Amberlynn Reid - 600 pound pathological liar and U-Haul lesbian moving in with her next live-in maid/nurse/girlfriend.

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Is Amber a blackie?

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Rebel Scum

My soul is filled with two ramens.
I’m not sure if this is legitimate. She loves all attention negative and positive so I don’t think she would give up the following on her other account.

I don't think that she has the guts to follow any suggestions. Remember how she was planning to follow what Obese2Beast recommended her? Only to roast him in her shrimp Mukbang. Or preached about Optavia only to quit it in 3 days? Sadly she would rather follow strangers on the internet than a certified professional.

If I hadn't seen her videos, I could guess that it is her 0 to 100 mentality, where she jumps into the bandwagon that she cannot follow, instead of taking a slow approach. Now though, I am not so sure 😫


wait so zimbabwe is an actual country?
Hi guys! So, I found this website and I wanted to make our lovely obese lesbian triangle in there!

First, we need our beautiful heroine, Amberlynn! A clumzy, innocent cutie. Can she love anything else than orange chicken???


Then, we get our brooding, handsome devil, Becky! - But don’t let her dead nephews and dead cow stare scare ya, she’s a sweetie at heart.


And, to finish this hot love triangle, Destiny. She might look like a saint - or a 12 year old obese gamer - but she actually broke our gorrrl’s heart! Is she looking for redemption?


What a heart-wrenching story! How will it end???


She's down over 800 now. That said, I wonder if she just royally screwed herself throwing her doctor under the bus. While she doesn't give the name or practice she went too, it's not hard to figure out and I'm wondering if someone is going to send it to him or the practice and he then sends out a message to other doctors not to treat her because she is a risk. He probably wouldn't be able to sue her because she doesn't name him, but she does give out some identifying info like he lost a bunch of weight himself and had the surgery but a good enough lawyer who does some leg work can figure out in a 200 mile radius if other weight loss doctors had a similar story to his.

Just wishfully thinking of her take down due to non food reasons.


Schlong and berries
True & Honest Fan
Rate me late if this has been posted but this came across my feed and I immediately thought of our gorl. She could make bank doing this!
View attachment 850906

I’d rather the stinky cow than the Amberlynn nasty yeast, bacteria, and sweat smell (covered up with Bath & Body Works spray, ya’ll!).

Turd Blossom

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So edgy, guize.
I don't think this is the kind of "spooky" Amber intended. It literally looks like her neck is rotting and sitting atop an asscrack, and her "cleavage" is growing mold.

Is this some kind of misguided attempt to pretend she's a victim and being painted as a villain by the haydurs for being "honest" about her journey? Or did she just see this filter and think she'd look super cyuuute?

Oh Amber, you're an enigma wrapped in a riddle sitting on a giant weird, moldy asscrack.

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