Alexander Matthew Bruce Vickers / The Demon Baby / "Ralphababy" / (alleged) Genetical Spawn of the Gunt - He's a boy named Xander!


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Gender reveal! Baby boy, and he's gonna be named Alexander Vickers!

Keep winning gunty!


Ethan Oliver Ralph is such an alpha chad, he refers to his (alleged) spawn as the Ralphababy. This is totally not cringe worthy, or childish.

It's been a bumpy ride on Guntry Road.

The 27th of May is when the Guntling will drop, assuming nothing happens before that.


Gather other information relating to the spawn. There's Vickers' tweets about the Demon Baby being hungry, and other stuff here and there.
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*continues filling his gunt like nothing has happened*


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Say what you will about Onision's kids, but at least they don't have dedicated fucking threads... much less before they were even born at that. Suddenly, I feel so much better knowing that people like Chris Chan, DSP, John Flynt, and Tommy Tooter aren't capable of reproducing for one reason or another. If this is gonna be the outcome if they ever reproduce, then it's a special kind of hell that goes beyond the ninth circle.

I can't help but feel for the poor bastard. His entire life, starting from conception, is gonna be extensively documented. I'm just saying: if the kids of porn stars can't escape their parents' shadows, what are the odds that some bully will find the leaked sex tape of :gunt: here porking his doped-up mother? If the memes of single moms with Onlyfans pages are to be believed, poor Xander Crews' life will be even worse.

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More Gunt A-Logging coming soon, watch this space.
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implying ralph will have anything to do with the demon baby :optimistic: .
This thread is here due to his Father (And Mother). He also won’t grow up having his father around which will probably damage him in some way too. Then there’s the alleged choking incident, that’s going to be spun even more by the vickers to make Ralph a monster. Regardless of involvement, this kid is going to hate him.

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I for one welcome Xander Vickers into the world with great joy and wish him the best. After all given the story of how he came to be, and the life he is to have, he is going to absolutely despise his absent deadbeat father. You have a dad who groomed your teen mom, cheated on her, manipulated her into a poly relationship with a pedophile, strangled her and dumped her. Never visited, never paid child support. Ended up back in jail. His reputation caused you to be horrifically bullied in school and his genetics fucked you permanently. The few times you did see him he was drunk, obnoxious and spiteful.

Xander is going to be the most passionate, most dedicated hater of Ethan Ralph. The Prime A-log. Godspeed little guy. :semperfidelis: