Allison Cooke / hanleia / finnrey / gogoeeg / enta_jinnai / eijiIynx / ashlives2020 - Severely Bipolar and Autistic LGBTQP+ Self-Hating-Jew Fujoshi Cat Lady

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Kari Kamiya

"I beat her up, so I gave her a cuck-cup."
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I wonder if Allison is still in Canada?

Where's she even better off living at this point in time, anyway? Canada, Japan, or Hawaii? Depending on where she is, think she'd show even an inkling of gratitude for not living in a hot spot any longer, or would she be whining about her weeb shit being postponed/canceled?

Seems to have quite the fanclub now. So she probably doesn't feel she needs to unprotect.



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Oppa Calarts Style ! ^ↀᴥↀ^
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I think she's aware of us again so I'm gonna archive some of her tweets just in case.

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UPDATE (01/25/21)
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Cowardly as always. Nothing has changed.

Just passing by and noticed that

- She simps Ash Lynx from Banana Fish
- Typical woke weeb BS about "never fictionalizing sexualizing and normalizing child rape"

..... BITCH Banana Fish was all about how sexy teenager Ash Lynx was, how he was fucked by every pedo in the tri-state area when he was even younger, and it did it salaciously too. She wants the series at the core of her identity to not exist, basically. Typical self-owning moralizing weeb in other words.

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