Trainwreck Anisa Riyadh Jomha / @anisajomha & iDubbbz / Ian Kane Washburn / Ian Kane Jomha / "Anisa's husband" - Anisa posting her bald nudes on OnlyFans even when married to Ian and romancing Chris Ray Gun while her husband iDubbbz the Content Cuck/Simp/etc. watches

Random thought but maybe she got more plastic surgery instead of a buzz cut, but it seems to be one of them, but a honey moon BBL or whatever else cosmetic surgery seems a possibility too

You can see her buzz cut in her photo of her tattoo. But I wouldn't doubt if she got her nose, lips, bbl etc done. Chick isn't happy with anything on her body.

Linkin Park

Dox Me? Nooooooo. DDos? Noooooooo. Trannies? Noooo
How the fuck can you make a video that lasts for 16 minutes and still manages to give out almost completely nothing in terms of content that can be summarized in like less than a minute? What is this all about? Logan Paul investing in some scammy stupid cryptocurrency that involves South Park-like cartoon figures? Do I need to hear Ian making these unfunny mocking voices and faces every single time? The only thing closest to being funny in the video is just the intentionally shitty photoshop effect where Ian wants to remove Logan's spine but it doesn't change the fact that all I get is just Ian unfunnily mocking Logan (along with some right hand man) and nothing else.

This is just so fucking boring that it made Chris fucking Bores look more entertaining in comparison.

@ Bold, welcome to YouTube. It's a soulless husk of itself that is being carried by talentless hacks who can't be informative or interesting, which many OG Tubers and prime ones had. Instead, they just up the ante on stupid shit, because they want to be seen as the first of something, or regurgitate retardation into a void.

Ian spent all his AJP time talking about how he's not going to talk about the Pauls, because it had been done to death. Ethan of H3H3 basically wanted to hate fuck both Pauls, so he kept talking about them, while his dick was falling off. These two share the same audience, so there really isn't anything new from this video. Just a pussy autist trying to tempt some chronic asshole from behind his computer screen, while being a shell of his former self. Even that's been done before, but Ian has no balls to pull what he did with Jinx with Logan, because he knows he'd get bodied.


hopefully tomorrow is a day 🤞🤞🤞
I'm gonna be honest... it looks a thousand times better than that weird middle-parted tranny mop she's had for the past few months. But she still looks like a retard and while she dressed for the part for those pictures it's not going to suit any looks she's tried to pull off in the past. She's going to have to stick to that alt girl look until her hair grows out and that is so beyond her abysmal repertoire that it's going to be hilarious to see how she tries to work with it. I predict a lot of ill-fitting pleather pieces bought from Amazon or Spirit Halloween while she tries to play this role.

As far as the cut goes, she took way too much off the top. She should have gone with more of a pixie style where it's shaved everywhere but the top. It looks weird, like she's balding in the middle of her head, which everyone's been speculating about from her pulling her hair back way too far--maybe it turned out to be true. I'm betting either she or Ian did it with clippers instead of going to a pro. PL
I've had better buzzcuts at Fantastic Sam's than I ever have doing it at home, and I would not have walked out of a hair salon with a buzz looking like that without raising hell.


hopefully tomorrow is a day 🤞🤞🤞

It's not as bad as I thought it would be. That being said, the thing that stuck out the most was her hair loss problem. In the third photo, you can clearly see where her hair is thinning on her head. That's the temples and the same spot she was trying to disguise with her very high up bangs. She was probably hoping that shaving it all one length would fix the problem, however, even if it's all one length, that won't hide thinner areas that will show off more skin than other areas.

She really needs to take care of that ASAP before the follicles actually die and then it will be permanent hairloss. Lasers, PRP shots, minoxidil, etc. These are easy options that she can do and see results, if she is smart and takes action now.
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