Anime openings and closings you really like - aka "weeb out about your weeby anime music"


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I TOTALLY forgot Tsubasa existed, but this song has been an earworm for me ever since I was 12. It's so good.

AF 802

The second ED to the 2nd season of My Hero Academia is fun, has that skater punk vibe common in the early 2000's. I like it.



Mob Psycho 100's first opening was absolutely fantastic both musically and visually.

I don't know. I like it a lot for some reason. I haven't actually watched the anime itself in full, but the second half of this is fun to listen to.

It's the first ED for psycho pass season 1 by Egoist.
The first seasons second OP by Nothings Carved In Stone
Second ED for season 1 by Egoist.
Second season OP its by Ling Tosite Sigure.
Season 2 ED by Egoist.
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I have never watched this and have absolutely no idea what it's about
Fist Of The North Star is great
Chase is an underrated JoJo OP
Code Geass's OPs are all good, but this one is underrated
It's a damn good translation
It's... different
4/5 anime but good OP
Space Dandy is a dandy guy
I'm going to try not to post stuff that's already been mentioned here, but I haven't read all 6 pages.

The opening to Flying Witch was pretty good and fit the tone of the show.

I unironically love the weird Japanese rap in the first Initial D opening.

AF 802

The close theme for Tokyo Ghoul Root-A. Like holy fuck, that season is disappointing, but Amazarashi really knows how to do anime music.


Couldn't find just the ED on youtube. The song is good on its own but the ending is really great because its an animation done by the original artist which I haven't really seen a lot of. There is a bit of foreshadowing to the end half of the manga, which is nice since it won't get another season.
Videos are time stamped
I saw a few Kamen Rider posts so I'm gonna cheat and include some live action stuff.
This is a manga in live action form but its still directed like an anime.
I'm just reaching now.


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I thought I was gonna hit the thread end without seeing Lain but @shasetoma. saved y'all.

Not sure anyone posted Fushigi Yuugi probably because it's pure cheese but fuck you anyway cuz dat riff:

Chronicles of the Heroic Knight had really fucking good opening and closing songs too (and the closing song is a real bitch to find):