Trainwreck Anisa Riyadh Jomha / @anisajomha & iDubbbz / Ian Kane Washburn / Ian Kane Jomha / "Anisa's husband" - Anisa posting her bald nudes on OnlyFans even when married to Ian and romancing Chris Ray Gun while her husband iDubbbz the Content Cuck/Simp/etc. watches


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Saw this tweet from right after she posted her bald head.

She's pushing 30 and thinks that "doing something right" is getting negative attention by filling the gaping void inside herself with plastic surgery, an overabundance of shitty tattoos, shaving her head and whoring herself for a few dollars a month. Not to mention blasting her personal problems all over the internet. It is pathetic that she thinks (or maybe she only says it to cope) this is somehow winning.

At her age, "doing something right" would be working to get her body healthy through diet and exercise, seeking therapy for her self-destructive thoughts, improving her relationship and setting short and long term goals for her future. And the biggest of all would be getting off the fucking internet in the process. But she can't and won't do any of that because she's completely addicted to attention online. She's been an ~online persona~ for a long time now and I think she refuses to try to live without it. It seems like she feels entitled to making her "career" that way. I can never imagine her trying to do anything else.

This is a lot of speculation just based on her behaviors/patterns but I feel like she drifts from one relationship to another, changing herself to try to match them all. At this point Ian seems like a nothing of a person, so outside of his original online persona of "edgy popular YouTuber" she had nothing to cling to. Once that faded away she's just doing whatever the fuck this current iteration is to fill in the gaps for her lack of self, except now the damage is pretty irreversible.

edit: I also call massive bullshit on her "I was raised suuuuuper strict/conservative" claim. She was on a boys sports team in high school. There is no way her dad is that conservative if he allowed that. It makes zero sense. Anyone who knows or has experience with strict/religious parents knows this would be a no-go for a teenage girl.
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Anisa has decided that her personality will be “woman with Alzheimer’s dad” I guess
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It’s pretty lame to think that just because you have a following on Twitter due to your boyfriend’s Content Cop series that you think you can dictate to other trolls on the Internet on not to be mean about a grandfather’s Alzheimer’s disease that you didn’t seem to care about until money was involved.

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Also gotta love how she plays victim on Twitter, talks shit about TikTok, says she wants a break - then goes right to TikTok for more shitty lip syncing.

"I need a break from the internet!"

Okay, that's definitely true but you know what would legitimately help? Exploring other facets of the internet that go beyond memes and social media.

I fucking hate it when chicks say they "need" a break, but they just don't fucking take it. Like fucking hell, whatever happened to just enjoying the present moment IRL?

Much like the rubbing the eye thing in talking TikToks, theres this other thing I’ve noticed and if I’ve noticed it you must be destined to see it too.

Shes done it in MANY dancing TikToks before, and she does it in the first one posted, the country music debacle.

After she’s done her little poorly-timed ‘bit’, at the end she goes to break into laughter. Sort of like a, “yeah I know I’m a total goof”.

I hate it.

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I think a stint a mental hospital should seriously be considered. It may sound crazy, but Anisa is starting to remind me a LOT of a boyfriend I had when I was young.
-He was also sexually abused as a kid (if Anisa is telling the truth about her assault)
-He suddenly started piercing himself all the time with no warning, and bought a home tattoo kit he would use like every week
-Started a pornhub, but whenever anyone sexualized him in the comments (which were all of them) he would send them these big long rants chewing them out and saying he was more than a sex object.
-Cut off all his hair eventually
-Wound up in a mental hospital for a few months after an unaliving attempt

Yeah, maybe I'm reading too much into it but I see so much of him in Anisa right now, and the people saying she seems miserable are 100 percent correct.
Idubbz should Brittney Spears her and get her rights taken away obviously she's not supposed to have them, not because of all the bad choices no no no because she's a woman.