Careercow Adam White / Chibi / Chibinekodemyx / Aquana / ShinyAquana - Cringeworthy Speedrunner Extraordinaire

I can't imagine anything that would end a tinder conversation faster for a man, age 30, than "I stream videogames on".

Maybe "I have AIDS and I'm allergic to condoms"? Not sure.
I'm just impressed he ostensibly managed to have a match to fumble so spectacularly in the first place.


Friendly Mexican Ghost
Maybe "I have AIDS and I'm allergic to condoms"? Not sure.
Nah, not for him, he tweeted about taking some to the Troons Play Games. Just in case.

Nothing turns the ladies on more than a guy who plays the same video game over and over. That's pretty much the same as being an athlete, right?
It's simple. If he is so consistent with some game, imagine what he can do with a pussy.

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