Amberlynn Reid - 600 pound pathological liar and U-Haul lesbian moving in with her next live-in maid/nurse/girlfriend.

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Is Amber a blackie?

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Bull Dykes and Twitter Psyches
Things Vocabularylynn won't stop saying that make me (and probs others) hate myself for always coming back to this degeneracy:

"umm" (high pitched)
"deepest darkest" [secrets, stuff, things...]
finishing sentences with ""
"it is what it is"
"fushur" ( note : <<for sure>>)

...and everything with a high rising terminal -

She posted this to her insta story too to make sure everyone saw this.


In this room we can't touch the floor
True & Honest Fan
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She posted this to her insta story too to make sure everyone saw this.
Amber change the filter and your draws too, pig.
How annoying what a broken record even her filters are the same and boring.
You know homegirl aint got no pants on cause she is a leaky guntted blob of adipose and failure.
God the stains on that poor couch man oof.

mythical mother

Every time Amber skips one of her lives I always think of George Jetson bitching that he has to work two hours a week. Autistic, I know. But seriously, how the fuck can you not even do a four hour "work" week?

Because nobody is making her do it. If you could just choose not to go to work when you don’t feel like it and you’d still get paid the same when you do go back, would you show up 40 hours a week? I know I sure as fuck wouldn’t.


Bull Dykes and Twitter Psyches
I thought she had liver issues? Like honestly, what is she doing drinking. With her dumb luck though, if she needed a new liver, she'd probably get one. Not sure they could operate at her size though.

she said she was diagnosed with 'Fatty Liver Disease' as a child -We love that for her - I do not believe. Full Stop Point Blank Period (do you remember that?) Yah

Alcoholiclynn saga?

lets not give her ideas that she has some other illness


Smoke what?
she wishes she were drunk
i doubt she's ever been inebriated in her life
There was the infamous Drunklynn vlog from a few years ago. Although it probably took a fair amount of effort for her to have a high enough blood alcohol level to break the blood/brain barrier in order for her to be drunk, she definitely did get drunk and acted the way that those women do who only get drunk when something bad has happened or for New Years Eve. Loud, brash, irritating, find themselves far funnier than they are.

If you haven't witnessed the well known Drunklynn event then I'd recommend watching it for a good laugh.

Phalanges Mycologist
Alcoholiclynn saga?

I'm not a ALR scholar, ALR isn't the type to end up functional or high functioning.If she goes that way she will end up as a Heavyweight Betty i.e because she's big needs to drink more just to get a buzz and drink more and more often to feel the same and end up bluring the line between buzzed and drink and will develop a addiction to booze by the shot. Ironically at this point of alcoholisim she wont put on weight as she wont be eating she will be geting most of her calories from alcohol, ironically one thing to look out for if she heads this way is her eating Bar Snacks or craving them, she eats a lot of bad quality foods but when she starts craving thinks like Pork Scracthcings, Crisps in odd flavors or odd mixes of them she'll be very much into it.

I honestly think if ALR does develop some kind of addiction beyond food it will be the end of her, and I honestly don't want to see that as the decline is big and nasty and hard for those around them, and ALR had the money around her her to support a serious alcohol problem for a while at any rate.

As much as I hate to say it there are genetic predispositions thou additions that upbringing cant correct or present as one thing and morph into another after some time because the high a person gets off something is no longer enought and they need to spice it up like with Foodie Beauty starting to experiment with Food and Drugs, Alcohol, Weed, Coke, MDMA an other narcotics it's just filling a void they have socially and emotionally that they don't want to confront, with Foodie I think she's just stuck in her highschool era teen phase and she never got to fulfil her dreams of that part of her life, but Amber I think honestly has deep emotional holes socially, developmentally and physically she's scared of addressing at a very personal level shes not even aware of other than a slight niggling thought at the back of her brain.
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