Amberlynn Reid - 600 pound pathological liar and U-Haul lesbian moving in with her next live-in maid/nurse/girlfriend.

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Is Amber a blackie?

  • Hell yes

    Votes: 705 81.8%
  • Nah

    Votes: 157 18.2%

  • Total voters


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Voting fake. She's too dumb and lacking in insight to use that quote. And I agree she doesn't want to give up her followers. She'll reactivate her twitter eventually.
You called it!

Nah girl, she says "where's Becky?" Here's a clip:

The fact that her fat ass looks towards the camera and does an "I'd fuck me" duckface right after getting blown out by the guy calling her a beanbag makes me laugh my ass off every time. And this was 50+ pounds ago.


She's so fucking delusional. I love it. Hey Amber, guess what? It's gonna be hard to pass yourself off as a cutie by doing your makeup and making duckfaces once you have a rotting stump for a foot that is leaking pus because of your diabetes and shitty circulation. That's literally your future. Christ on a bike.

The best part is that we all know there are a bunch of viewers out there will expect her to follow through even though they should fucking know better by now.

the YT comments are gold. people acting like unsubbing is going to make the pig change her ways. All its gonna get them is a half hearted apology video and then everythiung back to normal.

They WANT to be lied to at this point

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Fuck you.
I mean we've all seen how utterly enormous she is in Eric's vlog and it's Amber so I think we can safely assume she hasn't "stuck with" anything besides that bra which has fused with her back boobs - but way to clickbait your health, fuckstick!
She's not doing this for the shekels guize, she selflessly wants to be an inspiration and we should be grateful for her generosity!

...Stay tuned for the next installment of "The Perishing Princess of Pillow Mountain" where we find out if Amber's festering belly-button sends her to the hospital or merely ruins her new cute Torrid Top!!


Can't tell if her hair is clean or if she used that flat iron on it.
Does the flat iron boil out grease?

It might actually be clean-ish in that pic.

Aside from the usual state of her hair, just think about what her SCALP must be like. You know that mess hasn't gotten a good scrub in months, if not longer, and the washing of her hair is superficial at best.


Let’s go fill the Internet with crime, come on!
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Unfortunately for Amber, Kiwi Farms won't forget.
How’s it unfortunate for Amber though? KF has no influence on her, good or bad, whether we call her out on her bullshit amongst ourselves or not. The best we can hope for is to trigger a binge when she comes a-lurkin’.
It’s more unfortunate for us that we remember

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