Anime openings and closings you really like - aka "weeb out about your weeby anime music"


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FMA:B OP1 is the single best opening, in my opinion.
I also love the first Noragami OP. It’s kick ass.
Soul Eater OP1 is equal parts nostalgic and cool for me, it’s one of the first animes I ever watched (I actually think it was the second, my first was Sailor moon)
Then there’s the basic bitch choice, which is Attack on Titan, but it’s a fucking good opening.

And finally obligatory HxH OP5, the chimera ant arc opening. Fucking amazing.

Also, not an opening or an ending but Top Ten Saddest anime songs, I cry irl over this tune.

Edit to add: Cannot believe I forgot this magnificent song from Code Geass. Absolutely evokes every emotion it sets out to and fits perfectly as a theme song for the entire series.

The Mob Psycho OP is a bop as well. I love it.
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Oh man, the memories....

ACCA-13-ku Kansatsu-ka OP1

Occultic;Nine ED1 ("open your eyes", Asaka)

Kokkoku OP1 ("FLASHBACK", MIYAVI vs KenKen)

Jormungand: Perfect Order (S2) ED1 ("Laterality", Nagi Yanagi)

There's also a singular episode theme in Jormungand: PO that is an absolute banger (what the hell, most of the OST were absolute bangers, Iwasaki was a fuckin' legend):

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banana fish has a good ending. good show tbh. top 10 ends for me.
Im sorry for quotting this 2 month post, but Im here to say, that Banana Fish has a one of best soundtracks all the time ever <3
(I still prefer acoustic version of Prayer X. It's more depressing and calm)


G Gundam is my guilty pleasure and I still catch myself humming to Flying in the Sky on a daily basis.


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Can't tell if they were posted or not because fags won't leave text with the videos in case the video gets taken down.

Anyways, no Mili from Goblin Slayer? What's wrong with you guys?

Goblin Slayer OP:

GS movie credits song:

Also liked the Boogiepop (newer) OP:


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I've been really digging "My War" from the newest season of Attack on Titan.

The visuals are really cool imo and fit the chaotic/war-time vibe this season is going to have.

Also some great fucking foreshadowing in the lyrics for things to come.

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