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Tactical Autism Response Division
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I think it depends on what we see in each archetype, and that's always changing.
There are people who we'd try to get with ten years ago that we'd cross the street to avoid today.

Dick Pooman

Muchacho Sauce
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I'm all about the long flowing locks and big titties, but I'm not above going piggin' for some sloppy games journo chicks.


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dude what the fuck faggy shit is this i like some girls with some inverse titties, some negative size breasts that suck into their chest so I can stick my fucking dick into the chesthole and get their tits pregnant as they squirt tard cum on my cock, top tier fetish


Never amount to anything! And they were right.
Long hair; and tolerant and not wanting perfection. And sees the world as totally absurd.
But never again....

What's the point of flat chested bitches? They barely look like women.
Big titties, long or short hair, & thicc thighs.
Men should be >6 ft, have fuzzy body hair, large hands, and dicks >7 in. Hair either short or balding, bald men tend to be funnier though.
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