn't be shocking, you can have self professed satanists be taken seriously, and no one bats an eye if you say you worship the devil. So what are people supposed to do to be edgy? Well obviously you look for the thing that is to our society what devil worship was to society in the past. And that's how you end up with Atomwaffen spergs


"I taught them their ABCs, I potty trained them. My next big lesson is how to look at the media they are consuming constructively," Schroeder said.
Yeah. Fucking. Right. I can understand parents being concerned about their children's online behavior, where you don't want them posting Hitler on their facebook feed. But this mom just wants her sons to interpret media through whichever political lens she already has. Just reading through the article you can see her bias about right wing viewpoints. Her deep concern and anxiety would be the same if her boys started walking around in MAGA hats.


More CNN propaganda.

So what are the odds this woman's husband hit the eject after it became apparent his wife was insane and frigid? He hooked up with someone younger and sexually available and she sits around lying about her son's internet activity for virtue points while she tries to convince him he is a white supremacist and slips HRT drugs into his soy m|lk.

Every other week CNN or someone like them pumps out a story like this crap. It has become so popular even noted heterosexual David Pakman seeds his call in shows with callers who declare that David won them back from the alt-right rabbit hole they had fallen in when innocently watching YouTube and surfing the webz.

Thank Obama for this bullshit. He made propaganda in the media legal again. News can be anything now.

Marco Fucko

Are parents always this exceptional when trying to guide their children? Newsflash: you're a lame authority figure, teens want/need to rebel against your lameness.

My mom tried to be overprotective and filter out shit, and in high school I was a stoner and sexual degenerate. So were the uber religious kids. There is no protecting children from the world, you gotta have them understand the reality they live in and navigate it.

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