Akiva Cohen files Bar Association complaint against Beard; Beard files back -

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Thank you for the update! Did Nick ever share Ty’s response letter as he said he would?
Not yet, but there has only been one stream since then (Saturday), and Nick seemed to have plenty to cover. Ty also said that he has a lot going on so it might be a while before he gets around to retaliating.

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He can't wait to get attention from the ISWV spergs who will "harass" him about filing his frivolous bar complaint.
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Akiva is back to public tweeting. Lots of virtue signaling about the supposed threats minorities face with a Tory election win. No wonder his ex-wife left him for a woman. What a little bitch.

http://twitter.com/akivamcohen — complete with the same photo of his children at the top, because he’s such a protective dad and all 🙄
Talk about running in with zero fucking knowledge about the UK elections, right on Lawtwitter form. The Tories are the party advocating against antisemitism you moron, even the jews in the Labour Party have taken issue with Corbyn but anything against the right amirite?


Did any of you take the time to read Cohen's tweets? I mean, I can understand not bothering, but the picture being painted here about what he said isn't entirely accurate.

"So I'm just going to say this. I, like many Jews watching Corbyn in horror from afar, am ecstatic that Labour got trounced, because I truly believe that any electoral success for Labour would have locked in its antisemitic incarnation for a generation. BUT (and this is a huge 1) ..."

[emphasis mine]

He does of course go on to explain why Boris is also horrible, but he wasn't rooting for a Labour win in this election.

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1) "Fag" doesn't always mean gay. Akiva seems awfully sensitive about this. Maybe his first wife wasn't the only one hiding something. (Personally, I read Gavi's tweet to mean Akiva is a fag in the way Louis CK explains the word "faggot." Yes, you can use them interchangeably.)

2) Akiva is not "saddened." He's acting like the butthurt dickhead he is.

3) "I'm not responding because you're muted, not because I can't come up with a clever response, ok? Also I am saddened!"

4) The Torah sages were very clear that you only rebuke someone if you think they're open to the criticism and will receive it as you intend it to be received. Akiva can't possibly think Gavi wants to be scolded by him like this--and in public, no less. But he just can't resist trying to look like he's morally superior to some other Twitter fag. Because he's a fag. And a bad Jew.

He's so tiresome and obnoxious online that I can only imagine what he's like IRL. For someone who always has to be the smartest guy in the room, he sure did miss out on some doozies--like the fact his first wife was not remotely attracted to him and only married him because he was the closest she could come to marrying a literal woman.