Amberlynn Reid - 600 pound pathological liar and U-Haul lesbian moving in with her next live-in maid/nurse/girlfriend.

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Is Amber a blackie?

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🍫Because you have to eat to survive🍫
Jun 26, 2020
Mmmm scrambled allergies -Amber

Cutting apples like a proScreenshot_20211016-174440.png
You can't just eat apples without peanut butter?

Where have you been all my life? 💕 -AmberScreenshot_20211016-174616.png


Fattest Among Thousands, Altogether Lethargic
Dec 16, 2019
There are things that Amber knows not to do, but she does it for attention.

The apple slicing? It's so she gets people in the comments yelling at her about it. That shows up as interaction on yt algorithms.
Pretty sure that's why she put Twinkie's harness on upside down, and why she wore her dresses backwards back in the day.

Mr. Ghoul
Oct 26, 2018

Holy fucking shit the level of lazyness in everything she does in the kitchen makes me so mad. Don't feel like melting a bit of butter in the pan? fuck it. Just blast it with 3 coats of spray-on PAM. Don't feel like actually scrambling the eggs? Fuck it just dump them in the over heated pan and push them around with the spatula a bit. Don't feel like waiting for the eggs to cook? Fuck it just turn the burner up to 11 and burn the fuck out of them so you can shove them down your gullet faster. Don't feel like properly cutting and coring Apples? Fuck it just chop them up like cucumbers core and all. Gotta get that shit into your pie hole ASA-fucking-P

Chaotic Pizzaparty
Feb 6, 2021
You know its bad when you mute the video and skip around it and still, it was boring as fuck. Amber has uploaded 4 times this week
Screenshot 2021-10-17 at 02.21.56.png

Amassing not even 200k views. In the past when she uploaded in an hour she'd get 20k views. This really shows how far her channel has fallen, the live stream model destroyed it because whilst she garnered super chats, it did nothing because there were no legacy views and that is how you keep a channel alive.

Screenshot 2021-10-17 at 02.21.14.png

Screenshot 2021-10-17 at 02.28.14.png

Chantal is nuking her from orbit and this is not even Chantal trying, she is being very low-key atm and let's face it at least Chantal is not boring. Chantal does not need a supporting cast because she is somewhat eccentric.

I believe her CPM is $2 per 1000 and she does not have midrolls. In her lives for me, she only has one opening ad and they are for crap like mail chimp meaning her ads are low. Adverts like Amazon and video games mean high revenue.

She is probably only making $2000 via revenues and this is before tax. She probably gets $300 super chats a week meaning in total about $3200. This sounds about right actually.

Rent - 1500 (including services like parking etc)
Total - $1700 remaining

Jade is paying nothing and Amber is paying the bills. Kentucky operates on a 15.3% tax for self-employment which Amber qualifies as.
Screenshot 2021-10-17 at 02.42.20.png

I am new to US tax but does she have to pay self-employment on top of Income-tax in KY because that is a sizeable dent.

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