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Phil living that ascetic life
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GG you mentally subnormal tard, but traditionally it needs to be colder than that given you usually only reliably see condensation in the 40s Fahrenheit or below 10 in celsius. Also just turn on the heat you fucking idiot; most apartments allow you to do this. At worst you just ask the landlord to do it if it's that cold. Or maybe just wear long pants, sleeves, and socks.

And again, no pity given a space heater is only like 30 dollars and works wonders in small spaces you mong.


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He said he'd go without heating, because he is disdainful of modern civilization and wants to rough it out.
Let's see how he'd fare without such modern amenities such as Venmo and GoFundMe.

Incidentally he's retired his Xochi Facebook account.
Phil's being hypocritical again. A man who claims to be disdainful of modern civilization lives in a steel jungle with a mobile phone that he uses to beg for money from unsuspecting schmucks on a dead social media website and uses other modern amenities. It goes further since he relies on his government welfare raft rather than do what he claims to be. If he truly had disdain for modern society, he'd go get a criminal record to stop his welfare raft, subscribe himself to the philosophy of anarcho-primitivism and live in a cave. Then again, he wouldn't do any of this because he's a coward who can't put his money where his mouth is.


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Philip Vincent Haskins-Delici has now claimed, at one time or another, to be:

- Maoist
- anarcho-communist
- libertarian socialist
- democratic socialist

Am I missing any?
give anticentrist phil plz

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If he's actually turned off the heat, and if it gets cold enough, his pipes will freeze, burst, flood the apartment (and some neighboring apartments too probably), and get him kicked out. I know of at least one apartment complex that has put up signs around the complex warning residents that if their pipes freeze they will be evicted because so many people were turning off heat to save money.