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*hic* I know pur-pruh-por... prooooo-nounsh you wife and, uhh.. wife *hic*
(Spots attractive waiter) “Oh gosh! I’m gay! Hashtag analrips!” (Vomits)

So Phil already forgot he is supposed to be a deerfucker?
It didn’t get him asspats and we laughed at him, so he probably dropped it.


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Fucking lol, only took him a year and a half to remember he’s supposed to be engaged to his imaginary friend. Dumbass.
More likely, he’s gonna sperg over a new headmate and Xochi will have a sudden stroke or something. Maybe Phil will think that being widowed by the sudden passing of his imaginary friend will get him some asspats

He also seems to have completely forgotten his vow to solve the murder of his beloved dog-god-cop-alter from ages and ages ago (probably because even the most retarded of adults can't bring themselves to fake sympathy over the death of an imaginary friend) but if Xochi is the second head-god to kick it before the wedding, maybe we'll finally get the big reveal of Jingles the Serial Killer.

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I wonder if hes forgotten that he claimed gamergate tried to do a drive by shooting targeting him and he hid behind a stop sign and then bought his airsoft ak afterwards
Well I am sure he remembers now after this!

Incoming post reminding everyone of the 11 years of organized cyberstalking by GamerGate Nazi Incels at KiwiFarms who have tried to kill me multiple times including a driveby when he was bravely out bashing the fash!
(p.s. financial solidarity requested! That pizza's not gonna buy itself!)