Andrew Anglin - midget nazi with a furry troll army, a lawsuit, and a pedo streak


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This dwarf had a thread before but it was locked and op was shit. Gonna try again and see where this goes.


This egg headed manlet is (((Andrew Anglin))), the founder and writer for the Daily Stormer. He caught my attention after speaking with a certain contributor, a man named Scott, in Hendrik's thread on twitter. See, Scott used to be WN, but abandoned that lifesyle and now promotes lgbt causes. As he told me about his time as a member, he eventually explained how he was doxed after he warned a Jew and her family, Mrs Gersh, about Anglin and his army of cock warmers who were planning to target her because Richard Spencer had accused her of extortion (it wasn't. Dick is just slow). Feeling betrayed, he went on to post all of Scott's info on his shitty site.

Too bad for him, Scott is calling bs.

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Apparently it's wrong to give innocent people a heads up when a truck load of tism is headed in their direction. Andy can dish it out no problem, but when karma comes back like a boomerang, he cries about it.

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Anglin wasn't always a Hitler ass kisser. Reports from classmates say he used to be a left leaning anti-racist peace loving guy with dreads who only occasionally banged his head into things. That all changed when he started listening to Noam Chomsky and Ted Kaczynski, one who is a conspiracy theorist and one who is currently in jail for being a unabomber.
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I'm not like the other boys uguu~

Now he writes angry articles on his website the Daily Stormer, where alt-right weebs come together to talk about how the Jews rule the world but they're still the Master Race™ somehow.

Being alt-right won't stop him from race mixing with young girls in Asia though.

He even calls her his jailbait gf. If you've been in any pedo thread long enough you probably noticed some of them talking about wanting to go to Thailand or have already travelled there (Donny Long). No one cares if you're a 30 year old man hanging out with a 15 year old hooker. Even Stormfront thinks he's a creepy loser.
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But who eles would want to sleep with a man who promotes stealthing?
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Comes complete with a how to guide. Implying he's ever had sex with an adult lol

He's strongly anti white women. He shit talks them constantly and believes that slipping off your condom in the middle of sex without her knowing is a good thing. Anything to increase low birthrates, which the Jews caused. Why can't these bitches just do what he wants??

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In fact, the Jews are so sneaky in their quest to destroy whites that they hide it in our children's programming.

Now, he has a point about Nick hiring questionable people. But then he goes on to ask his army to harass the cast of the show. Not the producers. The teenagers who weren't tweaked enough to find hidden messages where there were none.

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Imagine being an adult who digs into children's programming to find conspiracy theories.

When he isn't having sex with or yelling at kids online, he trys to get Hillary supporters to kill themselves or call the victim of yesterday's car plowing tragedy a whore. God Emperor Trump wills it.


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She died triggering the fuck out of a buncha larpers.

His childish trolling plans now have him in a lawsuit against the Jew real estate woman he sic'ed his readers on. DS might be in danger of being shut down.
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Lol good faggit

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"Come @ me bro"
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will definitely consider what you have said
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Andrew Anglin. Another better looking version of Mikemikev. I mean they all look the same at this point, it seems.

The biggest lol was the SPLC naming the Daily Stormer as a major hate group. I guess a midget and his lollipop guild screaming "WHITE POWAH!" could be terrifying.

Well they all lost their jobs once Willy Wonka shut the factory.

Oompa Loompa lives matter

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