Inactive Amy Carlson / Mother God / Gaia and the Love Has Won Cult - Mom-cult leader who used to be a McDonald's manager, heard voices and decided to leave family and job to form a cult


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Based on one hand, but on the other all but one of the dudes that tortured and killed Junko Furuta got less than 10 years, with the "leader" only getting like 17 I think, so obviously Japan has some serious issues within their criminal justice system, but I guess every country does.

The leader was 18, and under Japanese law all were minors at the time. Japan's got a lot of optimism about the ability of minors to turn their lives around...but, well, it was a scandal in Japan how short their sentences are. And from what a quick look shows, the two who've got any history known since they got out of jail didn't get any better, so...yeah, lots of rainbows for you, Japan.

I'm just wondering if this cult's going to hold together enough for this thread to end up being more about them than the cult's founder. It's going to be a bit sad if this one wraps early, given that there seems to be a lot of older material around too.

Yeah, Japan isn’t big on life sentences. They have a strange tendency to think all people, even the worst of the worst, can be reformed. Minors who commit murder are sent to reform camps and usually out shortly after they become adults. Child molesters, serial rapists and even murderers often get SUPER short sentences, around 10-25 years max.

The worst is that most of these people never get prosecuted in the first place. The police here are fucking RETARDED. Women who report sexual assault and harassment are treated like lying sluts, which is how you end up with men who get away with raping numerous women over the course of several years and never getting arrested.

But get caught with some weed? That’s 10 years in lockup almost automatically (unless you’re a celebrity).


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Really interesting timeline from someone on reddit, although I obviously cannot verify if it's accurate. I wanna know what the hell they were doing on the 24th.
Enshrining her. They discussed turning the cabin into a museum on live or in some comment somewhere. I cant remember. Ot was funny at the time, but didnt age well (ha).

Did I say I was going to sleep?

Archiving 2016 videos now. Have also uploaded a complete list of videos added to the channel as of right now.

@Bloitzhole is hard at work with the newer videos.

I love how her black ex needs a script. Because he's just there for the sex. Maybe the drugs.

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Here are a few notable things I found while scanning through Love Has Won cult members' social media.

⭐ Mummy Dearest: It sounds like LHW cult members expected their deceased cult leader Amy to "come back to life" and, when that obviously didn't happen, may have attempted to mummify her corpse in an RV.

"Lauryn [LHW cult member], Why did you try to mummify amy's [Mother God] body?"
Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 1.29.33 AM.png

"If her [Amy] ascension was such a grand event, why was it hidden and your followers deceived for weeks. Why did you transport her body across states lines and leave it to decompose... She was a mentally ill alcoholic, who desperately needed help and you all enabled her death..."
- Dione Bell to LHW cult member
Jeri-Lee Svenson

Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 1.10.02 AM.png

"Amy's body was transported across state lines was dead for weeks in an RV outside the Moffat house. 7 members at the house arrested, you can call the Saguache Police and they'll confirm too. Apparently those members were waiting for her to come back to life, she didn't."
- Dione Bell

Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 1.09.18 AM.png

⭐ "This Is Not The Place To Freak Out": Since the death of Amy "Mother God" Carlson, it seems that some family members are concerned about the safety of their loved ones who are involved in LHW. Carolyn McCollum posted multiple requests for information about her niece and current cult member Sarah Rudolph on various LHW Facebook posts but was repeatedly dismissed.

Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 1.15.44 AM.png

The official Love Has Won page and LHW member Gregory Trollip also responded to several inquisitive and distressed Facebook commenters by calling them "retards."

Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 1.21.34 AM.png

Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 1.21.00 AM.png

Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 1.19.27 AM.png

⭐ Heaven's Gate 2.0?: LHW cult member Bobby Barbra recently told her fellow cult members that "This is NOT a Drill" and to be on "standby" for an event involving a "Galactic Federation Council" via the International Space Station. I begrudgingly admire their chutzpah for thinking aliens will magically transport them to another realm (or whatever) and still having the gall to call other people "retards."

Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 1.12.13 AM.png

Here is a choice video, in which our beloved cult leader is smoking out the bad vibes.

Here are a few notable things I found while scanning through Love Has Won cult members' social media.

⭐ Mummy Dearest: It sounds like LHW cult members expected their deceased cult leader Amy to "come back to life" and, when that obviously didn't happen, may have attempted to mummify her corpse in an RV.

"Lauryn [LHW cult member], Why did you try to mummify amy's [Mother God] body?"
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I guess that explains the McCormick's Garlic Salt.

I must admit I'm disappointed by this video. I was expecting a shitty impersonation at the very least. Dr. Phil was right: she was not creative.
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Since Amy is eternal I protest this thread being tagged "Inactive."

With that dumb joke out of the way:
What absolutely sad people. Like Heaven's Gate, they'll end up being left behind and just maintaining a stupid old website. Rationally, I understand that even educated people can be suvked into cults but holy shit even Jim Jones is more understandable if you gotta join a cult.
What really fascinates me about learning of this cult is that their message/propaganda was absurdly awful. I mean say what you want about Heaven's Gate but Marshall Applewhite was a very good public speaker. I can understand how a totally capable adult could fall his infamous propaganda especially when it's mixed with herd mentality the important ingredient that makes cults & pyramid schemes function.

It really show the power of the internet. You no longer need to have great charisma to make a little cult, you just need to keep pumping out bullshit and eventually poor souls will come to you.
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Hope and Aurora, whatever their names are, have this strange way of looking both like young women in their early 20s and like older mid-50s women at the same time. It's fucking weird.

Ya they look fucked. Photo-aging, malnourishment, drugs. They probably think sunscreen is TOXIC and proceed to spend all day roasting under the sun (when they're not busy transcending their planetary quartz vibrations or fucking with corpses)


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I can't remember which screenshot listed April 29th as her date of expiration, but it's weird she was so decomposed they couldn't lift fingerprints in a week's time. A week is enough time for decomp to set in, but for finger prints to be destroyed they had to have left her in the hot car like a dog or submerged her corpse in the tub too long. It's weird she didn't have the blue tint from the silver woo tincture in that possible corpse-carrying photo, tho. That would have stayed even with the blood pooling and death pallor setting in, right?
Either way.... Gross, man. :c


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What the fuck, this is some god damn Carl Von Cosel shit right here. Rampant schizophrenia, reality denials, hiding rotting corpses, probable necrophilia... At least Von Cosel, while schizophrenic af, wasn't gone to the point of forming a cult, and made some attempt to restore the dead body he was obsessed with/banging (gross) and wanted to reanimate (even though said attempt was... just bad)!

That being said, good fucking riddance to this hag! People who abuse animals and children don't deserve to live, IMO, mental illness or no! And that's not even starting on the cult bullshit.

Sweet Yuzu

Choking, violent shaking, sqeezing its ribcage, prolonged dangling by the scruff (the animal is clearly too large to be scruffed in this manner) while the animal cries, hitting her back and forth, and jerking her around by her front legs. This was only a mere moment after petting and hugging the cat and praising her for being a good kitty.

This is the kind of abuse that causes severe, life long mental illness and personality disorders in kids so I hope to god she wad not doing this shit to the children. Even just the extreme volatility of her emotions and how quickly her favor and Love is revoked will fuck a kid up for life.
I thank the real Gaia and Pele (aka not her loser druggie ass) that she's finally dead.


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Since this is marked inactive, will there be a separate thread for the investigation of the cult and/or its continuing activities?
I hope so. This isnt over.

About the michael guy and funds

From a local denver paper

And another

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