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Update: Anthony has discovered his thread. At first he claimed he was leaving Twitter after realizing he's "something called a lolcow." He then created a wrestling promo styled video in which he threatened death and violence, which he deleted shortly after posting. Anthony's FetLife (complete with dick pics) was found and Anthony locked his Twitter account. His CollarSpace was also discovered.


Update - The Squatting Saga: After the completion of the GoFundMe that originally brought Anthony to our attention, he and two online friends got an apartment together in Connecticut. Anthony almost immediately was behind on rent and soon negotiated to be granted three weeks to move out; he instead spent those weeks legally changing his name and planning to squat in the apartment, leading to him recording a video of himself arguing with the female roommate on the street and demanding he be legally evicted. Over the next months Anthony started another GoFundMe and would continually declare that he was totally moving out in x amount of days, as the situation quickly deteriorated and led to Anthony filing false police reports, a roommate's father getting involved to try and get him out of the house, Anthony recording himself yelling at the building manager in the street, and one of the roommate's getting so upset she publicly vented about Anthony and said Anthony kept writing on the bathroom mirror and leaving messages about murder, self-harm, Zodiac Killer and other symbols, and quotes from the Joker.
Anthony finally moved out around September 1st-4th, more details on this saga can be found near the bottom of this post.

Another troon claiming he is going to be homeless and his ebegging is being spread by the rat king. Let's take a look.





First rule of TrannyClub is you do not talk about TrannyClub

Anthony Cancelliere harbor township-NJ
38 years old, born January 28th, 1980
Engaged in 2006: Separated in 2014, divorced in 2017

On January 1st, 2018, Anthony renamed his Twitter account to TheTrannyClub
Around May 4th, 2018, Anthony renamed his account again, this time to AniCancelliere.
Around September 23rd, 2018, Anthony renamed his Twitter account yet again, this time to The_AniChrist

Anthony in 2014 vs. Anthony in 2017

He had never legally changed his name, and even used his actual name in his ebegging. (As of May 11th, Anthony legally changed his name to Antoinette)


On November 10th, 2017 he was arrested for shoplifting.

Anthony has produced hundreds of YouTube videos in which he reviews television programs, food, or just talks about life.

Anthony, a Lovecraft fan, also writes stories, usually horror themed, such as these for Christmas( and Halloween (

Before this recent GoFundMe, he tried unsuccessfully to ebeg on Patreon:

His GoFundMe ebegging page and profile:


His ebegging spiel starts out by saying he is dyslexic, and then continues by saying he is 38+ years old (he's actually 37) and still living at home (although he says he has been married, and was divorced), and he 'came out' as a troon and his family isn't letting him "wash [his] 'queer' clothing" and they threw out his bras and allegedly won't let him wear his autogynephilic clothes at home. He "got in a major fight" and was told he had to leave back in September.

He is, of course, unemployed like the majority of the rat king, and says he would get a job but he can't because he lists 'other' in the gender field and knows that is an automatic rejection, and when he shows up to the interview trooned out they also reject him. He also mentions how all his possessions are in tatters or barely functional, he doesn't take care of his teeth, he's on $43 worth of food stamps, and he for some reason is "not allowed" to take hot water showers.

As some if not most know I am dyslexic so please keep that in mind when you see all my errors.

I have been living off and on with my family for the past 38 years. I moved out when I was married and other times in the past. When I came out of the closet and announced that I was transgender it changed a lot more then just my gender. My family has not been supportive to say the least. I am not allowed to wash my "queer" clothing, they have thrown out my bras. I am constantly having my life challenged, i cannot dress at home in stead i have to find a spot where i can change in the truck. Things came t a head and after a major fight they have asked my to leave by the end of this week. While I know it will be impossible for me to get a place so soon i realize that I need to get one as soon as possible.

I don't know where i am going to go this weekend if it will be a hotel room or the mission. I know most people have told me to just get a job and I have tried believe me I have. I feel like every time i list other in the gender question of the application it is an automatic denial. If I do go to the interview they see me and again it is another rejection. I have been looking and looking and if know if I become homeless it is going to be even harder for me to find a job and a place to live.

I never ask for help but right now I don't see I have much of a choice. As it is I am struggling i don't see how I am going to be able to get out of this. As of writing this, I don't have a phone with working service and its so damaged that I can barely use it to check facebook. The shoes I have are 4 years old with a big hole in the bottom and paint from when I worked as a house painter. I can't do laundry at home, even when I shower it is in cold water we are not allowed to have hot water. I applied for welfare I can get 43 dollars in food stamps that and I had to fight for that. As people who know me in person know my teeth are in poor shape and I am fighting right now to get some kind of healthcare. My truck is on its last legs I don't see it lasting much long at all. I just don't see anything hopeful in the future if I cannot get the help i so badly need.

I hate asking for help but right now there is no other choice for me. I cannot be homeless, I do not see a good way that ends for me. I found a place in Ocean City, NJ with a six month lease but they need a Security Deposit of 750 dollars and the first months rent of 700 dollars. Aside from that I would love to be able to have food, and things like deodorant, conditioner, maybe a pair of shoes. I have also put in the fees Gofundme charges for the campaign. I know it is alot to ask and I also know that most of you cannot help but I need this help please understand i hate asking for help.

I cannot offer much in return, the most I can do is make extremely poor quality thank you videos and updates on my progress. I will document everything I do with the funds should I lucky enough to receive any. Thank you for reading this, I will answer all questions.

Anthony continually updated his campaign over the past months, so let's see how our 37-year-old unemployed #TrannyClub troon ended up.

First update reveals that he lost the apartment he was trying to get due to not having enough of other people's money.
Next we learn that Anthony got in an accident and was the "most scared [he'd] EVER been in a long time" after hitting into a car and seeing three African-American males and an "over weight wife" get out of the car. Someone called the police and they all said that Anthony was talking on his phone when he hit them, he says he doesn't have one and the cop said it could have been makeup. "Who do you think the cops believed? Them or the tranny." He was ticketed for "reckless and careless driving." This made Anthony have a meltdown about how he was just a "fucking oddity and freakshow" and nobody ever believed what he said.
Anthony rejected a place that was going to be $600 a month with a $200 security deposit. The landlord was fine with him trooning but just asked if he could "dress as a man" every other week when her child was there.
The next update is a YouTube video of Anthony trooned out and ranting about his family because his mom told him he looks "ridiculous and silly." He says he is only living back home because he got married and divorced, and both his parents think he's a freak. The parents allegedly went to "anti-transgender rallies" last year. His dad tells his mother "we'll never have grandkids, because nobody will want to date [Anthony]," and Anthony says he's fine with this because "most people are douchebags anyway." Anthony says he keeps threatening his mom that he is going to leave New Jersey and they will never see him again.
He also says he hates his family and that his mom's side is "redneck Italians."

Anthony looks to have been separated from his wife in 2014 and claims the divorce wasn't until this year.
He spams rat kings to share his ebegging.
Anthony shows off where he goes to put on his "queer" clothing.
He claimed to have been getting work as a personal trainer, so at least he was doing something unlike most troons.
In a non-update update, he said he was back home to drive his parents to doctor appointments and he himself had been sick from "bad Chinese food."

The GoFundMe was started on September 12th, by early October Anthony was still just going to a motel. It's not known if this is the same one he had been staying at all this time but in a November tweet he said the motel he was at cost $150 a week.
In his next update, Anthony delivers a text wall talking about how he chimped out because he tried to go into the women's restroom at a gym and a woman saw him and screamed. Anthony's response was to immediately go "beat the holy shit out of the heavy bag." I had to add line breaks to make it bearable.
This update isn't directly about my situation but I does have to do with my life. So here it goes. Tonight in the gym I was feeling pretty good and i went to the restroom. For the first time in ages there was no dysphoria. There was a woman and she freaked the fuck out on me for coming in. Like she straight up screamed. I backed away and beat the holy shit out of the heavy bag and just felt crushed.

Afterwards we talked and she said it was okay by her if i used the rest room. Now this isn't a post for people to attack her. This isn't about her so much as it is me. I try so hard to fit in, i try so hard to be what I want to be but the truth is I'm not. I may walk among you, but clearly i am not one of you. I just wish I could make you non LGBT friends understand. Imagine being screamed at like you were fucking Fred Kruger for just wanting to adjust your bra. Then have said person come up to you and give their approval and despite the good intentions of the other person it still makes me feel like shit.

It makes me see that I'll never be what I want to be, that I will always be an outsider. I got no one to go to, most friends i know come to me with their problems and some could give a fuck cause its all about them. Sadly i only see people when they need me. My one trans friend that i try to go to for support who said I could always go to her well. Last message i sent to her was a week ago and its still not read. Thanks mate. I can't get a hug from my mother. I have no love for my father. I ain't got no family see there is only one of me. It's just me alone, grasping and clawing and fighting.

I just want to live to be free, to feel like the woman I so badly want to be. However I don't know if that is possible sometimes. This not a post to get pity don't go through that kind of trouble. I am not looking for platitudes. I don't want to hear what should have happened or what i should have done. Some of you may know I have a fetish for Hamlet and H.P. Lovecraft, I keep going back to that right now. So the question I am asking myself here in this picture is if this is life I want. The fight I want to fight. Or if I'm man enough to admit I failed. Simple To be or not to be?

I know now that light is not for me save that of the moon. Yet in my new wildness and freedom I almost welcome the bitterness of alienage. I know always that I am an outsider; a stranger in this century and among those who are still women. --- Lovecraft (I changed the last word)


On October 11th, Anthony claims a group of "wannabe bikers" saw him, called him a faggot, and then a biker named Killswitch threw a cup of hot coffee at his crotch. Anthony then pulled out an "expandable baton from [his] purse" and an old lady called the police. The bikers left without beating the shit out of him, and Anthony says he had to go to the hospital for burns, and the cops gave him a warning about the baton.


On October 11th, Anthony claimed his rat, apparently named King Bob, was dying.
Two days later, he said he had found a place in Connecticut that would be $700 a month, with $200 extra for a pet fee (he apparently has "buns" in addition to the rat) and a $700 security deposit. He also mentions that he has "legal issues" in New Jersey that he is hoping to run away from.
Anthony was back home on the 18th and his dad caught him trying to "play girl" on the phone and they got into a fight. Anthony wanted an extra $300 to pay what his father said he owed him.

On the same day, he went into a pizza parlor and supposedly a based woman laughed at him and told him he had a "great costume." Anthony responded in typical troon fashion, attempting to rally a personal army online to harass the pizza parlor and get the woman fired for hurting his fee-fees.


He managed to get shadow banned on Twitter on the 20th due to spamming his ebegging, he constantly is begging the rat king to retweet it. They supposedly threatened to permaban him.
Remember that this is a 37-year-old man who was married. Somehow he doesn't even have a winter jacket although he lives in the northeast.


On the 26th he posted images of the apartment he was trying to get.
He claims his dad destroyed two mugs and put them back so Anthony wouldn't notice (?) and yelled at Anthony for drinking coffee because it costs money.
On November 2nd (so over a month after he was supposed to have moved out), he went back home to get clothes and found his parents had tossed them for being "queer clothing." He was so mad he said he couldn't wait to flee the state and leave those"fucking people to rot."


On November 9th, he reveals that he's still been driving his damaged truck and has been having Brianna Wu levels of issues related to the damage.

For Thanksgiving I'm not sure where he went, if anywhere.
On November 29th he posted an update saying he had been in the hospital, revealed to be for a "Middle Ear Infection," diagnosed on the 24th. He was still waiting for his future roommates to get ready to move. He claims there were pictures from the hospital but there is nothing on the GoFundMe or Twitter.

As of December 28th, Anthony still hadn't secured an apartment. On December 30th, his GoFundMe is now "complete."

The Squatting Saga

Around January 20th, 2018, Anthony and some of his pets moved in with 2+ people sharing an apartment or a rented-out house in Branford, Connecticut with a woman and her fiancé, who I believe were online friends with him. Anthony was at least $40 short on rent in February, he had tweeted that he bought Overwatch (and ragequit it because he got made fun of for using a controller on the PC version) five days before complaining he was going to be short on rent money.

It seems to have gotten worse from there, as by April 21st the roommates had granted Anthony three weeks to move out after he negotiated for that much time (he later claimed he was "bullied" into accepting the deal), and they warned him they would be evicting him if he wasn't gone by then.

Instead of moving out, Anthony spent the three weeks getting his name and gender changed on his ID and birth certificate as well as looking up Connecticut law to see if he could squat in the apartment without the roommates being able to easily remove him.

On May 10th, the three weeks had elapsed and the roommates were obviously wise to the fact that Anthony had no intention of leaving and tried to handle it by locking him out. Anthony went running to the police and had them force the roommates to let him stay (still without paying rent) and be forced to legally evict him.

On May 11th, Anthony was sperging out because his name change was finalized and came crashing down when he got home because the roommates left a note for Anthony and asked what his plan was and what they could do to help him GTFO. This lead to Anthony chimping out in the street and screaming at one of the roommates, demanding that they evict him and blaming them for "turning [him] into a villain" and ruining the "greatest day of [his] fucking life," to which the roommate replied, "You did it yourself."

Anthony produced follow-up videos published early in the morning on May 12th, in which he showed the note, gave some more info on what transpired, and gloated that the roommates would be forced to have him there for 20 more days because he was waiting for his new IDs to come in the mail.

On May 19th, Anthony posted messages from the female roommate in which she complained that his room stank like a "locker room with bunnies," that he was sleeping on a bare, smelly, mattress, that he wasn't keeping his room clean, and that he was leaving lights and electronics on 24/7.

On June 15th, 14 days past the '20 more days' he was supposed to be moving out in, Anthony made a video in which he claimed him getting doxed was the reason he was ceasing to produce "serious videos that helped people," and the video displayed his still bare, gross mattress.

On June 21st, Anthony claimed he was at the police station because someone took a swing at him In the streets for "singing about Hamburger Helper." Over a month after he was supposed to have been moved out, Anthony was still squatting in the house and started up yet another GoFundMe, this time asking for $1,620 to go towards a security deposit on a new apartment because the roommates and Anthony had "come to a point" where they "cannot live with one another anymore." Anthony said he wanted to move to a "bigger city" but may also try to move to a different place in the same Connecticut town he is currently in. He claimed to have paid rent for June and the first two weeks of July (no mention of all the back rent he likely owed) He also lied and listed his location as Austin.


My name is Ani and I would love it if you could take the time out to read this page for just a moment. I moved about half a year ago into another state and while things have improved for my health and safety sadly I need to move once more. My roommates and I have come to point where we cannot live with one another anymore. I have paid for this month and the first 2 weeks of July. I have a couple of places that I am looking at one is in the city and another is right in the town that I am at presently.

While up here I am attempting to find more steady work than the what I have been able to find and I hope that going to the bigger city then this small town will do much better for me. I would be forever grateful if you could help me reach the security deposit if at all possible maybe the U-haul to be able to move me and my bunnies out of here. I know that money is tight and I am not begging nor am I demanding anything from anyone. If you cannot help me or choose not to then I thank you for taking the time out to just read this small post.

I would REALLY like to be out of this apartment and into one that I can not only be welcomed in but one that is mine and that I can live drama free in. If you feel inclined to help me I will be so grateful to you and with your help I hope I can get this move completed. Thank you all for reading this.

On July 7th, Anthony was still squatting and claimed the building manager was demanding "oral sex" from him and was "harassing and stalking" Anthony and made his life a "living hell." He also claimed he had "spent another night in the police station."

On July 12th, Anthony claimed he would be moving out in two more weeks to an apartment in the city.

On July 16th, Anthony had spent the weekend at ConnectiCon and there was some kind of incident that he mentioned then deleted. When he got back the roommates were hiding their silverware.

On August 2nd, a week past the 'two more weeks' he had claimed in July, Anthony claimed he was now going to be moving out of state and would be leaving "sometime" in August.

On August 7th, a roommate's father confronted Anthony in public and demanded he leave the apartment or would be made to leave. Anthony went running to the police to tell them the story, says he stated that he is "on the god damn lease and paid the fucking rent" and wanted to get a "document that [he] was being stalked." The officer supposedly just said there was nothing he could do and walked into a back room. In a GoFundMe update, Anthony said he was moving out of state for sure.

By August 14th the roommates had been asking Anthony where his rent money was "all month" and supposedly the land lord wasn't returning his calls and wasn't coming over to pick up the money (it is unknown if that was their usual arrangement or Anthony was avoiding dropping off the money himself). Anthony admitted he would just squat there for the month and then "just give it to you for September" rent.

On August 16th, Anthony got in what he said was the 4th confrontation with the building manager, this time Anthony started recording a video after the incident began (leaving out whatever caused it, besides Anthony refusing to leave, of course). The video begins shortly after Anthony was allegedly sprayed with a hose (this seems to happen off video and Anthony likely caused it, as he later says "you're out here spraying and I'm tryng to-") The manager said, "You're not going to get any respect from me," Anthony responded, "What the fuck did I ever do to you?" and laughs when the manager tells him to watch his language and that Anthony is not a "lady" if he is acting like that. Anthony begins yelling and swearing and is told to lower his voice and watch his language, Anthony tries to physically intimidate the manager and repeatedly tries to goad him. The manager says they want the neighborhood "quiet, conservative, we don't want that shit around here." The video ends with Anthony storming off, yelling that the manager needs to 'grow up," then repeatedly telling the manager to "suck my-", cutting himself off before saying "dick."

Anthony deleted all of his posts regarding this and declared getting sprayed with a hose to be "assault" and claimed to have gone to the police about it. One of the roommates was so outraged that she publicly complained that Anthony had filed "false police reports" on someone who wasn't even engaging with Anthony, "just because they feel like getting someone in trouble."

On August 17th, Anthony began claiming the building manager was Literally Hitler and had been in prison and other probable lies, including claiming the manager was "staring at [him] through the fire escape window."

On August 19th, Anthony once again claimed he would be moving in two weeks.

On August 24th, over four months after he had originally agreed to leave, Anthony claimed he would be moving out in the next seven days and unironically whined that the apartment was "toxic."

On August 28th, the female roommate was again pushed to the point of publicly complaining about Anthony on her Twitter account (something she had somehow restrained herself from doing until August), this time upset because Anthony had just been caught using her electric shavers and was found to have been using her fiancé's "touch up razor" without permission for months and left it "compacted with...STUFF." She also complained that Anthony had been writing messages and symbols on the bathroom mirror, "the writing on the bathroom mirror has been a combination of The Zodiac Killer symbol, the Joker quote as seen above, declarations of murder/self harm, and symbols that I can't identify" and said that anyone idoloizing any of that was "not right in the head." Anthony screencapped all off her tweets and tried to downplay his actions, whined that she was "picking on [his] mental illness," denied using her hair brush but complained that they used his "steak and chefs knife," and admitted he wasn't right in head and implied the female roommate uses vegetables as sex toys.

On August 31st, Anthony said he was moving out over the weekend and would be living with a "girlfriend" (there is a Connecticut-based SomethingAwful brony/troon/wrestling fan who had posted a photo of himself with Anthony). The GoFundMe was closed as complete, his final update had claimed the roommates "agreed" to let him stay until October 1st.

On September 4th, Anthony confirmed via video that he had finally stopped squatting with the unfortunate roommates and had moved to a new place, where almost inevitably the same cycle of late/short/nonexistent rent and squatting will repeat.
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On October 11th, Anthony claims a group of "wannabe bikers" saw him, called him a faggot, and then a biker named Killswitch threw a cup of hot coffee at his crotch. Anthony then pulled out an "expandable baton from [his] purse" and an old lady called the police. The bikers left without beating the shit out of him, and Anthony says he had to go to the hospital for burns, and the cops gave him a warning about the baton.

This doesn't sound like any bikers I ever heard of. Maybe these were some yuppie BMW bikers or some shit. They weren't 1%ers or this troon wouldn't even be posting this bullshit.

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As far as gross criminal homeless chronic liar ebeggers go, I’m glad this guy at least has a hobby of going to the gym. Having a schedule and being productive is better than drinking and Netflix all day.
He says he wears a wig but his work out pics have long hair. Does he work out in it?

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why do the rat king breed of trannies tend to dress like they're trying to cosplay a colorblind 70 year old woman. if theyre not dressing like a middle school scene girl then they are definitely dressing like someone's old, autistic spinster aunt. do they think it's sexy? i just can't wrap my head around why someone would voluntarily dress like that.
They dress like how a mom would their child 30 years ago. Polka dots, weird glasses, curled bobbed hair. I'm surprised they call themselves Roxanne and not Sylvia.


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Their local time when this was posted was 5pm. Got curious to see when they posted:

Even Jake Alley sleeps. This is just erratic. Gym times can range from 5pm to 5am. The huge light green spikes (contact tweets) are the same copy and past post of “@somebody please share my gofundme” and a follow up “<3.” Not surprised most active at midnight, the gym they take photos at is always empty.


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"a few years ago"

LOL, what!?

No one worth a damn has given a shit about interracial couples in decades.

I think that comment is really telling about how many of these troons are just as (if not more) racist and misogynistic as the people they reeeee against.

However, when this....

View attachment 336070

bullies his way into the ladies locker room, there is a true reason to worry.


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View attachment 336074

"a few years ago"

LOL, what!?

No one worth a damn has given a shit about interracial couples in decades.

I think that comment is really telling about how many of these troons are just as (if not more) racist and misogynistic as the people they reeeee against.

However, when this....

View attachment 336070

bullies his way into the ladies locker room, there is a true reason to worry.
This is also a guy who films himself beating a tire with a sledgehammer to show how he wants to murder his political enemies.


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