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Feb 3, 2013
In May 2012, Alec Benson Leary held a Q&A on the CWCki forum. I'll be uploading it in parts in this thread. Some spelling and capitalization errors have been fixed.

Part 1:

Godz1lla:Annoying question first, eh, is there any chance of a revival? Especially now there's more Chris content, That would make my year, or something. How did you plan on ending it?
Alec: I may possibly revive it, still trying to figure out if I have the time to put into it. I won't say exactly how I planned to end it, if I do revive it I'll go into it (although there are a few clues throughout the comic that you might see).

Godz1lla:And finally, will you marry me? Providing gay marriage is legal where you are...
Alec: I am flattered by the request, but that might make it awkward when I keep bringing home my Swedish supermodels to orgy in the jacuzzi with.

Surtur: Did you ever expect Chris would react to the level he did while you were doing the comics?
Alec: When I first created Asperchu, it was mainly to see if any other trolls would be entertained by it; I thought it would be great if Chris responded but I never really expected him to. I certainly didn't expect he would keep raging enough to give me inspiration for 600+ pages.

Speedycerviche: What is your favorite Chris video?
Alec: Asperchu is a Horrendous Joke. Not just because it's all about me, but more because of the sheer astonishment in his voice when he says "he set me on fire!" It was the clearest yet indicator I had seen of how deeply offended he is by the idea that other people would dare do to him what he does to them without a second thought.

picklesickle: What do you think about Chris now, with his Tomgirl getup and declining sanity?
Alec: I think his rampant transvestism is something that we all saw foreshadowing of in the years leading up to it, even if we didn't know how to put the puzzle pieces together then. But hindsight is 20/20.

Venusaur :How did you start developing the issues for Asperchu? (It was full of all sorts of nods to Chris, his sagas, and characters in Chris’ life. I’m curious about how you managed to craft it all of that into a solid story. Did you have a story planned out and then just inserted Chris stuff into it?)
Alec: I started off just creating some token storylines that I figured would highlight the parody most effectively - Asperchu getting his medallion stolen, trying to impersonate a girl's sweetheart, so on. When I first started doing concept art of Asperchu, and when I was working on the first issue, I did have some characters/plotlines I thought to myself "whoa, this would be really cool to do, but I have to wait to see if I get that far because they require a lot of buildup"; I was pleased that I was able to get to a lot of those things. Asperchu going back in time to father Sonichu and give birth to Asperia, for example, was a plotline I wanted to do from the beginning. It took me a while to figure out when and how to introduce it; a lot of those moments were as I was finishing up one issue and realized "hey wait, the story just organically led me to a point where I can do this thing now".

Venusaur: How did you manage to remain so composed during the ABL calls? (I've always enjoyed your saga because of your phone calls. Not only do they offer nice insight about how Chris’ mind operates, but you yourself are very “professional” throughout it all.)
Alec: Thank you. I have often been complimented on my patience in those calls. The only answer I really know how to give is that I have an extensive history of customer service, and thus am versed in being patient with jackasses who don't deserve it. Also, we were on the tails of the Liquid saga at the time, so I suppose I had heard enough of Chris being shrieked at and figured I'd rather let him destroy his own bullshit arguments.

Brit-Tay Rosechu: The Asperchu saga remains my favourite to date. The boards on the Asperpedia were pretty awesome, too, until those faggots started roleplaying characters.
Alec: We had boards on the Asperpedia forums? Fucking dumbass Mao never kept me updated...

Brit-Tay Rosechu: Do you have any earlier work online? Also, do you know if any of the side artists (authors of Moon Pals, Capering Berries, etc.) are currently doing anything?
Alec: I have no earlier work, unless you count the people I used to troll who became loose inspirations for some of my Asperchu characters. I'm not currently in significant contact with any of the other artists, although I know that Evan has kind of dropped off the scene. (He had college or life goals or something else stupid that took up a lot of his time.)

waypastcool: What went through your mind when you saw the trial and executions in Sonichu 10?
Alec: A full realization of the fact that Chris is too much of an asshole to ever offer a sincere apology for something without trying to come out on top. But mostly, I decided to be satisfied with having gotten Simonla killed, it was really pretty impressive that anyone could get even that far.

waypastcool: Also, going off of Brit-Tay Rosechu's question, do you know if Moon Pals, etc., are still in existence somewhere, or are they lost forever?
Alec: They're probably archived somewhere. I'll see if I can't dig them up.

InternetHumanitarian: Most of the other questions have been asked, so what have you been doing since? Have you involved yourself in any other trolling attempts or have you contented yourself with just watching things happen?
Alec: I haven't done much since dealing with Chris. He really is unique as far as lolcows go, I don't think I'll ever find another moron that can sate my fascination with failure the way Chris can.

kanyebest: are you still in any contact at all with Chris?
Alec: The last time I had direct contact with Chris was back during some of the Jackie shit. He emailed me because he wanted me to get Jackie off his back because she was pestering him about apologizing to people like me (which is ultimately where that awful Sonichu 10 ending-redux came from). I asked him what he had ever done to earn me doing him any favors like that. He chose not to respond after that, curiously.

A Sonee Rosey: How much of ABL are you? Like, did you draw the comic, manage the site, and do the calls, or were you one of those that wore the mantle of ABL? /cwc/ once said that ABL the artist and the ABL that talked to Chris weren't one and the same, and I've never been sure if it were a Clyde Cash type of thing.
Alec: The guy who drew the comic and the guy who talked to Chris were one in the same, and it was me.

A Sonee Rosey: Did you have to go through an extensive vetting process to be able to call Chris, like Ivy reported?
Alec: No, I think by the time I came along Chris's parents had realized that there was no chance of anything positive coming from Chris interacting with others, so they probably just gave him standing orders to not talk to people on the internet (which he ignored).

Dr Christian Troy: How has life been post-Chris trolling?
Alec: Pretty good. I made millions off of Asperchu merchandise, and still continue to make a lot off of the royalties after I sold the rights for an Asperchu cartoon to be made in Germany, so now I just spend my nights clubbing and drinking high quality microbrew reeb with my joy-boys. I also met my sweetheart at the international Asperchu convention last year. Thanks, Chris!

Dr Christian Troy: If you are done with Asperchu, did you have a long term plan with the comic? Like an overarching story or was it just do what would annoy Chris? If there was a longer story arc how would it finish?
Alec: No and yes. No, it was initially started to just fuck with Chris (although I had some concepts of longer storylines); yes, I turned it into a more detailed saga with a long arc once I realized I had a legitimate fandase. I am still keeping tight-lipped on the true finale for now.

Dr Christian Troy: Chris's theory on "cartoons live in a magical universe", what was your reaction? Were you just dumbfounded like I was?
Alec: I was blown away by how insane that was. I think I had trouble coming up with a response to it at first, which you can probably notice when you listen to that part.

Dr Christian Troy: Besides your own what is your favorite saga?
Alec: The current one - the Game Place Saga. Mainly because rather than an invented cartoonish villain, Chris is his own archenemy in this one, even though he doesn't know it.

Dr Christian Troy: I'm of the belief that the killing of Simonla is what finally made Chris snap. That being an outsider effected his little world of CWCville and after that his brain just kind of cracked. He got noticeably insane afterwards. Thoughts on this?
Alec: I never thought about that at the time but you may be right. Cwcville was his impregnable sanctum, but we pierced that. To Chris that was probably equivalent to breaking one of the laws of physics - it just isn't done. His memory was therefore tarnished, and he's not capable of "re-inventing" cwcville or reloading a previous save-state or what have you.
If so, I find it pretty amusing that I'm the one who did that, actually.


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Feb 3, 2013
Part 2:

Dr Christian Troy: How active are you within the troll community/PVCC/inner circle/whatever nowadays?
Alec: I made quite a few friends through joining this community, and I am still in regular contact with many of them.

Da Stress: What was the point of Asperchu? I mean, what were you trying to get Chris to do, exactly?
Alec: I thought it was a neat poetic follow-up to Liquid - whereas Liquid stole Chris's identity, Asperchu would steal Sonichu's. It was partly about wanting to compare how he would defend his creation with how he had already defended himself, and partly about turning the creation he had just fought a battle to maintain possession of into a war zone all its own. (which I succeeded at, if Dr Christian Troy is right, as I basically cratered cwcville's landscape until it turned into a wasteland.)

Da Stress: Oh, I thought of another one. This has always kind of bugged me. In your second conversation with Chris, he reveals that he thinks all of his cartoon pals are real and Cwcville is a real place. I've always thought this was kind of a shocking revelation (at least it was to me when I first heard it.) Anyroad, right away you start arguing with Chris about it instead of exploring the issue. Was that a conscious decision on your part or just a matter of how the conversation was trending or what?
Alec: Looking back, I would have tried to explore it as you say, but at the time it was just so ridiculous that my brain blew a few gaskets just trying to accept what he was saying. I could only go with my gut reaction.

CompyRex: What are your thoughts on the actor Vince Vaughn?
Alec: He's a douchebag who always plays the same exact character in every film- a guy who hasn't slept in three nights and who is annoyed and cynical about everything. Still, I liked Old School.
For the record, I hate Will Farrell way worse.

Judge Holden: When you started the "Asperchu saga" what were your original expectations with regards to the tard rage which Chris would unleash? and also
a) Do you wish you had done anything different?
b) What do you think your favorite moment of it was?
Alec: I didn't expect I would be able to reach Chris, but I hoped for the best. The day I checked the cwcki and saw da update was Chris attacking me by name in a video, I knew I had exceeded my expectations. There's a few little things here and there I could have done differently but overall I'm happy with how it all turned out.

Judge Holden: Were you an active troll for long before hand, or were you new to the hilarity that is Chris when you started Asperchu?
Alec: A little bit years ago, but by this point not really. I wasn't acquainted with anyone in this community until I got invited into PVCC. Basically, I was a casual reader of ED, after discovering Chris's lengthy article I googled him when I was bored one day, and was flabbergasted to discover an entire wiki about him. After reading it and watching Liquid videos as they kept appearing, I finally said to myself "I've been a spectator too long, I need to try my own thing just for the hell of it".

Judge Holden: What's your reaction to the Post Asperchu events in Chris's life?
Alec: The Tomgirl shit surprised me, it seemed to come out of left field. I wish I could say that the endgame of the Wallflower, Jackie, the Game Place, and everything else surprised me too, but... it didn't.

Judge Holden: How much of your proverbial "sack of Rome" (i.e. despoiling his beloved masturbatory CWCville fantasy) would you guess is directly or indirectly responsible for his going waaaaaay past the line of crazy and into buffalo bill territory?
Alec: I could speculate that I had a significant hand in it. What is for sure, though, is that I pretty much guaranteed he'll never draw Sonichu again.

Judge Holden: Do you think/hope he will try to use the Asperchu Saga as a defense in court due to the likelihood of him using the overall trolling he has experienced as a defense?
Alec: I can't imagine the judge will allow him to ramble on about trolls for more than a few seconds before having the bailiff (Jerkiff?) duct tape his mouth shut and make him cry tears of blood. The odds of him bringing up Asperchu in that short time are probably less than the odds of bringing up Bluespike or Clyde raping Panda or something.

Judge Holden: If you were given the opportunity to do so, would you get back into the active trolling of Chris via either Asperchu or a new creation?
Alec: I wouldn't really be sure what to do. I think if something innovative were to be done, it would have to be someone else with a fresh perspective. These days I'm content to sit and watch him dig his own grave, and wait for the flurry of I-told-you-so's to start once he's sentenced to fifty years at Levenworth.

Judge Holden: What overall effect do you think your actions had on Chris?
Alec: I gave him an enemy to lash out at for a few months, so basically I provided him a free video game. Other than that and possibly ruining cwcville, not a whole lot.

homerbeoulve: Did you really intend on "helping" Chris by creating Asperchu?
Alec: Same as any other troll helps him - by making him face uncomfortable truths. Of course, he doesn't want to face them, so really it was just about entertaining myself.

homerbeoulve: In Chris's video calling you out and exposing your name, is it really your real name?
Alec: If you're referring to the one where he thinks I'm that fat guy... how many times do I have to say that I only USED to have the bewda belly?

Asperjinkies: If you ever start up Asperchu again, would you ever consider inviting a guest artist on once in awhile? I adore Asperchu, and would love the chance to do some artwork for you!!! :)
Alec: My point in having all the cover art be done by others was basically to include other people in the whole affair. If I start it up I'd gladly consider a submission from you.

Rail: Out of everything Chris has done, what shocked you the most?
Alec: Tomgirl, even though in retrospect there were signs. Everything else was pretty much "yep, I can see that" right away, sadly.

Farm Zombie: At the beginning of the series, Asperchu seemed like an idealized version of Chris. He was actually considerate of others and wasn't nearly as dumb as Chris. However, the character rapidly became just as unlikable and delusional as Chris himself, if not more so. Y Dat Is?
Alec: That was the earliest long-term arc I had going: Asperchu's turn to the dark side was meant as a parody of Chris's arc; Chris was initially fairly innocent and hopeful, whereas later he became a spiteful, vengeful rage machine.

Osfos: Why did you kill Punchy? WHY?!
Alec: Because I don't like Mexicans. They took my jobs.

Osfos: Still asking for the comics from the other guys on the asperpedia like in that PM
Alec: Yeah, I'm workin on it.

trombonista: Which Asperchu character is your favorite? Mine's Max.
Alec: I think Mitch Chu is my favorite, because his plagiarism-nature is the most recursive - he's literally a ripoff of a ripoff of a ripoff of a ripoff. Try finding that shit in any other webcomic.

NOTChris: What do you think of the calling out saga? Did you have a say in who they were going to reveal you as? And if not, were you amused at the choice of Christopher Paul Whitney?
Alec: That was all Thorg, I had nothing to do with it. To this day I'm still a little amused that you can give Chris a name and say "that's the guy, go get him!" and he'll never, ever bother to do any follow-up or seek a secondary source of confirmation, he'll just attack without thinking.

A Fibo On Your Head: I'll ask the same question I ask every Great during their Q&A...
... which came first: ranch or cool ranch?
Alec: Ranch, then Alec, then Cool Ranch. Because nothing was cool before Alec.

The Admiral: Do you really have Asperger's syndrome? Or was that just made up to troll Chris?
Alec: No, I'm thoroughly neurotypical. I just used asperger's because it was the hot button in the mailbag at the moment I came up with the comic idea. If not for that I probably would have made a comic called "Homochu" and made it all about homoeroticism. As it is, only about 75% of the comic is about homoeroticism.

Wyborova: Can Jivin' have his own spin off webcomic?
Alec: Jivin seems to be everyone's favorite character. I think it's because he's the first character in the history of media to be simultaneously a parody of black stereotypes and a serious character in his own right.

Osfos: What do you think of my idea for a new Chris parody comic called Mary-Chu, following the adventures of a grotesque tomgirl sonirosechu who is obviously a Mary Sue.
Alec: I say go for it.


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Feb 3, 2013
Part 3:

pickleniggo: When did you start following Chris and what made you decide to do Asperchu? Also, what are your thoughts on Chris reading this? Anything to say to him?
Rrrdddbbbzzz: How long were you following the antics of Chris before you started Asperchu?
Alec: Round about June of '09, I was sitting at my computer surfing the webzone because I was bored. I only occasionally came to ED to have a laugh, but Chris happened to be the article of the now the day I went there, so I read all about him. I was impressed with the size of the article, I think it was the biggest one on ED at the time. Then I googled Chris for the hell of it and discovered a wiki with over 800 pages on it devoted solely to him. At that point I was blown away by how much information had been collected about one tard, so I was hooked.
After following for a few months, mostly watching him lose his sanity against Liquid, I eventually decided that I had to try participating. I always loved to doodle cartoons since I was a kid, and people always told me I was a skilled writer, so I figured I'd put together a webcomic. The rest is history.

GoFaster : I'm curious - what was the inspiration for Jivin and Max?
Alec: Max is named after an old friend of mine, who often used variations of Kirby as his avatar in things.
Jivin was mostly based off of the guy on the left:

I used to love that show.

BlueberryRagamuffin: I have a question. How do you feel about Chris in general? Do you think you're more or less sympathetic to him than other people are?
Alec: I think that autism aside, Chris is a total imbecile. That might be partly his autism's fault, but I think the absolutely wretched job at parenting that Borb did has more to do with it. That said, I think I fall on the less-sympathetic side of the spectrum. He's had so many opportunities to examine his faults and make use of easy solutions that I can't give him the benefit of the doubt forever, I believe that whatever bad parenting did to him, his own ego is the problem now.

punchabunch :Just thought I would put this up here: Any chance we can see those scant emails?
Alec: You mean the ones I mentioned about him contacting me during the Jackie saga? I'm pretty sure they're buried in the 340 pages of Jackie e-mails on the cwcki.

punchabunch: Finally, how did it feel to be the victim of a curse ye ha me.... HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
Alec: Well, my shoulder is a little sore right now... but don't tell Chris, it'll go to his head.

Myrdhale: I was wondering what conversation with Chris was the most frustrating for you, if you can recall? I remember some of them where his arguments just become circular nonsense, like when he was arguing about how Asperchu wouldn't be happy with that name.
Alec: The call where I'm trying to get him to explain what exactly is wrong with gay people. I heard so many confused "wait... what?"'s during that call that I ended up breaking my sentences down into shit like "how does homo cure equal better world", and his mind was still shut down to the idea of comprehending any of it. My gears were ground to dust that call.

Myrdhale: Also, if Chris had actually manned up and apologized properly, removed Simonla, etc, would you have respected your end of the agreement? (I'm pretty sure the answer is yes but I'm curious)
Alec: Yes, I would have absolutely. But I think we could all guess the odds of it ending amicably like that.

Fedoraman: Forgive me if I'm looking too far into things, but was Max meant to be more of a conscience to Asperchu than a regular character? Because I feel like most-if not all-of the characters in the comic have their share of flaws(something I really liked about Asperchu overall), whereas Max basically solves any problem the gang gets into with ease, facing no physical or personal hurdles. But if you were trying to make the point that Chris is devoid of any sort of conscience and unable to listen to reason, then you hit it out of the park.
Alec: Not initially, but Max kind of organically evolved into that role. I know I spent a lot of emphasis on Asperchu's/Chris's unwillingness to listen to others, I think Max just happened to fall under that hammer more than any other character.

Surtur: You mentioned that some of the characters were based on other lolcows, who were they and what characters were based on them?
Alec: Lisa and Radar. Morons from the old days of Second Life. That's all I'm gonna say. Heaven was based off a fat sim my friend made in the Sims, who she trolled by locking her in the bathroom and removing the door in build mode.

Osfos: Alec the original Punchy wasn't a Mexican he was from grorious peopres lepubric of China. You're thinking of Punchy's slow-in-the-mind half cousin, Whispy.
Alec: He took my railroad-building jobs, then. Foreigners all smell the same.

Osfos: Alec, what did you think of the pages from "Mission in Minnesota", where Chris destroys your hard drive and makes over your characters? Did that happen after he said he thought cartoon characters were real? (And therefore that he genuinely thought he could invade your area of the "toon world" and change things about it).
Alec: I think it was more about the idea that since Asperchu was derivative of Sonichu, he believed he had the supreme right to do whatever he wanted to it. The way the cartoon world factored was (in my speculation) he believed there was only one continuity for any character/location, so he believed that by invading Minnesota he was legitimately changing my comic world and that I would be somehow "forced" to adhere to the changes. That's also why he was so mad about me using Sonichu - he thought I was abusing the "real" Sonichu, since to him copies of a cartoon can't exist anymore than clones can exist of real people.
Incidentally, one of the things I regret not bringing up with him was how he justified keeping the thinking-and-feeling Sonichu and co. in effective slavery to his whims as an artist, and later banishing them to the purgatory of nonexistence simply because he was too tired to keep drawing.

Osfos: One thing that always makes me laugh is that the "blocky and low-resolution" characters he draws in mockery of you look FAR better than his usual characters. I actually really like how he draws Asperchu, it's one of the best drawings in the whole comic series.
Alec: I know someone found where he got that "blocky and low-resolution" quote from, but I can't remember it. I was surprised he was even capable of drawing Asperchu given how much stress it gave him. I guess he was steeling himself for as long as it took to faggofy him into Mitch Sonichu.

Osfos: What's your favourite Sonichu episode/piece of art/character etc? Which elements of Sonichu do you think inspired you the most?
Alec: The only issue I read all the way through was 10, because it was going on as I was in full swing and half of it was basically a battle with me. I'd say Mitch inspired me the most, because he gave me such a great template for a new character.

champthom: Alec, why don't you return my calls? :'(
Alec: Because you broke my heart, you player.

PacAttacks: It's evident that Chris still cares about Sonichu. If there ever was an Asperchu Revival in the works, do you think you'd "up the ante" so to speak by improving on the things that you had done before? For example, trying to top what Jimmy Hill, Liquid Chris, and yourself started--Instead of simply making an Asperchu Comic continuation, make a short Asperchu Indie Game or animated short (with Game Maker or Flash or something) with his joy boys and Sonichu as sidekick characters, or something to that effect? I only say this because if an Asperchu Revival were to take place, it'd make sense to see how far Asperchu (and by proxy, Sonichu) has progressed in the years since the Asperchu saga. Not only that, I was actually entertained by the Asperchu comic.
Alec: Someone did make a flash game. If I recall, the premise was that you click a button to make Asperchu slap Metal Asperchu over and over to deplete his life bar, and then Asperchu gets tired and falls asleep or something like that. I wish I remember more. People made 3D renderings of characters, short stories, even a theme song, which I made into a ringtone for my phone. I mused on ideas of making an animated short for the final issue instead of a usual comic, but that would take quite some effort.

PacAttacks: Does Asperchu live in an alternate toon world and have his own thoughts and feelings? If so, how do you get there?
When Asperchu isn't in his comic, he follows me around my daily life, though only I can see him. Sometimes when people are snotty or cruel to me he lends me his magic power so I can fire an Asper-ha-me-ha at them.

PacAttacks: With Chris potentially facing jailtime this coming July, the mayorship of CWCville is going to be left wide open. Have either you or Asperchu considered running for the mayorship? I'll bet Jivin would make a good running mate. He'd bring some "color" to the otherwise dull, whitebread city of CWCville.
Alec: I thought Mayorshack Tito was still doing a fine job, unless they pinched him on that whole prostitution ring thing. I thought the evidence was pretty shoddy though.

PacAttacks: Which is better? Pokémon? Digimon? Or Monster Rancher?
Alec: Pokémon, because my tynamo just evolved into eelektrik. Digimon sucks and I don't even know what Monster Rancher is.

PacAttacks: Why is Jivin so awesome? Does he buy his weed from Yawning Squirtle?
Alec: Yawning Squirtle buys his from Jivin. What do you think the Pickles family was growing on that huge farmstead?


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Feb 3, 2013
Part 4:

JULAY: How did you feel when Chris claimed that *you* were the naive one for not believing that fictional characters have thoughts, feelings, and desires of their own, like in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" For that matter, why do you think that Chris believes this insane bullshit, for example, that Asperchu "wouldn't want to be called Asperchu", and all of the rest?
Alec: I don't think he seriously believes it, actually. I think he just came up with it on the fly, because in Chris's mind if something helps him win an argument, then it must be true. The details weren't so important to him as was his assumption that it gave him justification to make himself feel like he was better than me.

Spacekelpie: I've been wondering what the inspiration behind your depiction of Julie as the princess of Molvania? And what was your favourite episode of the Sonichu comics?
Alec: Since Julie was played by a 13-year-old boy, I figured I'd base her appearance on my favorite 13-year-old cartoon character. My favorite issue of Sonichu is Issue 12 because it will never get made beyond the cover.

Osfos: Alec, what's the story behind when you called Chris and he was having chicken when you called? Did he ask you to call him so he could whine to you about the ads? Were you genuinely pissed off about it? It sounded like the only real time your calm voice broke in all the calls, especially when he tried to talk over you too.
Alec: Ah, good question. There are some emails and such that never got released, mostly because they are almost as boring as the 500 Kacey calls that turned up later on. But we scheduled our calls this way. That particular call, he had asked me to call him at exactly 9:30 on whatever night it was; if anyone else asks you to call them at an exact time it would be reasonable to assume they will actually make time for you. I wasn't really pissed, so to speak, so much as I was just taken aback at how arrogant he was about it. But his total disregard for the time and busy schedule of other people gave me something to scold him for.

Descent: What happened at the end of the 9th call? Chris seams to hang up in the middle of his own sentence. Did Chris ever give you an excuse for what happened?
Alec: He didn't directly explain it, but I'm pretty sure he just hung up on me because he was too stressed and too much of a pussy to say he was done.

Sonichuchurocket: What are you wearing right now?
Alec: Acid-wash jean shorts and a Smirnoff vodka tee shirt.

Osfos: How did you feel when you heard Chris attempt to impersonate his mother? I would have called him out right there and then, but you seemed to let him off until a later call which is far nicer than I would've been.
Alec: I knew I was just going to call him out the very next call anyway, and I figured I might have a chance to get him to admit it if I approached it calmly. It worked.

Nospmis Remoh: What do you think of Chris thinking you're Fatman? Do you think he still buys it?
Alec: As I said previously, I am astounded by Chris's arbitrary willingness to accept anything you tell him, so long as it supports whatever worldview he wants to cling to. Thorg could have told him I was really Elvis back from the dead and he'd believe it if he thought it meant he could score a "victory" by mocking me. I think he still buys it, but I doubt he actively thinks about it these days.

Missionary Cowgirl: Out of curiosity, did you see that university project some folks in England did that mentioned Asperchu? I found they were right on the money - Asperchu is what Sonichu wishes it could have been - true parody involving otherwise flat characters that brings them to life. Is that how you now think of it? You crossed from trolling to true art, and now you have a following - Jivin seems to be getting a cult following and while I've always loved how he interacts with Max and Asperchu in a group, he is still hilarious on his own. I think many of us fans are picking up on it and now see Asperchu as the way the fans' creations interact with Chris. Asperchu is a parallel universe to Sonichu that is made of win. Somewhere in those ripoffs of ripoffs of ripoffs you've achieved an unheard level of awesome.
Alec: No, I have never seen that. If you have a link I'd be interested to read it. But yes, Asperchu was basically meant to be a parody of Chris's failure to understand parody. That's why I include so many one-off characters that are just stolen from other shit - various Pokemon, Calvin, Goldar, etc. I am glad that I was able to give that impression to others.

Q: As the talk page on the last entry shows, you've had numerous calls from people to start a paid subscriber list for the comic, father their children, marry them, etc. in exchange for comic pages. If it were that easy, I'd send you some fine wine and five hot tubs full of Russian supermodels (I may or may not be a wealthy Russian businessman). Incidentally, do Russian and Swedish supermodels even get along?
Alec: I think they break bread by making jokes about Polish supermodels.

Dr Christian Troy: Two more things I would like your opinion on, if you don't mind. First the invention of Christian Love Day. I knew about it before reading so I was mildly surprised about how it happened. But you were in the midst of a saga with Chris so I would like your view.
Alec: The Liquid Saga and my own were filling his heart with much stress, but even without all that I think he always would've loved to have his birthday be a holiday. To him, his birthday is a special day where people are extra nice to him, so why not make it official? He really doesn't comprehend that others don't think of him as much as he thinks of himself.

Dr Christian Troy: Also in the a couple of calls he just flat out hangs up on you. Once while you are taking him to task for being disrespectful and once when he is mid-sentence talking to you. What were you thinking during each incident? Did you consider calling back? Surely he would be deserving of being berated for such rude and disrespectful behavior.
BlueberryRagamuffin: Wasn't there one where Chris suddenly started pressing the keys on the dialpad? I'm amazed Alec didn't lose his shit right there.
Alec: Considering that he picked up the phone right away when I called him back after that button-pushing thing, I am willing to believe it was more that he has a shitty phone because he doesn't take care of any equipment he can't play games on. But he hung up on me like three times besides that (including the time he impersonated his mother). I consider that to be a good example of his lack of respect or understanding for what a "promise" is - to him, a promise is just some words you say to make another person approve of you/give you something now, it doesn't matter what happens later and you can do what you want. After he hung up once, I asked him nicely to be a man and promise not to do so again, and he promised, but it never meant anything. At best, even if he does mean a promise, he thinks every promise he could ever make is contingent on him being happy and stress-free - he thinks if he's feeling bad, it gives him carte-blanche to disregard what he owes others.

Yaks: Boxers, briefs, or commando?
Alec: Any of the above. At least I'm not a thong-wearing tomgirl.

TheGaryOak: Do you think that your saga was completely responsible for the death of the Sonichu comics, or that a lot of factors came into play when Sonichu ended?
Alec: Not completely. He was being told that he needed to update daily as a sort of "job", so as to show women that he was a successful businessman and capable of attracting/satisfying a female partner. Since that turned Sonichu into work instead of a free-play zone, I think that had more to do with killing it than I did. Still, I sure as hell didn't help him feel good about it, considering he barely had a breather after he had just spent months fighting Liquid for control rights.

TheGaryOak: your voice is really sexy
Alec: I actually have gotten that a lot, thank you.

Osfos :Who is your favourite Asperchu character?
Alec: As I said, Mitch Sonichu. His ripoff nature reflects the true nature of Asperchu better than any other character.

duckduckgoose: Do you think that Chris has any other clinical diagnosable deficiencies other than the autism?
Alec: Depression, most certainly. He hates his life and everything about it. That's what makes retreating into a fantasy world so appealing. He refuses to acknowledge it though, which is why it will never change.

GhostWriterL: You live in my state, wanna hang out sometime?
Alec: Hmm... are you a boyfriend-free girl?

Osfos: Also your invitation comes off as kind of creepy. Here's how I would have done it: "Hey man looks like you're in my state, can I buy you a beer in exchange for the entertainment?"
Alec: The best way to an Alec's heart is through quality microbrews, there's no doubt about it.

GhostWriterL: Have you been white-knighted yet? And if so, how do you approach those situations? Or do you just flat out ignore them?
Alec: I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean have white knights tried to interfere with what I've done? Not really.

Necto: Was the way you spoke in the calls the same way you speak all the time or was that your business tone? Also, if Chris was truly sorry (which I doubt he is capable of) and wanted to be friends, would you do it?
Alec: The way I spoke was pretty much my regular way of speaking, I wasn't "doing a voice" or anything. If Chris were sorry, I would totally offer him the olive branch just to see where it would go, but I doubt he could ever behave any way that wasn't antagonistic.

VisionCreationNewsun: Were you Lars?
Alec: Shiiiiiiiiiiit, nigga, watchu talkin bout? Damn, dirty.


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Part 5:

Duuuuude: Can you talk a little about doing the Matthew Noble call?
...it was painful, to say the least. People have tried to give some fair defense to Bob and Barb, but talking to them was basically like talking to an older and angrier Chris. I get complimented on my patience with Chris, but there are folks who are downright dumbfounded by my ability to go as long as I did without exploding, and when I re-listen to the call I find I share their opinion. In terms of what we learned overall - I think that call went a long way toward denting the favor Bob had, and revealing how intractable both he and Barb are. I certainly noticed a spike in people disliking Bob after that was released.
Basically, it made pretty clear that most of Chris's reprehensible traits were just inherited wholesale from the bellicose weasels what sired him.

Osfos: Considering (so the story goes) Alec and Kacey had a bust-up on the PVCC forums, and Kacey's voice is the one at the start of the Lars call I doubt it's Alec.
Alec: I'm going to comment on the relationship between myself and Kacey because I think a lot of folks are curious and don't know any details. Basically, when I created Asperchu I wasn't part of this community and had no idea who any of the players or watchers were. Round about the time I brought Liquid into the comic was the same time I was introduced to PVCC.
Shortly thereafter I got a PM from Kacey who was all mad because she had dictated that Liquid was not to be in my comic or be used in anything else because they wanted to be left alone or whatever. I responded (in a nice way, I didn't know her and didn't want to make enemies) by saying that I had no idea what she was talking about, which was true because the only person I even knew was Clyde, I didn't know any political shit that might have been going on at the time. I told her I was sorry but Liquid was already there, I couldn't exactly go back in time. Her response was basically "whatever, do what you want, I wash my hands of it", so I kept going without concern for the issue. A few weeks later was when I first spoke to Liquid, I brought up the subject and asked if he didn't like me using his likeness, but he told me he thought my comic was funny and enjoyed seeing himself as a character.
That brief exchange is the only direct communication she and I have ever had, and I never stopped to worry about it too much.

Zap Rowsdower: Question: Do you think that there's any hope for Chris? If so, what will need to be done? If not, at what point do you think Chris was beyond recovery?
Alec: That depends on what you mean by "hope". Can he get a job and take care of himself? Yes, I believe so. I believe he had the ability to handle a menial job, like working in a stockroom or some other kind of labor. Hell, he might even enjoy the monotony (I've worked temp mailroom/factory jobs for extra cash or when I was between main jobs before, I wouldn't do it forever but for a few months it can actually be kind of relaxing to just work a thoughtless job and then go home). Combine the wage he'd receive (not six figures, but usually quite a bit more than minimum wage for those kinds of jobs) with the partial social security check he'd still be able to collect, and he could do just fine by himself. He would need to learn how to set aside so much money each month for bills AND savings, but beyond that he could have a comfy little life.
Now, emotionally, I think he has far less hope. He has spent three decades believing that he has every right to be taken care of by someone else, and he absolutely refuses to consider the idea of self-reliance. You can call that ego, or victim mentality, they're really completely synonymous in my opinion. This victim mentality combines with his other worst trait - his tireless and paramount mindset of cherry-picking results. He has spent years waiting for a woman to come say "hey, want to be my stay-at-home husband?" and ignores the fact that there has never been any progress. He does shit like that recent facebook note about Mimms where he tries to "sic" the trolls on him, or on Mike Snyder, or the FS Mall, or MLW, or whoever; he keeps thinking he can somehow direct the trolls even though this has failed 100% of the many times he's tried it. Hell, he posts screencaps of this very forum on his facebook and just assumes he's somehow scaring us or getting us in trouble, even though he doesn't bother to seek confirmation or follow up. For everything he fails at, he'll make up a fantasy that it actually worked. That is why he will probably never go anywhere in life.

Zap Rowsdower: Bonus question: If Chris is reading these forums right now, what would you want to say to him?
Alec: Considering that my name is boldly displayed in the title of this thread that is pinned to the top of the forum, I think it's likely he'll peruse it (if he's still bothering to read us). I've expressed my honest opinion about him all over the forum but most especially here in response to all of your questions. He'll read it, but he won't learn anything.
If Chris doesn't like you, then whatever you say must be false, unless he thinks it helps him win an argument. Chris doesn't understand what truth or logic is.

Osfos: How did you feel when Chris just told you blatant lie after blatant lie?
Alec: I never really developed strong feelings against Chris, I always kind of looked at him as a science experiment because he's so different from a regular human being. I understand that to him, words are just things you say to get things you want from people, it doesn't matter if your actions don't match your words. I'm not offended because this awful attitude hurts himself far more than it can ever hurt me or anyone else.
Every lie he tells only ruins his own life more, not mine.

Osfos: One of the saddest missed opportunities in the calls, I think, is when Chris refuses to upload a video of his house being clean because his dad got mad at him that time. I wish you'd pointed out that your dad was mad because your house is so messy they could be evicted, and if Chris had been cleaning then his dad would LOVE him to show it on the internet so they wouldn't get in trouble anymore.
Alec: Yeah, maybe you're right. But there were always little things I wished I would have thought of at the time.

punchabunch: Tell us about the decisions to open up the doors and vandalize the CWCipedia. How much of that decision deep within the bowls of the Kewl Kids Klub your idea?
I pretty much had creative control over what was going on then, people wanted to let me run my own show while I was still in the limelight. Ruining the cwcipedia was other peoples' idea but I was the one who said "fuck it, why not" when it became apparent that we had killed Chris's creative spark for good.

GhostWriterL: To answer your question, Mr. Leary, yes, I am a boyfriend free girl. I also have not yet seen Avengers.
Alec: Ooh, Avengers was good enough that I wouldn't be opposed to seeing it another 8 or 12 times. After seeing Iron Man I wanted to grow a Tony Stark goatee but some of my female friends told me I would look like an 80's car salesman so I reluctantly stayed clean-shaven.

GhostWriterL: And my question meant have you had white-knights come after and harass you for your saga with Chris, or satirizing his horrible comic and lifestyle. I would have thought that some bleeding heart would have been raging at you to quit making fun of a retard.
Alec: Ah. The answer is no, I haven't been the target of any white-knight spergraging, at least no more than any other prominent troll. If I may be so bold, I dare say it was because of how charismatic my character was.

GhostWriterL: But as for another question... what is your favorite book and/or comic series?
Alec: For books, the Enderverse. Orson Scott Card paints such a paranoid view of the world, it's mesmerizing to me. As for comics, I prefer Marvel over DC, but I don't actually read the comics so much as I skim articles on the wiki so I can find out basic details that I'm curious about. I know just enough to get the little in-jokes and shout-outs that they put in the movies and that's it.


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Part 6:

Saney: This is kind of a weird question, but do you know why Chris gave Mao such a brutal death in Sonichu 10? You and Sean got off relatively easy (by Chris' standards anyway), and I can understand why he hated Evan so much, but what was with Mao's execution? Did he really hate the ads on the CWCipedia that much? Also, do you have any opinion of Cole's attitude?
Alec: I think as much as Chris fervently believes me to be a dang dirty troll, he is still a tad confuzzled by my omnipresent pleasant, friendly demeanor. I was an "enemy", but I never behaved in an antagonistic manner. Mao, by contrast, was always antagonistic. It was probably easier for Chris to respond to him as an enemy, even if he thought intellectually of me as one.
As for Cole, I don't have much of an opinion. I think he's kind of a shitty movie reviewer, but as someone who comes from a less-than-stellar family, I can understand his desire to distance himself from his Virginia kin.

punchabunch: How much did Chris "Reviving" Simonla as Sandy throw you off? Did you think that, just for a fleeting second he might be sincere before you know, all that shit?
Alec: I was never naive enough to think he was sincere, but I did not at all expect he would come up with that Sandy bullshit. I hadn't yet realized the extent to which he will go to not give anyone an inch.

SHORYULI: Where do you see Chris in 10 years?
Alec: Depends on if Barb is still alive, which is possible (though not likely). If she is still alive, then he'll be in the exact same situation he is now.
Once she dies, I envision Rocky will probably try to get him placed in a halfway house or tard home of some type. I can't guess whether his stubborn refusal or his helpless flaccidity will win out then, but whatever happens he won't be happy because his bubble will be burst.

SHORYULI: how did you react to the news of Bob's death?
Alec: I wasn't surprised. The little hints of Bob's failing health can be found in the months leading up to his death within Chris's videos and other correspondences; in particular I remember one point where Fatty mentioned Bob was having "feet-swellings", which is a fairly solid indicator that your body's homeostasis or some other vital function is just puttered out. Chris was probably devastated when it happened, but he didn't give any thought to it beforehand.
I'm more curious about what will happen when Barb dies. When Bob died, Chris had Barb to commiserate with. When Barb croaks - what if she dies in her sleep while the two are alone in the house? Will Chris just spend a couple days playing games and tooling around C-ville before noticing "hey wait, my mom hasn't been around for a while, what gives?" and then discover her body? What will he do?

The Admiral:If you ran into Chris in public and he somehow recognized you, how do you think things would play out?
Alec: He would run like a baby. It's possible he would call 911 and tell them that they needed to come get a troll, at which point he would face a heavy fine for abusing the 911 emergency service.

Dr Christian Troy: Did Sonichu Revolution get the reaction you wanted? Obviously Chris lost his shit but did you expect more or did you get what you wanted out of that fun little experiment?
Alec: My main point was, since Chris couldn't really ignore his ads, to force Chris to read some especially hammy criticism of his art/life. I didn't really have a specific idea of what that was supposed to accomplish, other than just continuing the Asperchu invasion of his little world.

Dr Christian Troy:The Matthew Noble call ends with Barb going off about "I want you to spell your name, quit yelling, etc". Then the transcript says "cuts off abruptly". Was there more insanity or was that it?
Alec:The abrupt end was me hanging up because I couldn't put up with Statler and Waldorf anymore. I think of myself as a patient man but everyone has limits.

Dr Christian Troy: Do you keep in contact with Sean, Evan and Mao? Do they still follow Chris and his antics?
Alec: No, haven't really kept in touch with those folks.

Smokedaddy: Indeed.
Alec: Smokedaddy, I almost tried to swat your avatar off my computer screen.

An Ounce of Vagina: Sorry if this has been asked already, but what do you think would have happened if you and the other members
of the Asperpedia four had actually shown up at Chris's doorstep like he dared you? Would he actually be deluded enough to think he could beat you, or would he hide behind mommy and cry?
Alec: If myself (or any of the other many individuals he has challenged to come fight him) actually answered the call and knocked on his door, he would instantly call his mommy over to yell at me while he ran and hid.
He might try calling the police, though these days with his law troubles he would probably call Rob Bell instead and demand he come beat me up. Chris is a complete coward and will never, ever stand up to a challenge or put his money where his mouth is.

someguywithnoname: I guess if nobody's asked it yet, what do you do these days? Do you have plans to keep trolling Chris, or are you going to retire peacefully, knowing that your job has been done?
Alec: My trolling days are basically done. I am content to sit and watch from the sidelines, since Chris is currently trolling himself for us by getting himself banned from multiple establishments and picking fights he can't win with police officers.

Osfos: Have you ever done any other webcomics or anything similar before Asperchu? It's really well put together so I'm wondering what your art and story writing background is? I know you said you'd had compliments for your stories before and that made you think of starting the webcomic. Even Chris gave you props for how well Asperchu was put together!
Alec: I used to write a lot of short stories, mostly satire in the same vein as Asperchu.
When I was in high school I made a parody comic book of Star Wars (the first one, Episode IV). It was about 120 pages long and took me about a month to do. I basically just did it because I was bored one day and decided I needed a project. I still have the thing buried somewhere; people here probably wouldn't think it was all that funny because it's loaded with in-jokes that only my high school classmates would get, but what that taught me was that I have a talent for tailoring my work to the audience I expect to have, which is surely why a huge part of why so many people in the cwc community enjoy it.

renomakicwc: If Chris still wrote Sonichu, what do you think it would be like, what with all the shit going on in his life and all?
Alec: It would be extremely dark and gloomy. He'd probably write a storyline about cwcville being invaded by an army of jerkops being led by that greedy Mike Snyder. The invasion would be drawn very graphically; lots of dismembered bodies of innocent children, probably some jerkops violently raping young rosechus, that sort of thing. He'd draw Rob Bell as a valiant protector sent by GodJesus to do all the fighting while Chris stayed in the mayor's office to play triple. After the trial is over and Chris receives punishment for his crimes, he'd probably draw Rob Bell as a treacherous cur who betrayed Chris by failing to magically make Chris's responsibilities for his actions go away.

renomakicwc: Do you think Chris will ever ditch the whole Tomgirl thing one of these days?
Alec: Hard to say, he's stuck with it for a while now despite it failing to make tomboyish girls flock to him. I think that the concept in his mind- "if I adopt girlish tendencies, I can have a woman take the masculine role and come create the relationship for me, but still be a man myself"- is so appealing that he will continue to ignore its failure for a long time to come. Remember, Chris's definition of truth is something that is appealing or makes him able to say he's right.


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Part 7 is going to be only one question, because it has the longest answer.

renomakicwc : What do you think of furries?
Alec: Hoo boy... a complicated topic that I have rather well-developed opinions about.
Whatever a person's fetish is, it's their business. I don't care if you jerk off by sticking your dick in a rattrap while watching Three's Company, it's not for me to judge. That said, furrydom isn't just about fetish. It's about fantasy. Specifically, people who fantasize about being and/or fucking anthropomorphic animals. That is a fantasy I do not understand. The reason I do not understand it is that anthopomorphic animals do not exist. You can fantasize about sleeping with a Victoria's Secret model, or Marcia Gay Harden, or Elliot Gould, or whoever, those fantasies make sense because those people are real. They are out there, and just seeing them can generate the fantasy if they happen to be your thing. But how does a fantasy of a bipedal fox with DDs come about? It doesn't make sense. So in all honesty, if you fantasize about that sort of thing, then I'm going to think there's something a little fucked up in your head. Maybe not something that needs "fixing", if it doesn't interfere with your life then I don't care, and you shouldn't care what I think. Not everyone is going to like the thing you like.
The problem comes about because of two things: the first thing is when furries do what they do best - they don't fucking shut up about their fantasies, ever. That is why Somethingawful put them in what may be the first ever internet ghetto ten years ago, and why they have become reviled across the internet to this day. The second thing is when furries compare themselves to the GLBT movement, or jews during the holocaust, or some other minority that has truly faced persecution and atrocity.
Being gay is a core part of your identity, and gay people have (and still do) faced being beaten, tortured, killed... Furries make a choice to jerk off to cartoon octopi with vaginas, and the worst "persecution" they face is being made fun of for all their delusions and attention-whoring. A furry can stop being persecuted by simply leaving the forum where people are mean to him, a jew in the holocaust didn't have any such choice to walk away. So I will never give furries the "compassion" they demand for themselves.
Bronies, now, are basically a repeat of furrydom. They are grown adults who watch a cartoon made for 5-year-old girls, and yet they think it's ridiculous that normal people would give them shit for this. If I still watched Power Rangers, or Rugrats, or some show like that, I would accept that other people are going to jab me about it. That's what you do - you just accept that some people will criticize you, and you go on your way. If you like something, stop being a pissy little baby about the fact that other people think it's stupid. But bronies, just like furries, can't handle that. They believe their obsession with one dumb kid's cartoon qualifies as a personal identity. Then, despite knowing full well they will get made fun of for it, they can't help themselves about advertising it - they make up bullshit words like "everypony" and "clopping". I used to watch Full House all the time as a kid, I'll still watch it if I'm channel-flipping and it comes on, that doesn't mean I shoehorn the words "have mercy" into every fucking conversation. And if you think Full House is stupid and I'm stupid for thinking it's okay, I accept that. Because one TV show is not an identity, and you saying the show is worthless is not synonymous with calling me worthless.
Well, that's my rant. Basically, if you like My Little Pony (I know some on this board do), then fine, go ahead and watch it. But don't expect other people to have "respect" for it. TV shows are not a subject worthy of "respect". You're gonna get made fun of for it, but if you have more in your life than a cartoon, and especially if you don't take yourself too seriously, you just might be fine with a little jabbing. Furrydom and Bronydom wouldn't be an issue at all if not for their members taking themselves so seriously.


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Finally, Part 8:

Cwckifan: Even though it was done primarily for fun, did you ever gain anything more from 'Asperchu' (money, fame, hordes of infatuated supermodels, etc.)?
Alec: All of the above. Plus, Virgin Galactic is going to name their first Mars lander after me. I also asked them to change the company name to "Virgin With Rage Galactic" as a joke, they agreed because Richard Branson's entire family was going to commit suicide until reading Asperchu cured them of their depression.

Cwckifan: Also, I had read that the comic won an award. If so, which award did it win?
Alec: Well, I give it the Alec Benson Leary Award for Excellence in Pioneering the Cultivation of the First Generation of Artistics each year. Aside from that I can't think of any other awards it may have won.

Dr Christian Troy: Do you think Chris has any positive traits? Being a gullible lolcow doesn't count.
Alec: Honestly... no, I really don't. He's such a spineless, lazy, lying, thieving creep, I don't think there is anything redeeming in him. I'm not going to say he's a monster like Ted Bundy, but he doesn't even do any trivial good acts for other people.

Saney: By the way, whatever happened to Blazebob? Did he escape the building before Sonichu destroyed it?
Osfos: I thought that was Wes-Li? He's the only one I remember escaping from Sonichu's wrath, and they both look the same. Man, Wes-Li was a fucking badass in Asperchu. Why didn't Chris think of using his magic skillz as his abilities? He just got given fire blast what a load of boring shit.
Saney: I could be wrong, but I swear someone told Blazebob to evacuate people while Sonichu was attacking the building. Also, yeah, Wes-Li is awesome.
Alec: I'm gonna be completely honest. I have no memory of Blazebob's fate. If he possessed a Chaos Pickle then he has to be alive, otherwise I'm gonna declare he died in a grease fire.

Dreamsicle: Alec, what did you think of the Jackie Saga?
Alec: I kind of thought it was like an email version of Kacey, albeit with less screeching. The videos, not so good I think. It was hardly surprising to know that if Chris is willing to do something for his sweetheart, that "something" can be anything you can think of - he has no frame of reference for what is ridiculous and what isn't because he's so stupid.
Some of the emails/chats were good though. I liked the part where Chris confuses Jackie with Ivy, and when she calls him out he actually tries to defend it, as if there's any excuse for getting the name of your "beloved" wrong. I bet if Jackie were a character in Pokemon he'd remember her name.

SpaceAce: I was just wondering, do you wish anything had gone differently? Like that Chris had reacted another way or that you had pushed anything further? Also what do you think the best punishment for Chris would be? I don't mean just for his current illegal activities, but for his overall behaviour and actions from the past few years.
Alec: Being placed in an environment where he has no access to video games.
Nothing else, just no video games. That is the beginning and ending of all the corrective measure you would ever need to do to him.
Actually, I take that back, it's just the beginning. The next step is serious therapy. But no video games is the only feasible beginning, without that nothing else can work.

Ronichu: Alec, would you say TV and Video Games or just the games? Chris does watch an awful lot of TV after all.
Alec: Hmm, good question. On the one hand, I would think the drug withdrawal symptoms he went through upon going a few days without his Triple shows that taking video games away would be enough punishment. On the other, he might adapt enough to turn to watching TV nonstop instead. Let's say take away his TV too. That way he's forced to go find something active.

Missionary Cowgirl:Hey Alec
Around 4:30 they start talking about how one must understand Chris to understand Sonichu, and by extension one must understand Sonichu to understand and appreciate Asperchu.
The Asperchu bit starts at 6:25. It lasts to the end.
Here is the second part. It's fascinating.
Alec: This looks very interesting, thank you very much. I'm going to watch this now.

juicebox1:I know a few people who think that ABL = Brown-shirted impostor = Kacey's Dad Matthew (with a voice modification). Are you all of these characters?
Alec: No, Liquid and Matthew Devoria were different people. I am, however, Cogs.

BlueberryRagamuffin: If your initials are ABL, why is your
username ALBasperchu?
Alec: Because "ABLville" doesn't roll off the tongue as easily. I think it was also part of an early idea to convince Chris that aspergers was the same thing as dyslexia.

Saney: Were you trying to say homo sapiens but couldn't because Chris kept talking over you or were you repeatedly saying homo to piss off Chris? Dumb question, I know.
Alec:Not a dumb question, that's exactly what I was trying to do. Since he had asked "what if I called you ASPER" I was trying to get to a place where I could ask him "what if your parents had named you Homo?"
...but I got distracted with something else stupid he said. Those calls evolved very organically.

Dr Christian Troy: What do you think Chris has the worst taste in; movies, television, cartoons or music? I realize cartoons and television can be one answer but I think he has put enough emphasis on cartoons to where it can be its own choice.
Alec: I don't know if I've thought about it like that before. I think I would have to roll movies, television, and cartoons into one category, because he seems to go for the same thing in all three: mindless tripe. He loves anything that tells him when he is supposed to laugh, no matter what the media is. As for music, well, I don't think he has preferences for music at all. He claims to like things like Britney Spears, but you know he really loves her only because she was the token "America's sweetheart" blond chick with boobs when he was in high school/college. He loves staring at her and fantasizing about her.

Dr Christian Troy: How do you see the trial against Chris going? Community service? Jail? Off due to Da Autism? More importantly how do you see the punishment (or lack thereof) effecting him?
Alec: Community service, almost certainly. His history of prior problems and his total lack of remorse for what he did combined would give any judge a really hard time trying to give him a pass even if he wanted to. Chris's self-embellishment aside, there is good enough evidence to say that he is perfectly "high-functioning" enough to understand his choices and their consequences, so I can't see autism being much of a factor.
Whatever the punishment is, Chris will rage and whine and cry that the whole world is against him. He will not accept that he has to make restitution for his wrongdoings, or even that he has committed wrongdoings. He will learn nothing because learning would require that he accept he was wrong.

manchild: Has Patti eaten your soul yet?
Alec: Yes. If you check my IP address, you'll see that I'm typing this from inside her stomach.

manchild: And who is smarter Chris, or my Cat?
Alec: Clearly your cat is smarter, because cats can at least accept that there are rules to follow and they don't have power over everything.

JarlaxleBaenre: Do you know if Chris ever looked into Magic: the Gathering during his time at the Game Place?
Alec: I really doubt it. For one, the artwork is typically kind of macabre and grisly, that would turn him off because he needs everything to be cutesy and shiny. Beyond that, even if he did get into it, well... there's way too much strategy and complexity, and especially too many rules, for him to enjoy it.

Chrus Chundlur: Where did the Asperchu medallion come from? Did you do it yourself? It's made of Crayola Fuckin' Model Magic?
Alec: It was made by a fan of mine. I am embarrassed to admit that I cannot recall said fan's name, as they deserve credit for it. They were going to mail it to me, but I asked instead that it be sent to Chris so I could make him wear it.

Chrus Chundlur: And now that I think about the first time that medallion was seen...any insight on who the hell is the mystery man on the magical potion video?
Alec: That guy is actually the real Chris, he just took off his fatsuit briefly during the video.

BlueberryRagamuffin: Does Chris realize that Jews are overrepresented in Congress? Holy shit, if he knew anything about current events he'd be even lulzier.
Alec: Well, he doesn't really know what a Jew even is. He just thinks it's an insult because that's what Cartman does.


Feb 3, 2013
Thumbs up trombonista! This was quite the enjoyable Q&A. Glad to see it wasn't lost forever. Razzle Dazzle!


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Feb 3, 2013
Way to go Trombonista! Thanks for this! I was sure these were lost along with the old forums.


Feb 6, 2013
Thanks for this. For the longest time, I honestly thought ABL was Fatman. I had some doubts, because the voices aren't even close, but there are others who think that Fatman created Asperchu. LOL, the calling out videos just increased Fatman's fanbase. That was the one "calling out" video that really backfired. Instead of people trolling Fatman after the video, they were telling him how awesome he was. :asperchu:

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Feb 3, 2013
Fatman even quickly denied being Alec, despite it clearly being him. How come you keep retiring and returning Alec?

Alec Benson Leary

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Feb 10, 2013
^Because that's what good media divas do.

Since Trombonista put all this here, I'll offer that if anyone has any new questions, I'll answer them as well. But the original interview thread covered most stuff that I can think of.


Feb 3, 2013
What did you have planned for Asperchu before you cancelled it?

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Mar 1, 2013
Whoa, this is great. This should be archived on the CWCki!

Also, I agree 100% with your thoughts on bronies/furries. It's like (most of them, at least) just want people to hate them, so they can whine about it.

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Feb 3, 2013
Alec, one theory as to why you no longer are active on Asperchu is because you have a series of female fans who insist on Financially and Emotionally supporting you and even take care of your every heart's Want and Sound needs desire. Some claim that all the extra free time is what allowed you to be a consultant on the hit Skylander series of toys and games. So my question is: Is it true you're contributing to the production of Smurfs 2 and have even insisted on the addition of a smurf with Asperger's to help raise awareness of this condition to a new generation?

Alec Benson Leary

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Feb 10, 2013
^Close. In actuality, I have taken over the muppets franchise. There will be an Aspermuppet in the next movie.


Feb 3, 2013
Are you still in any sort of contact with Chris-chan, or is it just Marvin and maybe a couple others on PVCC?
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