Anime openings and closings you really like - aka "weeb out about your weeby anime music"

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The second one has already been posted way back in the thread, but I want you to know I'm disappointed in you all for not posting the other good one.

Shame Bones can't figure out how to end a show well.

I always liked this one, not sure why, but it always appealed to me.

Because everything Yoko Kanno, that crazy mad woman, touches turns to gold.


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My musical contribution of the day: that weird period in the 90s where mecha anime had love ballads sung in English as ending themes.


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One that's stuck with me for years is the OP for Bokurano. Not a super well known series, I think, but certainly memorable if you saw it:

Probably already posted, but Paranoia Agent:

I like Ali Project in general, even outside of the world of anime openings, but all their Rozen Maiden OPs are pretty enjoyable, if a bit similar to each other:

Also their Code Geass end themes. I'm sure they've all been posted already, but the first one is pretty nice:



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That's definitely my favorite, but the franchise had some other really standout tracks too, that are the soundtrack of pure happiness. The Tenchi Universe OP is so catchy and sticks in your head so much it should qualify as an illegal substance.

Or you can have it in hilariously mangled English if you prefer. Still just as insanely catchy and much easier for non-Japs to sing along to!

I know I've mentioned Sonia's English version of the Tenchi Universe OP before but I think it was in a thread that was specifically about alternate language versions of anime themes. Their English might not be perfect but it's still cool to have a dub theme performed by the original Japanese artists.

I can't think of too many other examples where the same band who did the original Japanese version of a theme song (when the song itself in Japanese) re-recorded it in English for the dub. I know MIO covered their Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory opening and closing themes, "Men of Destiny" and "Evergreen", in English as "Oblivion" and "Star Bright" respectively, although those versions existed long before the dub. The late Miki Matsubara also recorded an English version of her Gundam 0083 theme, "The Winner", as "Back to Paradise", but "Back to Paradise" appeared in English as insert songs twice in the Japanese version so it doesn't really count as a song recorded for the dub either. And finally for Gundam 0083, there's Jacob Wheeler's "Magic" which was in English all along.

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Saw this on hebrewtube, and felt it amusing enough to share with any Berserk faniggers who want a brief distraction from the existential bleakness that comes with hiatus season

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Not sure how many Case Closed fans are here but I always loved the series. Thought it was really underrated.

Always loved the Yu Yu Hakusho intro. Brings back Adult Swim memories.

The first Inuyasha ending also brings back memories.

It's so bad, but it's catchy as hell.

I would post the Pokemon themes but it would be annoying to post so many.


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I really like it when no matter how intense the cliffhanger is, the credits music is super light-hearted. I don't think I've seen this anywhere else beyond anime.

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I really have an inordinate love for the openings for Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.

This one is really hard to find for some reason, but here's a functioning link

Yeah this ending in particular gives me goose bumps.
SZS is excellent taste my dude. I fucking hate how the record studio nuked all the parodies.
I love how they got the Hellboy aesthetic down.

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