Crime A video caught white students saying the n-word. Amid outcry, they’ve been criminally charged. - Right Wing btfo


Can 2019 just be over already?
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not if the Batmobile loses has it's wheels stolen.
Also, making a video recording of someone with audio is illegal in Connecticut unless both parties agree to allow it.
But that poor POC several hundred feet away felt absolutely terrified and threatened by the plain clothes klan members that were no doubt ready to lynch the first strong and brave proud black person they saw. Seriously this dude is on the same level as an old woman that sits fearfully at her window and calls the cops on the mailman for trespassing.


رنج آمریکایی ها
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Ah yes, Karal and Mukaj, two last names I associate with whiteness.

I hope that this school & police department are raked over the coals. I hope these lads and their parents are smart enough to bring A-class lawyers to the game.

If this goes unchecked, it will be a serious sign of America declining.
It likely will. Most likely outcomes:
  1. The Turks hire some garbage lawyer, prosecutors shit themselves, make an offer where they cop to some sort of 'disorderly' misdemeanour charge without further media coverage.
  2. The Turks hire a slightly more competent lawyer, prosecutors shit themselves, drop all charges without further media coverage or a challenge to the constitutionality of the law.
  3. Long shot- Turks get on board with one of the few remaining principled free speech advocates (ACLU probably won't go here at this point), the lawyer pursues this in an effort to get that law taken out, the media and the SPLC/FBI/Mossad/ADL do their best to make an example of these kids for having a bit of fun.
I doubt they'll be unwise enough to take the permanent mark against them that standing up against the Zionists on this would cost them. If they just get the charges dropped they might be able to ride this out and have professional careers. If they actually stand up for their rights they will not.
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Vlinny Chan

no child is safe from drugs and molestation
On Monday afternoon, hundreds of students chanted, “It’s more than just a word,” during an on-campus march and rally, joining professors in calling for action, the Courant reported.
No. It is quite literally just a word. Come the fuck on. Also I can't help but to notice that they actually don't specifiy what "racial epithet" they used other than it was aimed towards blacks.

I bet it was some pussy shit like "nigga."


Russian Zionist Muslim Disinformation Dispenser
Damn, and my nigger passes aren't being honored anymore.

Well have a few Redskin passes. Also, everyone, feel free to wear a feathered headdress, perform any amount of tomahawk chops, hakas, or whatever else some pale whitey claimed you can't do.

Of course, it's always the wokeys that are the worst. "Don't say shit like that about a Cherokee or they would scalp you!" That's the shit that gets under my skin...

You know...the lawsuit should make those two morons rich but in our current legal environment you are playing judge roulette with one that will just dismiss your shit like that Carter era fuck that threw out Sandman's case.

Also nigger? Are we pretending these jigaboos haven't called each other nigger every other day since they were tar babies? Sambo please.

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