Trainwreck Alexandria Marie Burroughs / Ali Burroughs - Female Psychopath, compulsive liar, scammer, malingerer, child abuser


~~gentle hugs~~
Alexandria Burroughs (Ali) is a 27 year old female psychopath from Kamloops, BC known for her frequent ridiculous scams/cons on social media. To date, there are over 30 known tiktok account names belonging to Ali, and she currently states she has 8 active, separate tiktok accounts, though that number is likely higher. She has had 14 accounts banned for inappropriate content. She sometimes posts a hundred or more videos in a single day, mostly bad lip syncing, dancing without a bra, and fake crying. She also posts frequent lies about her health. Her lies and scams range from pregnancy and miscarriage, child loss, mental illness, multiple chronic or terminal illnesses, 6 stage 4 cancers, and kidnapping. Ali has two biological children that were permanently removed from her custody for "severe neglect" when they were infants. She is currently on welfare/disability and living in an apartment with her husband, Dale Keller, and claiming another pregnancy, though all the evidence she has shown thus far has been proven fake. And of course they're reborn baby freaks.

Without further ado, meet Alexandria Marie Burroughs
ali burroughs2gif.gif

daki009.pngDAK alidolls1.pngaliburroughs.png
her husband Dale:
da3.pngDAK daledolls.pngdak066.jpg

Ali's most recent claim is that she is pregnant, again, after a miscarriage less than a month ago and going into remission suddenly from 6 stage 4 cancers. A true "merical"
Since the claims began at the beginning of October, Ali has posted photos of ultrasounds that were pulled from the first page of google search results, same with positive pregnancy tests. The owner of some ultrasound photos saw her posts and came forward. Ali has also stolen photos of other women's children and used them as her own, sometimes the children have passed away which adds another layer of creepy to this already very disturbing individual.
After stealing photos from the internet didn't work, Ali bought a prank pregnancy test and showed the box on the video, and gave herself away instantaneously. Her next move was to show her braving covid and spending a whole $30 of her own monies to buy not one but 2 boxes of real pregnancy tests, which she finds a way to brilliantly fail. The first one, she colored the lines in with a sharpie, the second one she colored the lines in with a pink marker. On the images of both "positive" tests, it's very obvious the dip stick was dry and unused, which is why she got tests that came with 2 in each box.

Brilliant quote material:
We're dealing with a very intelligent person

For this round, she actually paid for real tests:
Why did she piss in a pie pan? I don't know. But here we are. Note the black lines on the test, there's not a single one on the market that has a black indicator line.
So she tried for round two, with either a pink marker or pasted a piece of the box in there, either way you can see the dip stick is dry and hasn't been used.

This impressive chicken nuggie belly is some sort of proof of a 6 week pregnancy
sstt ab fp02.png

Ali is highly manipulative, compulsive liar, malingering, heathen for attention and displays many traits of a female psychopath. She has no remorse for what she does, regardless of who it affects. Each time she gets caught in her lies, she makes threats against those individuals who call her out. Then Ali will usually threaten suicide or self harm. She will sometimes admit she lied, only to backtrack later. At this point she posts fake crying videos, videos where she stares at the camera and slowly shakes her head, videos with walls of text about bullying and haters and not being able to trust people. Then she gets angry, manic and the cycle begins again.
Ali cryeen.pngali burroughs gif.gif

Here's the tiktok account list, and a collage of 8 of her active accounts:
aliburroughs 01.png
Starting with active accounts. To visit these from a desktop just type tiktok dot com / @ username
I do NOT have these all archived, the volume of posting is far beyond my capacity to store.

One of her accounts, @yougotthepower42 was started 7-13-2019 when her account @dalialexkeller was banned, the first day she posted 144 videos.

Tiktok account @inspirational89butterfly (which has undergone at least 6 name changes, has a total of 1766 posts. The videos start on 3.26.2020 and go up to 9.27.2020, 185 days, and even without accounting for the numerous deleted videos, still averages out to nearly 10 videos a day.

@cancerfightermerical - private
@inspirational89butterfly - last post 9/27/2020
@yougotthepower42 - last post 10/21/2020
@aliburroughs5 - last post 4/22/2020
@aliburroughs9962 - last post 8/24/2019 - still has videos public, claimed breast cancer in Aug 2019

Both of these are suspected to be Ali:


Other dead acct names. Either these accounts were banned/disabled, or she used the name change feature on tiktok, which can be used every 30 days. She's allegedly had 14 accounts banned for inappropriate content.
Here's something 'mild' enough to remain on tiktok:

In no particular order:

dalialexkeller (banned account)
mossingpersoncase2020 (now inspirational89butterfly)
[email protected]/com

Up next in the timeline, Ali comes close to death and makes a goodbye video
Ali goes to heaven.gif

So far, this is what I've got, the events listed below are from this year only, her scams pre-date this but I've not found receipts for those.
2019 - claimed twin pregnancy, claimed triplet pregnancy
Aug 2019 - Faked breast cancer, 2nd triplet pregnancy, brain cancer
Sept 2019 - Claims diagnosed with kidney and heart disease
March 2020 - Faked a pregnancy of multiples, first 5, then 7, then 8. Faked miscarriage
March 2020 - Faked her own kidnapping. She did a fantastic photoshop job and created a missing poster. The new acct name change was mossingpersoncase2020.
By now, the account name has been changed again to inspirational89butterfly from mossingpersoncase2020, so you can see these comments were in fact made by Ali pretending to be Dale while she was claiming to be kidnapped.

Aug 2020- cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer, bowel cancer, intestinal cancer, endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids, "cluster cysts" , IBS, acid reflux, bulimia, anorexia, arthritis, sciatica, scoliosis, kidney disease, heart disease, fluid around heart, Crohn's, liver issues, fluid around heart. Also claims her mother was a stage 4 breast cancer survivor. She created 3 gofundmes around this time. Clearly she is dying, so she says her goodbyes:

824 heaven.png

Sept 2020 - Got caught in her lies, nevertheless she persisted. Claims: endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids, kidney stones, Crohn's, bowel cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer, cyst, blood clot, heart disease kidney disease, IBS, asthma, seizures, scoliosis, sciatica, arthritis, cancerous cysts, ovarian cancer, anemia, inflammation, gastrointestinal issues, breathing problems, fluid around heart, bulimia, hemorrhaging, surgeries, stop breathing, blood transfusion, iv fluids, chemotherapy, dialysis, infusions, pain meds, kidney stones, ptsd, anxiety, depression, bpd, odd, adhd, yeast infections and nausea. (all from a now deleted facebook post around sept 5th)

On Sept 9th, RCMP were called to Ali's residence twice, once for a noise complaint and once for a wellness check, she had a breakdown on a tiktok live and made threats to OD
Sept. 15 claimed to have just gotten a port for cancer treatment, and still claiming all the illnesses listed, while also now receiving chemotherapy.
Sept 18 claims miscarriage, and that she got pregnant through IVF
Sept 20 changed name to inspirational89butterfly, no port, no miscarriage, no symptoms, posting very inappropriate videos, manic high. Also all 5 of her stage 4 cancers went into remission at the same time, she's okay now.
*creation of @cancerfightermerical account
Sept 26 - a video posted to @truth_hurts_deal shows ali twisting her cat around the neck and slapping it on the head

October 2020 - Her yougotthepower1993 account was banned and she started several new ones.
October 2020 - Claiming another pregnancy (despite claiming a miscarriage only 19 days ago) got called out for using a prank test, got called out for faking positives using sharpie, still persisting with the lie and that she is now in remission from all 6 stage 4 cancers.
This time, she's saying people are upsetting her so much she will go have an abortion.
sstt ab01.pngDAK fb 01.png
Oct 13 2020: RCMP called to Ali and Dale's residence over threats made by Ali online

In addition to all the grifting and lies, there's a disturbing trend with both Ali and Dale's tiktok accounts, when you go to their liked videos, there's a lot of liked of videos of children.

Facebook accounts: facebook dot com/

Sock acct: elizabeth.blank.33886

Facebook Fundraiser:
DAK fb fr 01.pngDAK fb fr 02.png


Lots of her trying to get the attention of her sister.



Amazon wishlist

instagram: @dkeller1971
facebook: /Dale.Keller.1971 and /dalton.keller.148

400 Pemberton Terrace
Kamloops, BC

Born March 8, 1993
Father (deceased) - Allan Douglas Burroughs
Mother: Jennifer Schemenauer (Pilon)

*Having a technical issue and unable to get vids to work atm, I will be adding them once I work around the issue.
There's an insane amount of content for Ali, too much to keep up with. She is not stupid, although she may appear so, she is incredibly manipulative and pays very close attention to her social media accounts. She will block anyone who questions her or comments on an enemy account. She DFE's so fucking fast there's no way to keep up with her. She will delete videos that do not get a good enough response, she deletes videos where people have proved her wrong, she deletes the lies and starts over, and over and over and over again.
I will leave you with a parting gift, 11 minutes of Ali lying:

(removed unverified bullshit info from truth_hurts_deal)
Dear tiktok housewives, stfu with the unverified information and trying to contact family members. Just laugh at the stupid cow and move on.


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Definitely a Horrorcow. here are some pieces of horror that I got from her Youtube channels.


I just don't get who the hell even watches this or falls for her shit.
One of her TikTok accounts has 20k+ followers.

I'm sure most of them are there to mock her, but if all the attention she gets was negative, she wouldn't be doing these scams, right?
She would only lie and beg if she thought there is a chance she'll get something from it. So there has to be at least a couple suckers who keep her going, right?

Or is it all just a charade and a fake character is fake begging for fake sympathy from fake fans?


~~gentle hugs~~
You're right, I should have been more specific - Ali is very manipulative and acts dumber than she is to try to gain sympathy and play welfare fraud.

edit to add: I was just about to make the comparison to Yaniv when I came back to upload a video but I'm still having the same technical issue and now I'm not sure what the problem is.

Ali lives for attention, good or bad, and seems to revel in being repulsive. Just recently, Ali stated she'd gotten a job serving samples at a grocery store, the clip I wanted to upload is from a screen record of one of her lives.

In the live, Ali states:

Ali Burroughs: "I have been scratching somewhere I shouldn't even be saying on live, and I have sores there too. And then I've been touching my eye and putting my fingers in my mouth. So, and touching my damn face. And I know that sounds gross, and it is. But I have sores on my you know hoochie mama. And yeah, I'm itchy, I'm scratching. I haven't washed my hands. I've put my finger to my face how many fucking times, and in my mouth which is gross and disgusting. But my disability, I forget to wash my hands and brush my teeth."
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I just don't get who the hell even watches this or falls for her shit.
One of her TikTok accounts has 20k+ followers.

I'm sure most of them are there to mock her, but if all the attention she gets was negative, she wouldn't be doing these scams, right?
She would only lie and beg if she thought there is a chance she'll get something from it. So there has to be at least a couple suckers who keep her going, right?

Or is it all just a charade and a fake character is fake begging for fake sympathy from fake fans?
I'd subscribe just for the crying ones. I could use a good daily hard belly laugh.

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