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Wait... How old is this girl? For some reason I thought she had recently aged out of the foster care system but she looks like she's in her mid-30 here. I know obesity makes you look older but if she is in her late teens, early 20s, life's not gonna be long for her or kind to her, above and beyond the obvious.

There must be a deep reason why this girl is doing this to herself.

Often when you see young people who are THIS super morbidly obese, you find out that there are some common root causes. In girls, it's often that they were sexually abused as children, and the weight is like a 100-plus-pound 'shield' that can protect them from advances of men. The subconscious shame from being molested or abused makes the young person comfort herself with food. Some use food, others might use drugs, or video game addiction, or promiscuity (fill in any addiction).

Another common cause is they grew up in a working class or poor family, where the parents were also overweight and over-stressed, with long work hours and night shifts. The family's lifestyle revolves around cheap, easy take out food that is pleasurable to eat. The food is probably the only pleasure they can afford.

They grow up in a neighborhood that makes it hard to go out walking or biking (gangs, crime, heavy traffic.) The lifestyle and hardship of poor families lends itself to obesity these days, there's no doubt. If you aren't convinced, just look at any photo list of recent high school graduates. The ones with high honors and well-off supportive families, going to nice colleges, usually aren't the ones who weigh 400 pounds.

For these poor families (but not so poor they are actually starving, they can afford the cheapest food of course!) it is just this vicious cycle that is hard to get out of. I think they get to the point that they simply give up. Food is literally their only pleasure in life. They don't have the money for vacations, or to live somewhere with outdoor recreation available, or gym memberships.

It's like they're trapped, and the deeper they get and the more they weigh, the harder it is to get better. It's very unfortunate. That is why I don't like the fat-hate in society. I've never been really obese myself, but I have close family members who are. (and yeah, they are poor. As in government tugboat-poor. Really crappy lives.) It's hard enough trying to lose 20 or 30 or so extra pounds. I can't imagine what it's like to have to lose 100, or 200, or more.
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She talked about having ocd and other issues in the video about her sores. She acknowledges that must have serious problems in order to let herself get that big. I felt bad for her in that video because she's actually pretty real in it, but in others you can tell how she manipulates the narrative to shift responsibility from herself. Like in the confession one she spends the first few minutes prefacing about haters and backlash before going " i have to confess things lol." She's definitely someone who would benefit from extensive therapy, but she also needs to stop and be like, "ok my childhood and mental issues are what they are, but I'm an adult now so it's my responsibility alone to fix myself and be honest with myself."


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Did she ever explain why she uprooted her girlfriend and moved them to KY?


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I had to break down an read about Mukbangs.

Jeff Yang, an Asian-American cultural critic and senior vice president of the global research firm The Futures Company, said that muk-bang had its origins in “the loneliness of unmarried or uncoupled Koreans, in addition to the inherently social aspect of eating in Korea” during the interview with Quartz.

Fucking depressing.

My understanding though is that a key component is interacting with a live audience who hangs out with you. Which she's clearly not doing, so instead it's just eating shit in front of a camera without even the pretense of a reason.
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I just discovered this girl yesterday and it did not take long to realize she's a potential lolcow.

I wonder if the mukbangs are another justification for eating poorly. "Well, it's for a paid video!" I can't even get through them. I don't get the appeal of watching someone talk about irrelevant things with a mouth full of food. I'm not big on mukbangs in general but I think they'd be more personally appealing if the person actually described the smell and taste of the food to simulate the experience. That's definitely not Amberlynn's approach from the little I've seen.

That isn't how a vegan diet works. Frozen fruits Morning Star burgers? For fucks sake. Where are the fresh greens, the beans, the lentils? She probably ate that shit, got a sugar high for half an hour, and collapsed into hunger again.

Homemade meals with fresh produce and minimally processed ingredients are generally more satisfying and healthier than most processed, premade food. Processed food (obviously) contains more fat, sugar, sodium and calories than homemade alternatives. The few that don't tend to be bland and less satisfying than homemade meals, which makes it easier to overeat (or cave and go get mcdonalds.)

She eats a ton of premade, processed foods in general. If she has the time to film and upload the amount of videos she currently produces, she can take the time to cook meals from scratch, but microwaving is easier! Her laziness shows how dedicated she is to losing weight. lol

She didn't seem well researched on a well balanced vegan diet, so I'm not surprised it didn't stick. Veganism is a hot fad right now and it's annoying as hell. Veganism is a lifestyle change, so it takes dedication and devotion to adopt. Going vegan to drop a few pounds, because a cool celebrity is vegan or because you watched "Meet Your Meat" once is usually not enough to really get people to stick with it. Either eat meat or don't. Ugh. It's especially annoying when people go "vegan" for 2 days for clickbait.

There must be a deep reason why this girl is doing this to herself.

Here's an older video that delves into her past:

I feel kind of bad for this cow. She had it rough. I agree with you that she's a product of her environment and a successful life would have been more probable if she had stable parents. Her past definitely added some baggage. She's nearly 26 however and needs to quit making excuses and work on solving her problems. Even though her life interfered with her education, it could be of a much higher quality if she put in the effort. I wonder if she's in therapy.

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She justifies her use of a motorized shopping cart by stating that her feet hurt because she's been "working" all day. Her fat ass couldn't even walk back to the car. My grandma has more energy!

While watching this video, I began to wonder when her inevitable explanation for using a scooter would come up. It only took about a second or two of wondering until she, sure as clockwork, came up with the justification.

Although I can hardly tolerate her, I think that what fascinates me about this girl is her ability to do such impressive mental gymnastics in order to absolve herself from taking responsibility for almost anything in her life: The diets, the lack of activity, her lack of personal care (ie: the holey sore she has on her arm), and so on.

If only she could force her physical form to mimic her thoughts! Imagine how fit she'd be, then!