• "i've actually been talking to authorities about internet crime since january 19, 1999 and haven't gotten a fucking thing done."

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Discussion in 'Animal Control' started by Allen John Jones III, Oct 10, 2017.

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Artist Genius with an IQ of 130+

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  3. Nigga Ain't no way he has 130 IQ

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  1. 40 pages

    Daaamn, this quick?
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    TheMaxHeadroomIncident Catch the Wave

  2. Because I get to mock him and PK at the same time. Two birds, one stone. It only took me a couple minutes anyway.
    Also, I was secretly hoping he'd actually take the art to PK out of desperation.

    I knew it was missing something.
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  3. Google docs is a useful tool for when you don't have Microsoft Office, so this kid has no excuse for his terrible writing.
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    AnonAutismo Ambassador of Autismo

  4. You know, the thread on Angry Joe has been around for several months and Angry Joe is somewhat "high profile", yet that thread has only 27 pages.

    This clown's thread blew up to 40 pages in less than 2 days.
    Kudos, Allen, you always knew your genius mind would make you achieve big things. Here they are.
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    RomanesEuntDomus Ask me about DIN Standards

  5. to be fair, this guy has a lot of shit on him, is in this very thread trying to defend himself, and the thread is featured.
    Sort of a perfect storm of autism.

    I bet coolbreeze is very happy with this!
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    Tetraphobia This is a hurt-box I can't leave

  6. I really wish you'd open your profile back up @coolbreeze88

    Why do you hate fun?
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    Clown Baby

    Clown Baby you're the bearclaw in the garbage bag of my life
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  7. Just reading his comments reveal his lack of awareness and self-preservation.

    It reads as if a deer wandered into a bask of crocodiles, started bitching about water buffaloes, and then attempted to bond with the crocs by showcasing how tender he is.
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    LazloChalos The Autism train has no brakes!

  8. I'm really amazed how quickly this grew. It's TJ Church all over again.
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    Alex Krycek

    Alex Krycek Down with the Cancer (man)

  9. You forgot to mention this one:

    "you do realize i can kill you with my sharpened talons right."
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  10. No They like to haze people who come in on a horse with legs so flimsy that stiff breeze can knock it over.

    This was like walking into a lions den covered in sheeps blood with steaks around your neck
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    One laugh Too Many

    One laugh Too Many Just waiting for one laugh too many

  11. There's also OpenOffice, LibreOffice, you name it - if it provides red and/or green squiggles under what the fuck you're typing incorrectly, it'll hopefully help you stop being stupid (unless your name is @coolbreeze88, anyway.).
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  12. Normally, when people start posting about what a wild ride it's been, the thread's been going 18 months and the cow's just been jailed for child porn. @coolbreeze88 achieved it in a couple of days. There just aren't enough wows in the world.

    As someone's already posted one Queen song, I thought this might fit in nicely too. It shares one obvious characteristics with some of the modern Galileo's own videos:-
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  13. Great post
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  14. Can you "notice me senpai" without assaulting eyes please
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  15. it seems some people, regardless of the amount of time spent silently browsing a website, will never have lurked enough to realize what actions essentially constitute slathering your dick in ground beef and waving it in front of a pack of rabid dogs
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  16. Why does he use transparent outlines for everything he drafts? It's so fugly and you can tell he doesn't know how to shut it off, seeing as how he draws back over the first set of outlines in all his work to make them darker. It doesn't help how enormous the outlines are, it's almost as if he does that on purpose to squeeze out room for detail to hide the lack of details.
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    MarvinTheParanoidAndroid This will all end in tears, I just know it.

  17. > Lectures someone for being a reclusive reject of society
    > Spends all his time shitting up DeviantArt
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    MarvinTheParanoidAndroid This will all end in tears, I just know it.

  18. The bigots are beginning to invade the remanents of his dA page, and he is taking another stand against us.

    wtej.png sdh.png grom.png wery.png

    "I think a DDOS is in order... If we don't cripple all their servers, we're all fucked"
    No, you fucked yourself long before you came here.

    "threaten to rape my mother"
    What? :story:

    In other words, he is begging for 40 more pages.
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    Squealer the Animalist

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  19. "I think a DDOS is in order... If we don't cripple all their servers, we're all fucked"

    I so want that to be a random text.
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  20. Purple Chrisleon
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    Despairagus he died doing what he loved... Exploding