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ugly tranny, [email protected]
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dee price is a textbook example of the perennial pre-op who is too mentally unstable to ever qualify for the surgery, constantly raging about what is or isn't an "authentic transgender" person standing on invalid interpretations of neurological studies of sexual dimorphism in the brain. i'm just an intersex person living authentically. I'm not modifying my body and I'm not trying to pass as anything that I'm not.
There you go again Now i have said i have been signed off on for surgery I am not unstable. I am not a child molester or a dog fucker as you are. In fact i stand with the natural born on many subjects you are against.

Now as for a invalid interpretations well that is comical seeing as Dr. Swaab stands on that very same grounds. That Doctor you called a ghoul for his April interview where he made it clear you are not trans or intersex.

Now show the genetic test that proves you are intersex or STFU about that.
If a person with a penis legitimately identifies as female, they should use female spaces. I stand to pee and would rather shock men than women, but will use the ladies room if I need to poo.

There are no recorded instances of a transgender woman sexually assaulting anybody in a female only space and institutions implementing trans inclusive policies report no increases in sexual assaults due to men dressing up as women. There are very few instances of it recorded in the past twenty years. Why bother when the boys are such easy pickings in the mens room?
No Thomas no dick keeper should be allowed in a female only spaces. and boys are easy pickings? you are a gross perverted pedophile little girls and boy not to mention puppies.
That is just gross this is what happens when informed consent is allowed. In the past only us who were like Jazz Jennings ever got past the checks that psychiatrist has in place.
Ok. So the reason you won't be trying to change your body via surgery is because you cant coom in the womens room if you get the chop. Glad we could sort that out. There is zero reason you can't just use the mens room, unless oyu WANT to use the womens room, in which case it is for the above reasons. It's an increasingly common thing I notice where troons want to get in womens areas without disabling their dick first, just saying they are women and wearing a wig is enough. It's creepy as fuck.
exactly tom and many perverted men have used this informed consent and all of a sudden attacks on women started and it is due to any man who wants easy access to women only spaces can do just that and scream transphobic if confronted.

informed consent has to end. It is time to do background checks again for underlaying problems that invalidate the person like DID pedophilia and other sex crimes.
your perverted imagination is what's creepy as fuck, cupcake.
No tom you are creepy as fuck. and you are not cupcake you are more like a pile of festering shit.
My name isn't Tom. My take is that those few instances in no way define the entire demographic, you toxic transphobic talking turd. If you run the numbers, they're still lower than most other demographics in the commission of sexual assault and higher than most in getting raped.
Yes it is tom your name is TOM and those few instances should never have happened. informed consent is a failure. it has allowed fakes like you to get into women only spaces and do damage to the transsexuals who are not like you and those male perverts on hormones.
Yeah but Trans people are like 1% of the population, 1.5 at most? That’s still pretty disproportionate, I’m not saying all Trans people are inherently perverts but there’s an overlap you must have at least noticed on some level. I know you’re biased but hey you should be able to admit you’ve met some Tranny that was really just a scumbag pervert. Reason I say this is I have a good friend who’s Trans and has said there’s parts of the community that are insanely perverted and deviant. You’re telling me, that with all this evidence, you think this is not disproportionate whatsoever? This is completely normal behavior and it should be celebrated and loved by everyone when a child makes life altering decisions based on a fucking whim or you think everyone here is some evil sexist out to get you? No you have a victim complex on top of your narcissism, attention whoring, and masochism. The only reason you’re adopting all these awesome/s/ labels is because you want the oppression points. Well guess what? You win, you’re the most pathetic human being alive. You get the shit medal.
we all have his name is Thomas J Wasserberg. he is a fake like the rest of the perverts that make me and your dear friend look bad.
Gosh, that's some mighty white thinking there, bubba. What have you got for an encore, Captain AmeriKKKa?

You, my dear are quite delusional about me and one real sick fucking puppy if you believe that bullshit about me. You also need to read other threads where I post the links to those "random blurbs" . I don't suppose you have anything fresher than this ancient study with a larger sample you want to run with? As for the prison population stats, they're localized and can't be applied globally. Also, what percentage of the transgender population do the transgender inmates represent? Nobody is denying that there aren't plenty of really unstable, violent freaks out there, but not any more than any other demographic.
No one is delusional about you old man. You are an admitted pedophile dog fucker. and that paragraph that i am sure @Daisy Mae will be glad to post about Tom must be in hiding Tommie needs to be on the surface. how you feel sly about getting away with more with moobs than anything you have tried. that money does not rule the world

AND THAT VERY SICK MALE THOUGHT ABOUT WOMEN. and that vile description of what you thinks rules the world.
No, Captain AmeriKKKa, mighty white is the misogynistic, racist, sexist, ageist, classist and transphobic nonsense you spew, sped.
misogynic of you? How about that paragraph where you said that female crotch top and rear and then that fuck me part about our makeup and hair? RULES THE WORLD.

Do get tom you are a vile old man that is more misogynic than most people. you are a sick sexual predator that preys on kids.

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