Arcturus James Kirwin / @Panderp / James Nathan Garrett / Arki J. Kirwin-Muller - E621 founder, former FA admin, cub fetishist, non-passing tranny, leftyfur cannibalism victim.


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Nov 24, 2020
Apparently the tranny is getting banned left and right on Discord because they keep stirring shit and trying to be the spotlight of attention there too, like almost every tranny.

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Apr 26, 2021

"I'VE BEEN TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT BY KIWI FARMS" - James 2020 after being B& from a bunch of lefty servers for faking being "aurally raped" on Discord

Recap on shit: Literally everything. James got the boot on the @panderp twitter and made @kirwinia. James changed pronouns a record 3 times from her, they, it, and probably some higher transcendence of xir or some shit. James tried to integrate into many discords of mainly small, younger twitch streamers, actually tried to force himself into other people's relationships and forcing them into being polyamorous.

The doc, and the associated twitter of it, is by a bunch of anons. They say that James knows their personal info (dumb mistake there), so we can't fully know who who is.
Not only that but the twitter's thread has been making rounds on twitter, with 27 retweets in total.

They even took some screenshots that were posted here, glad we can contribute.

Oh and James has a bunch of headmates and tulpas in his head, despite claiming to have rapid onset dementia or something
and being 'aurally raped'

James suffered a bad night of having to deal with the consequences of his actions, imagining a new "headmate", a 12 year old Irish that he fantasizes about fucking (No actual tweets or anything, but you know... James is a cub fetishist.)

The new name is this shit

Each of those names are for the headmates. And for any of you fucks that don't know what "Mx" is, it's some new pronoun bullshit and it's pronounced "mix".

But side from this bullshit, quarantine hit me like a bitch and I kept a safe eye on James's twitter and oh boy. The retarded troon literally doxed himself. Twice actually.
:shit-eating: kill me
First time:

Second time:

Arki lives with his equally retarded husband, Collin Muller (we'll get to that freak later), and an unknown referred to as Roman in one of James's tweets, on lovely 19826 Whitman Ave N, Shoreline, WA 98133
Don't tell James we know :story:
Now let's talk about Collin "Maou" Muller.


This fucker was one of the old admins of E621 when James ran the site before handing to Varka.

Collin is a very sick boi, dying of kidney failure for not working out and playing video games so much.

Colin however works at Amazon's AWS as a high level cloud engineer.


But how can we definitively prove this? Well.. Despite Collin basically being really fucking scarce online, he was stupid enough to literally unlock his private twitter for a short while and I found a pic from what appears to be some office building in Seattle.

1623879658161.png |

Now with my state of the art detective skills

The building Collin was in is the Amazon Doppler building on 7th Avenue in Seattle.

Now you're wondering what Collin has to do with all this. Well aside from being married to a schizo troon, Collin is also a cub fetishist, some screenshots from Collin's inkbunny:

Just look at peak character design!
Maou_s OC - Aston.png

Maou_s OC - Kemru.png

And have a thread from Collin

Taken from one of James's Facebooks. I couldn't properly archive it, Facebook had some weird update that put this photo and a few others in a knock-off stories like feature and it annoys me.

Here's James's Facebook accounts by the way:
Can't leave links out, can I?


Say hello to the Muller family, be a shame if any of them were notified of James being a kiddie diddler fapping to CP.

Enjoy James faking seeing "the shadowman" while in the hospital after allegedly suffering a seizure in Feb 2021;



Also note, these tweets were made INDIVIDUALLY at the same time.








Oh and James did mention the name of the hospital he was at, hope they enjoy finding the tweets of him talking shit to them

Now earlier I mentioned a doc about James. Well this covered some stuff that I haven't seen on this thread, so I'll tl;dr it

James not only faked and lied about being raped/sexually assaulted on Discord by some twitch streamer, but this doc was released before and James tried to pass it as a "dox".
Well, guys, I think James needs a little reminder on what "doxing" is, right?

James is lying constantly and fooling uninformed furries that he owned but also created FA and that it was stolen by evil evil Dragoneer or some shit

James fucked with some websites in the past like WTFur/Lulznet and stole it from the creators.

James is dating cub porn artist BastionTheWolf,

who had a GoFundMe to try to immigrate to the U.S
Can you take a guess who also tried to push the campaign? James.

And, honestly, fucking using the transcrowdfund hashtag to push a pedophile? And who isn't a troon himself? Fucking shoot me.

Stealing from the doc's G-Drive, James is still in Bastion's Patreon Discord and giving him $150 a month

Arki in Bastions server.png


Oh yeah, James supposedly got a name change and used all of his """"headmates"""".
Oh and here's James's Discord:
157777656169889792 UserID, thanks Karliah, you cheeky cunt,

Apologies if I've been using wayback machine, has been overloaded recently and it takes literally days for it to archive shit. That if this post is a little scattered. Typed all this shit out with a massive hangover.

James lives at 19826 Whitman Ave N, Shoreline, WA 98133
And James's husband is Collin Muller.


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Apr 26, 2021
Back again, let me clarify some things from my previous post.

Now let's talk about the new name, as far as I can see through the tweets, James went through the UK courts as he can't because he refuses to become an American. - note the "The Last Few Years". Place your bets on how generic the troon will off himself.

Yes, Mx. Juniper Mono Prisma Rozalin Arla Aoife Kirwin-Muller System is the freak's legal name now. YES, the word system is in the name. Because apparently twitter kids with that D.I.D stuff uses the word "system" I guess, I dunno what's happening in this world nowadays. Pretty sad for anyone who has to call James and get's greeted with "Hi Mix Juniper SYSTEM here",

I forgot to mention Jame's involvement with SeattleProtestNetwork (SPN). (Links to the site itself, you better keep your VPN's up.)



I cannot confirm much if this is libtard shit is on its own or if ole Jamie boi created it. Regardless, James has involvement.

On the side, enjoy Catholic James

( )

This one slipped when I was making my first post, James is getting interviewed. By some no-body furry YouTuber MechaPuma. He posted an announcement of the interview on June 3rd, 2021.
As it seems, this fucking doofus is going through with the interview, putting up a premiere on his channel

And of course, tweets about it recently

Also, James is trying to be a twitch streamer,
Mainly playing Super Animal Royale which is funny considering the game is full of kids.

James is keeping an eye on this thread, pretty actively since he locked his twitter for a few days after my first post. Hope you like my post, James, you fucking faggot.


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Nov 1, 2016
Back in March, James accused someone of "attacking" him for sending him a civil discord message asking why he was blocked:

Screenshot from 2021-07-20 02-19-30.png

But more recently, James has tried to seek clout from the recent Musescore drama where he plans to write a song about the incident. Whether he actually does is another story but I'm looking forward to the crappy techno autotune.

Screenshot from 2021-07-20 02-10-30.png

Nothing To See Here

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Dec 14, 2020
View attachment 2376333

And now, for some new content/fresh blood! Allow me to introduce @kirwina, who I know nothing about but apparently already has his own thread on here, which is already a good start. Troon, nonbinary, disabled, it/its pronouns, a ~plural system~, all the usual crap. And also an adherent of the Korps, seemingly one pretty close to Dave and the inner sanctum (link | archive). This will be covering his involvement in the Korps only; you'll have to go to his thread to check out the other drama relating to him, which I am assured is copious.

View attachment 2376203
View attachment 2376282
View attachment 2376290
View attachment 2376306
View attachment 2376311
View attachment 2376314
View attachment 2376316
View attachment 2376326

...Or are they? Most of the tweeting looks pretty pathetic and groupie-ish, with minimal interaction. They didn't even know about the Korps discord until January 2019.
View attachment 2376209
View attachment 2376210

It seems that, shortly after becoming aware of the discord (and joining it), in April 2019 they got kicked out of it (archive). According to them, this was because Everyone Was Mean and didn't want to stop supporting some other furry called "Makati" who'd held a knife to their throat. Or tried to kill them. Or something.

View attachment 2376212
View attachment 2376223
View attachment 2376228
View attachment 2376229
View attachment 2376230

Which only makes it all the more pathetic that these Korps tweets are since then.

View attachment 2376284
View attachment 2376289
View attachment 2376292
View attachment 2376312
View attachment 2376319
(Oh hi, Kahncub! The like is from them, so clearly they have no issue with our man.)
View attachment 2376322
View attachment 2376331
View attachment 2376332

Worth noting that, despite copious Korps-tweeting and sometimes even directly tagging Dave to beg pathetically, there is not one single interaction by Dave on any of these tweets.

View attachment 2376240

Even poor David Hayter got dragged into Kirwina's pathetic attempts to redeem himself (archive):

View attachment 2376266
View attachment 2376267

Could've been worse though:

View attachment 2376324

A little while later, however, in November 2020, Alpha Dave himself chimes in on the drama... and all is revealed (archive).

View attachment 2376241
View attachment 2376245
View attachment 2376246

@korps_cascadia (archive)

View attachment 2376259

Turns out Mr. Kirwina got kicked out for being a cub porn supporter! Exciting. Mr. Kirwina himself strongly denies the allegations, but he seems to be on the back foot with this one.

I do have to say that I think this is another nail in the "Mr. Dave Korpspropaganda is a secret pedo" coffin, though. Yes, yes, performative outrage is a thing, but given the excuses the wider furry/troon community makes for cub porn, I'd be surprised if he's personally okay with it if he's making this big a deal. Definitely people within the Korps that are cool with it, though. Our very own Mr. Kevin Gibes for starters...

And, to round this extremely comic-pathetic post off, some of the sad, sad pornography this man has comissioned of his Korps character. All since getting kicked out of the Korps, too. I can't be fucked to archive, since furry porn isn't worth preserving for the ages. Includes a piece by Beta Dave (aka Strype) from late 2019, though, so clearly he doesn't give much of a shit about cub porn.

Interestingly, their Korps fursona initially seemed to be a lot more masculine/male and non-porny. Idk if their thread mentions when they trooned out, but it's worth noting.

View attachment 2376328
View attachment 2376329
Extremely long spoiler, but if you're interested in @Kirwina then there's a post about him over on the Korps / Korpspropaganda thread, which is a community we're watching full of troon furry 'supervillains'.

Tl;dr he tried to weasel his way into it, partially managed it, got kicked out for a bunch of reasons, and has spent the past several years pathetically weeping about it/begging the leader to let him back in/pretending he's still a part of it.

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