Crime A video caught white students saying the n-word. Amid outcry, they’ve been criminally charged. - Right Wing btfo

Homoerotic Cougar-kun

Smug Douche
That isn’t enough - they can ID people based on their gait, what devices they carry, and even the pattern your jeans wear. So, buy some old jeans at goodwill, put a fake cast on, leave electronics at home, ski mask, and then yell NIGGER
You're going about this wrong, wear nothing but the skimask, the cast and a massive erection and scream nigger. Then tell police you're trans disabled kin. Slam dunk for not guilty by insanity. It can't fail!

Otis Boi

plushy Cow man extraordinaire
What a colossal joke, maximum of 30 days and a 50$ fine? Not only is this unconstitutional it's a waste of time for the local police. Dont the cops have better things to do?
No trust me they do not unless they are working in place like Norwich or East Hartford on any given day they are most likely dealing with your run of the mill pot smoker,drunk driver,speeder. Alot of areas in Connecticut are very low crime and/or very white so the police will take even the most laughable crime seriously.

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