Anthony Michael Flackus / ToniFlackus / TransGamerGirlToniF / TFlackus - Ex-Military Troon Drug Addict Twitch Streamer

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I've been checking up on Toni since he got out. He was spun out the last few days after his release. Earlier today he covered himself in bodypaint and discussed how he was a coomer masturbating 20 times a day before he got on estrogen. Accprding to him he has no sex drive anymore due to HRT. He discussed meeting up and having sex with a 65 year old woman in front of her elderly husband (probably related to meth use). He went on and on about how he was abused by being coerced into sex with older women.
Right after he got released, he exclaimed that he was going to get a job and start acting like an adult. He promptly returned to doing meth, playing Black Desert Online, and attempting to sing. Toni is an absolute degenerate troon. When his court date got postponed for 2 weeks I figured he got put in a psych hold, but it was just standard jail. Eager to see where this goes.

Best brush up on your english skills everyone, Toni is looking for help with his autobiography.



I sneed, therefore I am.
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Christ, he was banned again. Third backup is
Any idea what exactly he keeps getting banned for? I know he got strikes on main channel for smoking meth on stream in the past.

He looks cracked out and wide-eyed again. Recently Black Desert has been on the stream, but he has been absent for extended periods. Since I've been checking in on Tony, I've only seen him eat food once. He ate disgusting hotpockets once. All I ever see him consume is soda and cigarettes which he chain smokes. Looks like he's losing even more weight.

High blood pressure is from his shit diet, malnutrition, cigarettes, meth, and estrogen. Maybe he'll stroke out one of these days or suffer a heart attack from getting spun.

Any idea what exactly he keeps getting banned for? I know he got strikes on main channel for smoking meth on stream in the past.

He looks cracked out and wide-eyed again. Recently Black Desert has been on the stream, but he has been absent for extended periods. Since I've been checking in on Tony, I've only seen him eat food once. He ate disgusting hotpockets once. All I ever see him consume is soda and cigarettes which he chain smokes. Looks like he's losing even more weight.

High blood pressure is from his shit diet, malnutrition, cigarettes, meth, and estrogen. Maybe he'll stroke out one of these days or suffer a heart attack from getting spun.
Pretty sure he gets banned for using the wrong categories. He has a habit of just randomly going to sleep while doing something, and twitch doesn't like sleep streams that are mislabeled.

Also, he's currently writing his autobiography on stream. It's a fucking fever dream, Jesus.



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It is so much worse than we could have ever imagined.

I couldn't get any pictures (I am NOT putting my credit card info anywhere near that fucking site) but...
If you want to watch it you have to sign up, make an account that only is looking for trans (women), and set your zip code as 27511.
I'm not going back on that site so if you want to just use the account I made, it's sexiestcarolina 94j_UQqGsnUcMvm


School's for nerds, let's skip class and get high!
He posted a huge fucking wall of text in his discord. Here it is:
Transgender gamer girl epic famous streamer on #twich #youtube #facebook #younow. I'm 33 medically retired from the USAF for #bipolar disorder #badconductdiscarch for drug use and selling drugs to my EXwife how set me up with USAF OSI. I have been on a computer for over 28 years working with programming and computer #gamers. I focus only on #MMORPGs. My first #MMORPG was #Runescape look me up #tflackus #tonyflackus #tonyflackuss im in the TOP #HISCORES of all time : P I started playing #WorldOfWarcaft in 2006 when i joined the #USAF as a #SERE_Instructor I began endgame raiding by 2007 by starting the #guild #NoLifer we were the first to complete the #40ManRaid #QueenButKingAtTheTime. During this time I was a #proSkateboarder for #GlobeShoeCompany while working at #Hy-Vee as a #produceManager. At the age of 17 I graduated #ShawneeMissionNorth @KansasCity while attending #Kstate for #computerProgramming won 6 #contest with my #JAVA abilities. After I broke my ankle and #getWrecked by knee nolle flipping a #13stair i left home with the #USAF to #Japan. I failed out of #SERE training on purpose because im not #HARDCORE and didnt want to be #SpecialOPS so i got a job as a #AircraftFuelSystemMechanic. I won the #SeniorAirmanBelowTheZone in 2009 and sewed on #StaffSargent within 4 year of #MilitaryService. After 2 years at #kadenaAFB,Japan I when to #KunsanAFB Korea where I launched over 2000 Aircraft #Sorties for #GlobalWarOnTerrorism during this time I was able to get 3 #IncentiveRides on my favorite Airplane the #F-15 that was quite the experience going #mock5 in the air upsidedown lolz! I then went to #NewMexico to #crosstrain into #CyberSecurity I sewed on #E5/StaffSargent and when to #Mississipi for my #CompTIASec+ certificated this test has been the only thing I have ever had to study for in my life its that #HARDASFUCK! I scored at 890/900 the highest they have ever had by the end of my study routine I have over 2,500 notecards of various computer security topics. At my new #USAF+Base in #albuquerque#NM I ran the Crypto/Information Assurance office for the whole base reported directly to the #Commander of the #USAFWING. IP failed alot due to lack of training #USAFSUCKS. In 2012 I attempted suiced for the first time #LIFEisHARD. I slit both wrists from hand to elbow and stabed myself 8 times 3 in each arm and once in the belly and once in the heart #IMCRAZY. #Hospitalized for over 2 years in #Texas at #MilitaryStarUnit @WitchitaFallsTexas. After 6 months of constance observation and IQ tests/Personality Tests they diagnosed me with Sever #ADHD #BiPolarDisorder #MajorDepression and started me on my first over dose of #Adderall I was instantly addicted it made my brain feel #Normal I would get all the girls in the #MentalHospital to give me thier dose #QueenAsAKing. After 9 months i was discharged and moved to #WitchtaKansas @McConnell AFB because there was a big #Stigma with #Depression with the #military. Here my exwife @Amanda and got divorced after she caught me #DressingAsMySelfABeautifulWomen #ThatFuckedMeUp. I got #severlyDepressed and tried to #shootMyself #HOWtheFuckDidIMiss but i did and went and asked for #HELPMEPLZBITCH then i went to the military Star UNIT in KansasCityKansaS and got 100% sober no more #Adderall #Acid #coke #meth #weed #alcohol #cigerets #spice #K2 #heroin #YEAHiDidITAllSon. I went #GODMODE on life was more #MANIC then ever i learned how to control my #BloodPressure and could purposely raise it to well over 250 over 150 to scare the shit out of the #Nurses loz #BOSSBITCH! The director of the #Hospital told me to #STARTartTherapy because I #REFUSED to #talkAboutMyEmotions in #Therapy and I did. For the first time in my life I felt #Artistic with my #ZENARTWORK #TATTOODESIGNS. After 3 months I started #communicating with the #FUCKINGTHERIPIST and #THATKINGOFAMAN told me that I was a #ENFJ and i was like #IDONTGIVE2SHITSDUDEHURRYupIMissMyWoWGuilDies then he explaned to me what that was and i was like im a #IntrovertYouFuckStain and he was like #STFUandListen and I finally did right before I was discharged he said I was going to come down from this #GODLIKE #MANIA and it was going to be bad unless I took #BiPolarMeds and I said #GOEATADICKnoMoreDrugsForToni. I was discharged one week after my first sons 2nd #bDay #AtticusWasSad so was I. I went baCk to @McConnelAFB to live in my 3,000 SQ house all by myself #LONELYASFUCK I was #MAnic for the next 3 Months sleeping once a week eating #Japaneze curry on the weekend and nothing during the week #WorkedHARDASFUCK for the #SHITTYUSAFMILIARY #GOTNORESPECTFORMYWORK #SUPERVISORDIDNOTCAREABOUTMEBECAUSETHEYCAUGHTMEDRESSINGUPASAGIRL #TRANS_ISSUES. JUST LIKE THE DOCTOR SAID THE MANIA WORE OFF AND #HOLYFUCKINGSHITDIDREALITY HIT #HARDASATONOFBRICKS BUT TONI WAS DONE FUCKING AROUND WITH #SUICIDEATTEMPTS SO #TONI RESEARCHED HOW TO KILL MYSELF WITHOUT ANYPAIN FIGURED OUT HOW #I3WONTTELLYOU TOOK #1MONTH TO ORDER THE #SUPPLIES FOR VARRIOUS #3RDWORLDCONTRIES THEN SET UP MY #DEATHBED AND SET IT ALL UP LAID DONE WAS GOING TO PRESS THE BUTTON BUT THEN #JESUS #LITERLLY TOLD ME NOT TO #cantExplainTheFeelingAllOfASuddenFeltLikeLiving but i choose to start doing #adderal again. #adderall worked for 6 months then #THISBITCH needed more #MORE and I met a #drugDealerGirl #shewasBBWBlackGirl and yes we #hooke3dUP. Started doing a drug called #TONY lol yea im suck a #BADBITCH they named this synthetic cocane after me #QUEENTONI. #DUMBASSEXWIFE learned of my drug use and #Snitched on me to #USA_OSI they set up a #StingOperation and I #SOLDDRUGS TO MY #FUCKING3EX. #THATWASDUMB #mILITARY STARTED DOING 24 HOUR SURVALANCE ON MY HOUSE AND TAPPED MY COMPUTERS AND PHONE BUT #TONIKNOWBITCH BUT #TONIWAS #PYCOTIC DUE TO #DRUGS SO i keept doing them anyway I would get #FUCKADRUGTEST everyweek and I told my #commander Im test #positive for #WEED/METH/COKE/ACID/ADDERAL AND THEY SAID WELL THEN STOP AND I SAID #iCANTINEEDHELPSENDMEBAcKTOHOSPITALPLZSIR AND THEY SAID #fUCKYOUWIERD. BASICALLY because they knew i dressed like a women at home they refused to help me to push me at of the #fuckingMilitary! After 4 months of being constatly watched my #anxiety was #rediculy and i was #ready to us the #DEATHMACHINEiMade but my #drugDealingGirlFriend convinced me to #runaway with her. so I went #AWOL #LOLRUNTONIRUN QUITE unsucsessfully i might add i was on the #road for #3wholeDays when i got caught at #GAMESTOP selling my #3DS for some #FOODMONEY SO I COULD #FEEDMYGIRL THEY BUT ME IN MILITARY JAIL. While in #jail the onlything to do was @artwork #ZenTangle #tattoo designs so that is what i did #InowSellMyArtBTW50$for my big pieces #20$for littleones #gottamakeThatMoney The onlything i could do was read but the only #fuckingbook they had was the Fucking #bible and i was a #scientific person so i was like #fuckthatshit but i eventually did pick it up and starting reading it like ascience gbook so like i was like im prove this shit #WRONG AS FUCK but i started to #believeINGOD like WTF i was like this is like a book of LIFE and it changed my #MYLIFEBRO so i read the whole #FUCKINGBIBLE word for word includeing leviticus which is just a bunch of wieghts and measure @LOLLS my favorite passages are the #job #eclisiasties i swear to GOD and JESUS that #eclisiasties was #BIPOLAR and #ADHD like me basically his life was devoted to finding #HAPPINESS in all aspects like money women art and i can relate i have been very successful but was never happy untill i found #JESUS lol its crazy for 25 years i was a anthiest but after reading the bible for myself i found my faith in a HIGHER power before that i was the #MUTHAFUCKINGHIGHTPOWERBITCH i was sooo smart and i could do anything i fucking #SETMYMINDtoooo : P )) but that is not tru i could not stope #ADDERAL without #GOD and now that i have #GOD is till #FUCKMYOWNLIFEUPONTHEDAIly lolz but hey we all have to learn somewhy right but for #TONI i have to learn from self harm lolz my like #HARDBUTEASYIFIListenToMyself i give amazing life advicce but have a #FUKCING hard time doing it #myself : P as i was reading the bible i relised two things!! right so the first was the jesus is a THE fucking #KINGofGoats right all that mutherfucker did was #HELP #everybody right he didnt care if you got dick in your ass or [pussy he didnt care if you masterbated he didnt care about marking your body with tattoo he just #LOVED right but the FUCKING #aposiles or his #FOLLOWERS well they put human thought into his message of love and fucked it all up they put resrtictions on love and on gods love #FUCKTHATSHIT #GOD loves his one and only son like i love my two son and his son #JESUS says love love love #BITCHLOVEisAllYouNeedToDoToGetIntoHeaven love jesus accept him and when you die you will be with #THEKINGHIMFUCKINGSLEF right so the otgher thing is that #GODISADICKRIGHT lolssss hekilled his own son lol #THAT IS FUCK UP right i would never is #JESUS told me to harm my son i would #GOTOTHEDEVEL lol ; p but #GODISAPINMP right what does god #DO well #godDOESWHATHEWANTS lol so i learned the #TONI is like #GOD guess what i do in life i was created by #god and i will live like both #JESUS and #god i will #LOVEYOUALLMUTHAFUCKERS and i will #DOwhatIFuckikingWant that reminds me #TwitchCanSuckMyFemalCokeWhile i still have it for trying to IPBan me fuck you I tried to get a job with you and got an interview and you said my #PAST was too much #FUCKTHATSHIT : P so fuck you I will become so famous that I #TAKE all you viewers and port them to my own website im designing bitch #www.toniflackuslive24/ : P fuck you @twich : P where were we oh yea i was in jail for the fist time doing art and reading the bible so now that that happen i was like wayyyyyyyy sucidal so i was like how #DaaaFuck do i #KILLmySelf in jail when they wont even let me wear clothes lol for real i was naked in my jail cell cuz i was #suicidal they would watch me eat and only give me a plastic spoon lik WTF i did even get a blanket or mattress i slept on the #FUCKING #METALBED i still haVe back problem because of that shit for 33 days i went thourgh hell and #JESUS is the only thing that keep me going but after a while #Jesus was not enough i found a way to #killMyself i bent the copper pipe off the tolet by putting my arm around it and flexing #atTheTime im jittery because i abused aderall for 8 years i did 210 mg a day i would stay up for weeks at a time you fuck yes adderal is sythetic pharmacudical meth and its powerfull 210 mtg would kill most people via heart attack now i have to check my blood pressure and if it getting above 175 over 110 i have to drink #BEER to calm down ok lets play bdo sorry #readers i was oon my twitch!! ok back to the story at hand let me put on so music
**break from lifestory and im do rado facts**
#######################Rando FACTS about your #ToniISTheFuckingQueenGOAT#########
1) I dont kno the english alphabet but i do the the japanese one
2)I didnt learn to read or write until i was in 3rd grade
3)i have been sexually active from the age of 12
4)my first girlfriend was 16 and she would put stuff in my ass and i loved it!!!!
5)im ambidexterious which means i can do stuff with both hand *wink* *wink*
6)my nickname in los angles was "Blackus" because i only had black friends so i was a big time Wigger lolz
7)i wrote my first java program when i was 7 years old it was a worm that multipled on a hardrive until it was full i ran it on my step dads network and he beat the shit out of me for a week lol #bossbitch
: P my stepdad i call him KEVdad was a CIO for the Shawnee mission school district and we had the backup sever farm in our basement so i have been a #NETWORKADMIN since the age of 5
9)in the metal hospital i hacked thier computer and gained #ROOT lvl access with the first week of being there i allowed all the #patients to look at #porn #lolz i got banned from using the computer but i never gave them the #ROOTPASSWORD back lol!!! to this day i can log into thier network : P
10)i have always been transgender i have a female life prospective and a female brain
11)i have yet to have sex with a man mutually i have been raped 5 times
12)i dont like my penis never have
13)im getting my sex change in Tailand when i earn eno money
14)i stream on chaterbate look up trangendertoni
15)i havent had sex in 3 years lol yes that is why im sooo randy #lolhornybitch
16)i have a boyfriend his name is ricky and he will be the first one to get me : ) he is a famous streamer #Reaper_kings_
17) i have 2 sons Atticus James Flackus 8 years old luca Efften Flackus 5 years soon old
18 ) i was born on december 25 1987
19)i have been a video gamer for over 27 years i only play RPG game and even then they have to be japanese style not american li8ke skyrim i own every single jap RPG that was ever made
20 ) i wrote the first guide on #gamefaqs for FFVII me and my friend @archon009 found the bug that let you #DUP item and we posted it back in 1997 : P
21) i play FFVII every year and max out the materia and lvl up all char to 99 and get all ultimate weapons
22) i was a beta tester for Runescape World of warcraft and BlackDesert online
23)i need to pee fuck me i wish i had a cathitor
24)my resting blood pressure is 140 over 90
25)i can read and write in japanese better than english
26)i have 78 paid for Black Desert Online account i have spent over 250,000 USD on ingame items and accounts lol #BOSSLVLSPENDING
27)my current exWife used to beat me up for spending money on video games
28 )i have been to jail twice one for selling and doing drugs in the #USaF and then most recently was released from jail after 23 days for threatening to kill @ Angel colon for calling me a trans faggot #FUCKTHATGUY
29)i eat maybe once a day sometimes i dont eat : D
30 )i smoke over 100 cigs a day yes i will die of cancer
31) im still writeing rando facts about myself guys if you wanna read the whole thing go to facebook goolgle #toniflackus
32) my best friend Rob "the steamboat" fulton is deaF so i learned sign laungange at a young age you will see me do alot of it on steam i miss him #ALOT but now that im a #GIRL he dosnt talk to me
33)i have 2 sister amber 35 andrea 40 and one brother adom 39 we were all in the #USAF #Amber Casados my sister is the only one that talke to me after i came out 4 months ago #transgender my mom #DISOWNEDMYASS and my #STEPDAD said he would #KILL me if i came to visit #IWOULDKILLHIMFIRSTBITCH #lol
34) i have been on estogen and testoterone blockers for 4 months
35) im bipolar with phycotic featurs which means i tend to go #MANIC and stay that 3wasy for DAYS #IMHIGHASFUCKWITHNODRUGSBITCH 36)my most priced possestion is my newly forming boobds lol : ) i love them i wont ever get fake boob not that i dont like #BIGTITAREFUNTOPLAYWITH its just i want natural little titties : D
37) all my #twitchmoney i give away #GIVEAWAYS WEEKLY
38 ) my ex Kayleigh Anh Daniels was a #SUPERMODEL
39 my first wife @Amanda Lynn Jennings was a weed dealer and was being abused by a house full of guys eet off craiglist and she came over and we fucked and then i found out about all that shit that was happening i left my USAF job within minutes and went over and bitch the shit out of lik 4 dudes and took her home with me we got married the next month
40 ) i have done every drug that i have researched and goten my hands onto my fav #DOC (drug of choice) is adderal
41)i have not done an illegal drug is 7 years and stop3ed abuseing my adderal 7 months ago i have told all my doctors that im a #DRUGADDICT and not to prescribe anything addictive #DAMiRegretSayingThat #missThatAdderalHIGH
42)i stream my whole life 24/7 even when im banned from #twichIsABtich i stream on #facebook #younow #youtube #multipleTwitchAccount just google #toniflackus
43)i was on the FBI most wanted list for going AWOL because i held the highest security clearance within the military because i worked directly on the SIPRnet the (secret)(topSecret) intranet of the Department of Defence they found me within 3 days
44) twitch is going to find with within the next few hours so #FUCKME lolz im try and log into my main twitch toniflackus
#NOPE STILL BANNED #im take a break if you wanna read all this shit im writing go to my facebook toniflackus
#smokebreak im go outside and get some fresh air guys luv you
#missmyBoyfriend #missmySons #missmyExwife #ok this shit is too much #emotions #imply video#games
Someone tell Null we need a "depressing" sticker.

He mentioned it on stream once, I just assumed he was using it like twitch while he was banned. Jesus fucking christ. He claimed that the HRT killed his sex drive, but clearly not enough.


I sneed, therefore I am.
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Well Tony did say he was getting a job-guess camming is his source of income. I was wondering how he supported himself, figured it was savings from working IT in the Navy.

His autobiography is an absolute #schizopost. He has melted his brain with sissy hypno porn and meth. The entire text is a wall of word salad and disordered thinking.

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