Skitzocow Alex Knapik-Levert / Dare / ispsychiatryascam - Aspiring rapist, woman beater, God's autistic gift to Tribes 1, Lowtax's biggest fan, Feminists' worst brain-damaged enemy

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Warsfag and sperger.
Feb 6, 2021
she should honestly cooperate because its so much easier for her to just send me to the nexus instead of me having to talk to her mom and all this extra shit
She never would, Alex. She doesn't even like you or wanting to mention you, and the more you desperately talking to her mother, the more she doesn't want to hear you and distancing you away. She'll never send the nexus to you and will always refusing to cooperate with a failure like you.
You can't accept the actual reality, yeah?


Cherenkov Forest Nigger
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Aug 5, 2021
excellent the social matrix is responding to the programming then


Kiwis sing, tragedy thus follows
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May 4, 2020
The reason I'm convinced that Alex has legitimate brain damage
His doctor writting a report about his brain damage wasn't evidence enough?
@Null your neo nazi website just got banned in australia and im hoping they start giving over ips to ID the people on it, hve fun getting the death penalty instead of being locked up

Australia abolished the death penalty in 1985, and in 2010 they passed a law to prevent it from ever being legal again.
literally no one cares about kiwifarms
You seem to care about us a great deal.

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Jan 16, 2021
she's had seizing orgasms with me but her medication regime and her being used to a 9-inch penis was p bad
Let's be real, Alex. You are a fat balding shut-in. Your circulatory system must be in a terrible shape. I bet you have problems achieving and keeping an erection, piggy.

May 3, 2022
It's around 2 inches, 3 max.

For those that want to see it and give your thoughts, it's here.
He even admits that it's small in an email I posted. He knows it's small. He knows he can't get girls off with it. But it's okay. He can just "make it bigger". Because that's how human anatomy works.

May 3, 2022


Cope, faggot. I told you what was up. You didn't believe me.

Katherine is all about the Anime Bloodline now. Lucifer is a pussy bitch next to Kawaii Yamashiro.

She's not a pedophile, idiot. You? I could see you being one. Beating your little 4 inch dick 6 times a day.

Report it to the cops. Nothing will happen. The Peace Order is against YOU. Not her. You're not supposed to talk to her or about her. Yet, you send her multiple emails a day, tag her in almost every one of your tweets. The Crown would take one look at what you've been doing and they'd hook you up at a Province jail. Call the cops. You'd be calling them on yourself.