Apple iPad "What's a computer?" Commercial -

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You all disgust me.
Imagine getting this angry over a commercial for some shitty Apple product
People gotta get pissed about something these days. It's an addiction to indigination and outrage.

On a funny side note. I briefly worked at the Apple office building as a security guard. Of course every computer there is Apple but here's the funny part: all the security programs needed to run the alarms, door locks, cameras, etc. were Windows based programs. They had to use virtual boxes to run their own security systems on their stupid Macs.

Glad I left there, they honestly gave me unironic shit because I use a Samsung Note 3. A phone while older is still kicking my familly's (they're all Appletards) iPhones' collective asses.
I swear Apple is probably the smoothest under the radar cult out there.
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