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Dee Price

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Wow tom you rage a lot. and say some of the most stupid lies.
Instead of trying denigrate everything about me, how about you brag on yourselves here?

Life is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% mortality rate - R.D. Laing

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This is an old school trolling technique, but actually, to be honest, i really am very old school and like to know simple background info about people I'm communicating with. My group has been online since it was the DARPANET before it became the internet. I've had a terminal (POP = point of presence) connected to the network and this keyboard is the NIC for my LAN.

Shit like hometown, self identity, cultural background and job titles help me understand where others are coming from so i can respect their boundaries better.

You couldn't access the network without going through a defense contractor or research institution's BBS back then. It wasn't until about 1995 that you could get on with a totally anonymous user name. the ISPs required legit ID to get an account. It wasn't until AOL came around that all you schadenfreude junkies could even create an account you could safely harass people from. the original MUDs , people typically introduced themselves with age, sex and location.

Actually, you're wrong about that, gullible douche canoe camping on the summit of Mount Stupid.

I don't believe lies and hate on strangers with a gang of angry autistic adult assholes who are so stupid, they whine about the pennies they chip in to provide the less privileged with the bare necessities of life, yet don't blink when half of their tax dollar goes to the war toys industry to support the lavish lifestyles of billionaires. Then, you people are so stupid, that you send your children off to blow up little brown people for their dope and oil to make the ground safe for the corporations whose products are devastating the planet, while you brain dead zombie debt slaves go on driving your dinosaurs around, sucking down all that nasty food that makes you fat, stupid and vulnerable to invasive pathogens.

yes, you are a huge pile of redundant protoplasm.

i am definitely not to be trusted by any corporate entity or it's wage slaves. I just spoke to the lawyer. It's more than he can handle and is going to ask around with the mass tort firms.

As for oversharing , I'm a hippie and I don't care. I lay my life bare as a dare to the posers and hosers in denial of their own foul fantasies and unethical past exploits. I have never done anything I feel ashamed for and have few regrets, the biggest one outside my immediate family life being to have shared a fictionalized version of the Sabrina story. It was a very insignificant thing that fools are trying to define my life with. the same with the noogies. at the time, people laughed while she got off, including my parents. helping animals get off is not an uncommon practice among breeders and underclass guard dog owners. but fools insist in no uncertain terms that i'm a "pedophile dogfucker" and they have proof, when all they have is words of mine they've misinterpreted and distorted to conform with their personal world view. confirmation bias is the term for it. it's a big driver of DKE in mean, stupid people.

i can manage a screen shot when i'm doing a presentation of something. i'm not going to waste the time to format shit properly in a cyber war zone. i am solidly entrenched as an indie underground content creator and event promoter, something no hostile audience has ever been able to erode with their gang character assassination. you drive a lot of thoughtful people to me with the outlandish lies you're telling about me and it sorts my audience real neatly. you all think this is all i do when this is just the gym where i go to give my brain a work out. you've just seen more of me lately because both my facebook accounts have been blocked this past month. the flow of milk is going to dwindle rapidly in a few days when they're unblocked, but i am offering a free paid weekly subscription that i'll renew for as long as you don't violate my boundaries or republish my media without proper authorities to anybody who sends me an email address privately.

Pedophile Dogfucker is so fucking absurd that the burden of proof is already on you idiots. I don't need to say another word about any of it because you have no proof of anything. Better for me to flatten it's impact and put the haters in the hot seat. you've done the exact same thing your Zionist masters have done. Calling critics of the Zionist Project's behavior in Palestine has become a joke, just like calling me a sexual predator is already a joke among my friendly following.

you won't see me doing that much in the future. it's not true and i don't feel the need to explain myself. The legal action, when it comes will not be coming against you from me.. i'm filing a criminal complaint on the site owners, Josh and Addie, suing the law enforcement agencies for denial of my civil rights to peaceful enjoyment of public spaces.

lol. i honestly don't know what my partners were connecting through in 1985. The "network" has been accessible since the 1920's for sending faxes and wasn't generally available to the public until 1995 or so. 1997 is when it started opening up. So what year to you first commit a cyber crime, hero?

i've been annoying lawyers for almost 20 years, cupcake.

so? did i say any thing about the Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration? The telephony network has been running data across other channels since the 20's.

other than the value of the knowledge gained, no.

let's see the screen cap of where i said it, fool. can i recommend one of these? your cognitive function seems a bit impaired from all the EMF you sit in wanking in front of a computer screen.

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so this just proves that you're deficient in language comprehension skills. My claim was that data was sent over "the network" in the 1920's. The DARPANET reference was in 1985. the other moron is on ignore already. I suspect you're rational enough to press this further. Lizards Eat Butterflies, but Road Runners eat lizards and I'm feeling like you would rather cultivate my favor. ;)

your a contentious self loathing twit in denial who gets off on being petty and pusillanimous is what it is. bye now, DKE clubber.

Never stop believing things about people you don't understand , living foolishly, spreading false witness everywhere . You will all die stupid -- the sooner the better.

There are four sexes and four genders. i am an intersex female, heterosexual and monogamous for mating purposes , but i'm not particular about casual sex. Prove me wrong with a rational argument.

@Mariposa Electrique is an endosex female , claiming to be heterosexual , monogamous and holding a PhD. I am not challenging any of her claims. Are you claiming to be Christian too, dear, or just an elitist bourgeoisie academic?

Do you know how to compose a rational argument?
That is a lot of shitting mad rage old man dog fucking pedophile.

Dee Price

ugly tranny, [email protected]
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do go on living foolishly, believing lies and die stupid along with the rest of the transphobic talking turds swimming in this septic tank, dear.
CLANG CLANG CLANG. why do you even bother to respond when it is just going to be the same shit you always say that is total nonsense due to your bad case of ass rash from the toxic sharts and anger you have.

Did you shit yourself again old man